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i was hoping for better but fans will enjoy this regardless

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looks like the wii it is (for me at least)

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there wouldn't be any xbox shortages if Microsoft launched with a good console

good. ps3 has Europe

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i don't know which press conference this guy was watching but sony's didn't have pet tigers and lame dance routines

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crackdown 1.5,, i mean 2, that counts right

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lol i know, sad tbh, kinect is for casuals and they cant even have the right instructors

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mines too

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decent match and MW2 are like activision and charity

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you see I take math classes, 150 for kinect plus 60 for kinect sports costs more than the nintendo wii. i want to play mario galaxy so i pick wii

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its the xbox answer to twisted metal. its not that good.

lol at poor mans twisted metal

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or isnt mass effect of PC too because it seems funny how people make it seem the game is a 360 exclusive because I played it on my gaming computer

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what about resistance?

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oh buddy, i dont think you were saying that a couple months ago when xbox live was about to have hulu.

Not only paying the 10 per month, you have to pay 50/year with gold. So I'll be off watching some of my favorite shows now.

*turns on ps3*

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at ninety nine nights getting good scores in japan while here, its being bashed

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kevin butlter is going to be bigger than billy mays

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i thought it said ten "good" xbox 360 titles, that game is not

plus wasnt it a budget title anyway?

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as long as it plays fast and doesnt offer cheap deaths (MW2 anyone?) im game

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both evil

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releasing it on more than one platform, will make money? its crazy talk

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im playing the demo, its pretty good. For a $15 dollar game that is

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