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they should just released every game in HD and make it 30-40 price range, the sales would sky rocket high

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i think that game didnt make its way to the PC (unfortunately). I sure didnt want it either lol

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are you talking about the new crackdown or the first.

Why include halo and not killzone, i agree with darkstorn, this article is fail.

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microsoft should gave more funding for this game, now this series will probably done for sure.

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on sales or reviews. Published by Sega huh. could go either way

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i still havent bought this game so its good news for me

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because they are the only games on the marketplace that seem to be inventing new ideas instead of re-releasing the same types of games

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i do notice all fps sell better on xbox but everything else, not so much

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two spam comments already? On topic tho: final fantasy of course its popular in japan

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ps3 has better quality developers and its starting to show more clear

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it needs work. With graphics and gameplay. I kinda like that everyone is basically using the same gun so no gun is over-powering the other gun

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the ps3 list, just about all are exclusives while on 360 there are many pc and ps2 ports. I really hope he would get rid of those because i thought exclusives meant only on that console and nothing else

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ps3 has alot of great exclusives and saying that would be a understatement

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if mass effect does come on ps3, i will straight up sell my xbox 360 tomorrow because i wouldn't need it.

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justin bieber could be the reason why i wont purchase kinect. I dont like nothing about him so why should i buy a product he endorses

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more dead space

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Microsoft shouldn't of let a good game like crackdown down the toilet. Now a crackdown 3 will be unheard of if this game doesn't sell.

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sony already said every feature on psn right now is free and will remain free. If they add more to playstation plus then it will make the value even better but online will be free. If they added lets say the cross-game chat then people who wanted that will pay for it. There are people who dont need that feature and sony could take advantage of that to earn money. xbox has been doing it for years so its not sony's fault if people want more features to a service that does what is expected. ...

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one service is to play online and other is a discount offering.

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same here, already have wipeout hd.

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