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Exactly and I will say this and only this too many people on this site assume thinhs and they think they will know who will do this and that like they actually work for the companies its so funny and I can't wait to see what the wii u has in store #30.1
Yup and I can't wait and so many people hate but haters will hate on something or someone doing really good and I expect the wii u to sell 10 million units or more by the end of this year possibly more and pikmin 3 will boost sales a lot and I can't wait to see what's shown at e3 #4.1
Do you have sales numbers of each 3rd party game because if you don't shut up and yes the games are ports and are launch titles lol they will be better in some or a lot of things and worse then others and the system is just starting just likr a lot of other consoles we all have to give it time to see what it can do damn stop crying and wait and do you know anything about the 720 and ps4 besides rumors and stop assuming this and that all 3 consoles are/will be doing native 720p and 60fps a... #22.1
It might be coming but if it doesn't ok its definitely not going to be the end of nintendo etc etc so keep crying yo tears are delicious and nintendos 1st party titles will more then make up for it and the exclusive 3rd party games and the new ips and the ports of games it will be getting #24.1
Wow it seems the crybaby gamers can't wait for anythimg any more and use anything to bash another console ha lol did the ps3 and 360 launch games look like the games coming out now no theey didn't and I'm sure its going to be the same for the wii u and the wii u is stronger then the ps3 and 360 but by how much no one knows and will not know until a FULL SPEC SHEET IS RELEASED AND THE WII U AS OF NOW HAS 10 NATIVE 1080P AND 60FPS POSSIBLY MORE ANF SINCE PEOPLE HAVE A VERY HARD TIME... #29
Via sucks and. Needs its own games and I'm sure a lot of people have been waiting for the price. Drop that's finally coming but maybe later it will get better #14
How would you know you will be disapppinted if you haven't even tried it and the wii u has 3 or more demos and a zombi u demo is comingg somettime this montth I think if it already isn't on the e shop and more demos are comung stop bitching and unless if you are one of the many dumbass gamers who go off of reviews which zombi u has gotten very low to vwry high scores if you see something you like get it duh you crybaby ha ha lol but keep crying yo tears are delicious #1.1
Just wait like the rest of us and stop whining like a little baby and I get what nintendo is doing they are spacing out their 1st party and 2nd party games that gives 3rd party a chance to sell which is really good because everyone knows once nintendo come out with their usual 1st party titles they will sell millions and they will look incredible and since the wii u has only been out for a short time later this year or next year the wii u will start getting more ports and I think its good the... #14.1
Can't wait to see what battlefield 4 for the wii u looks like and the next call of duty and I barely play shooters and the west needs less shooters #25
Well unlike a lot of people I am giving the wii u a chance and my lil bro and I will get more games next month and the wii u as of now has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games as of now and I'm sure more will be coming and the wii u is getting a ps4 and 720 ported game in 2015 its called HUMAN ELEMENT look it up and I'm sure a lot of surprises are coming #7
Ps4 wont be announced lol its coming in 2014 #10
Activision did say one system is coming out next year so I thinl its the 720 and the ps4 will be in 2014 now that's going off of rumors and 2014 and 2015 game dates which I have seen for a few games and the wii u will be getting ps4 and 720 ports one is called human element look it up and I'm sure more are coming #13
Wii u ftw #24
Ha ha lol 2k or 4k for games is not happening maybe and I mean MAYBE a 2d side scroller but the ps4 and 720 or whatever other name will be doing native 720p and 60fps and native 1080p and 60fps just like the wii u and yes the wii u as of now has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games and im sure more are coming and o my bad should be doing that and 2k and 4k for movies and tv I'm sure that's a possibility ha ha lol why do people belive rumors like they are fact ha ha lol what a bunch of dumb... #28
Exactly lol #3.1
Going off of rumors the basic 720 and ps4 will be 30 0and the ones with the extra stuff will be 500 and no one knows anything about them or when they are coming out so once again going off of rumors the 720 will come out in 2013 or 2014 and the ps4 wil come out in 2013 or 2014 or 2016 and remember both the 360 and ps3 will be supported at least until 2015 but now I'm going off of somewhat facts there is an xbox 720 game coming out in 2014 and a multiplat game for the ps4 and 720 and wii u... #28
Exactly someone knows what they are talking about on this shit site #8.1
Going off of rumors the basic 720 and ps4 willl be 300 dollars and the deluxe will be 500 but whatever the price the wii u will win in sales and it will get ports from thr 720 and ps4 I already know of one game coming in 2015 and the ps4 and 720 wont be much more powerful then the wii u lije people hope all 3 systems are/will be doing native 720p and 60fps and native 1080p and 60fps and yes so far thar I know since I do something called research the wii. U has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games... #6
Go suck on a burning bag of whale shit ha lol #6
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Vita sucks and needs more non ports and of course the price drop and that's coming next year so hopefull sales will go up but if not then people really don't like the system #13
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