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Ninty will probably advertise the hell out of the wii u when more 1st party content comes which is obviously smart because why would someone by a nintendo console with very little games out now of course a good amount of people might buy the console but of course when the 1st party games come then that's when the commercials will come and everyone will know and the sales will. Go up and then everyone can shut up lol #6
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There is no too late lol people will buy nintendos 1st party regardless and how much nobody knows and bayonetta 2 is rumored to come out this year and nobody knows what other 3rd party exclusives are coming and that's not nintys fault with rayman legends damn do research lol damn you are fuckin stupid eat a bag of whale shit #21.1
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I like how many people above me know what they are talking about and I will say this I never was/will be a spec person I play the games I like regardless of the system and its as simple as that and I can't wait until I see a full spec sheet of the wii u so that the people who know what they are talking about can tell how much stronger it is then last gen since so many people are just ignorant fools and don't do enough or any research and judge something based on what this person said... #5
I like how people assume so much and know so little facts lol well I will keep doing my research and knowing the facts andhow many times has nintendo been doomed lol and somehow came back and were successful and shut everyone up lol but of course the wii u is doomed with only 1 of the mamy AAA games out that has already sold over 2 million copies and nintendoland has over 2 million copies to come with the console/being sold so of course as soon as the mountain of AAA titles come out then the... #39
Damn that is a lot of games and I found HUMAN ELEMENT which I have been saying is a prequel and the other version is coming out for the wii u,ps4,720 in 2015 #12
Wow this game looks good and will probably keep getting better #2
Damn the game has improved a lot from the last screenshots I saw #5
Damn that's perrfect more then what I was gonna say ha lol #7.1
Audio was retro studios can't wait to here what music they have chosen #5
Yup I remember that but will have to see what game it is since he didn't say anything specific but maybe when the game is announced he will say something #7.1
Dumbass people still have SOMETHING bad to say lol shut the fuck up and shut the fuck up and continue to do research on the wii u and its games and know the facts damn a bunch of fry babies those tears are delicious #17
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Eat a bag of whale shit and keep hating on ninty yo tears are delicious #5.1.5
HA HA I like how people assume this and that like its facts or is going to happen and I could go on and on but don't feel like it today but look up HUMAN ELEMENT THAT GAME IS COMING IN 2015 FOR THE PS4,720,WII U AND IM SURE THE WII U IS GETTING MORE PORTS AND EVEN VICE VERSA but dumbass people judge too much and too often lol that's like me judging a baby or a little kid saying you wont do this or that or wont get this or that and then that baby or little kid grows up and becones extr... #14
Ha eat a bag of whale shit and of course nintendo has never listened to the fans ha lol shut the fuck up and yes a new zelda for the 3ds is coming out don't know when but its coming possibly this year or next year and the only thing you do is complain nintendo is not doing this or that but if yo dumbass would do some or a lot of research then you would unferstand nintendo has and is going to make many improvements some or a lot coming soon while others obviously come later damn wait you i... #1.3
Eat a bag of shit ha ha #10.1
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Already knew homefront 2 was coming a long time ago and this game will look good on the wii u #9
Ha ha the game looks good damn people are so picky these days its fuckin sad #8
Duh sony already said they would support the ps3 until at least 2015 and the same for microsoft with supporting the 360 until at least 2015 #16
Ha ha lol its funny how people assume things when nothing is final I will wait for an official spec sheet and read the comments to see how much stronger the system is but I was never spec person and never will be but hey people will be nitpicky and stupid I'm sure the wii u will have very good looking games with good gameplay and why don't the dumbass people do research is it so hard to know the facts lol #15
Ha ha lol shut up and wait ya dumbass ignorant child #1.4
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