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Reggie already said many months ago that a price cut wont come for at least 2 to 3 years now of course that can change but who knows #9
I like how people assume so many thing like they are fact or this and this will happen or that and that will happen how about y'all shut the fuck up and just wait but so many things are obvious but peopke on this site and many others hate facts #32
The wii u is already doing things the ps3 and 360 can't do and obviously games built from the ground up will look better then games built from the ground up on the 360 and ps3 now whether that is sooner or later who knows and im sure there are some examples but for games to obviously look better then ps3 and 360 games shit it might be this year or next year but it will happen and I'm sure more games on the system will be doing things the ps3 and 360 can't do and its funny how nint... #24
Exactly lol and I would say so much to that but don't feel like it and I'm on my phone #12.2.1
Nintendo supposedly never does nothing right and some how come out successful with a good to huge amount of consoles sold and a shit ton of games sold and I'm surprised if people don't get this by now who have been through several game generations should know that but if you were born this generation and don't know anything about the past generations or don't even do any research then I understand your stupidity and the wii us graphics will improve as shown by games made from... #40
I unlike so many people know or some what know nintendos plan they are promoting the wii u by going to gaming events,malls,and experiences all around the world and I expect nintendo to bump up the advertising a lot once first party titles come in now to the other part of nintendos strategy nintendo is only coming out with 1/3 of their usual 1st party titles this year and next year which is good because 3rd party can port games and put exclusives on the wii u and that nintendos first party tit... #11
The games have to be made first you dumbass child and there are more 3rd party games are coming and I'm sure more are coming so just stop crying and wait #1.1
Both sony and microsoft will support the ps3 and 360 until at least 2015 and you can google it I don't do links ha ha #13.1
Yes and I can't wait #9.1
Nintendo supposedly never does anything right but somehow shut every one up and are still successful and I would like to see the little kids beat any of nintendos games or any classic games ha lol they will get their asses handed to them over and over again especially if they play all of the hardest games of all time. And instead of saying this and that about ninty I will keep doing my research and knowing the facts and can't wait to see what they show #6
Ha ha lol #11
Ha ha lol #15
I can't wait to see the wii us 3rd party direct #12
I have been waiting for incredibles 2 after I watched the first movie it was so good so number 2 needs to hurry up #7
Its shit and its as simple as that #9
I like how few people know what they are talking about and a lot of people are stupid and assume this and that and nintendo is not doing or never will do anything lol have you dumbasses played every new nintendo ip I don't think so but keep being stupid and not doing research and looking for the new ips of course they wont be as big as nintys 1st party titles but who knows they can still sell enough and also stop thinking you dumbasses know the future and sit the fuck back and shut the fu... #29
Exactly lol and its sad that only a few people on this site know what they are talking about #12.1
People will bitch and complain etc etc just shut the fuck up and wait damn #16
4 of those games or more is already confirmed so I'm sure the rest. Of the games are. Coming #10
No matter what nintendo does or does not do people will still complain and nintendo is definitely listening to the fans and so many people say this and that about nintendo then nintendo does something or comes out with a game or games and shuts eeveryone up and nintendo is always supposedly doomed but is always successful and to think people don't know this pattern by now is shameful lol and it seems people will never learn andd I can't wait to see what else nintendo has waiting and t... #50
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