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Since developers can keep finding ways to get something out of the systems I can't wait for the wii u and I just got one yesterday and I will play it and check it out when I get home after college damn I can't wait and the ps4 and 720 wont be that much more powerful then the wii u since all 3 systems are/will be doing native 720 and native 1080p and 60fps and yes as of now that I know of the wii u has 10 native 1080p and 60fps games possibly more I have to continue to do my research w...

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Dumbasses need to stop assuming things and do research lol and that's all I will say why are people so fuckin stupid on this site and I got a wii u today and I will play it later and TRY IT OUT FOR MYSELF FOR SEVERAL HOURS AND I WOULD DEFINITELY LIKE TO SEE HOW FAR I CAN TAKE IT THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE

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So many people assume things lol and a lot of peopke need to use google a lot more lol I will play the wii u tomorrow and see how it is but people really need to dp their research and stop thinking they know things especially if its not proven by facts yes nintendos first party LAUNCH TITLES ARE IN NATIVE 720P AND RUN. AT 60FPS NOW I WONDER HOW MANY PS3 AND 360 GAMES ARE IN THAT RESOLUTION WITHOUT BEING UPSCALED AND 3RD PARTY GAMES ARE IN NATIVE 720P AND 60FPDS AND NATIVE 1080P AND 60FPS WHIC...

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I like how people assume so many things and think they kbow this and that when they don't know shit ha lol I will be waiting just like everything else but the title explains everything early next year I'm sure the wii u will be getting ports later and exclusives and of course nintendo will have new ips and there usual heavy hitters and other surprises and I will continue to do my research everysay like I have been for several months and I will get a wii u next year march because I don...

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Damn one of the very few stories I decided to read and its very good and now back to trying to catch up on one piece I'm only on episode 116 and have seen all of the movies as of now but I have a long way to go and the wii u >ps4>720 ha ha

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The wii u will sell more then 5.5 million consoles by march 2013 and I'm sure it will sell 10 to 20 million by the end of 2013 then in 2013 if all of the big name games come in 2014 nintendo will destroy every thing in sales and with new 3rd party ports and exclusives and indie developers its gonna be crazy but I don't think nintendo will come out with all of their big name games in 2014 and in 2013/2014 nintendo is only coming out with 1/3 of their games then again with the 3rd party...

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Wow incredible quote an instead of people assuming things shouldn't all of you wait lol people make mistakes or what others think are mistakes no matter how much work is put into something now I haven't played crysis or crysis 2 but the games look really good period and the crytek people probably learned from there mistakes so I will wait and see and when it comes out and people play it for a long time and then talk about it I will read the comments and see what's up and its the s...

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I saw 2 deluxe and 1 basic at best buy yesterday and they didn't have a wii u demo kiosk which is sad but I can go to gamestop to try it out but don't feel like it and I have been doing research on the console for several months and will keep doing research

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People need to not assume thhings and do their research lol dont be an ignorant retardes child and I'm sure nintendo is getting plenty third party support especially since I do my research that is something they have been working on and will keep working on from the beginning to the end of the consoles life and beyond and also indie devs will flood the wii u since they can pretty much do what they want to do and don't have to pay for anything and I can't wait to see tge surprises ...

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The wii u sales will be huge next year there are several big name titles and ports coming to the wii u and I'm sure more surprises and the same for the 3ds

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I'm sure this person is missing out on a lot of nintendo games and nintendo will dominate in sales next year

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Nope sony sucks nintendo will definitely own in sales next year then there is the possibility of all of nintendos big name games coming in 2014 psh ha lol I have read so many comments say I will wait for this game and that game before I get a wii u and obviously that will boost up nintendos sales by millions and nintendos new games might also sell a lot but we have to wait and see so wii u>ps4>720

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Going off of all of the rumors I have seen about the ps4 it might be coming at the end of 2013 at the earliest or the latest 2016 and wii u>ps4>720

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Why are people so stupid on the internet lol now I'm not a spec person but wait for a full spec sheet and the ps4 and 720 will not be a lot stronger like people imagine them to be lol they will be doing native 720 and native 1080p and 60fps just like the wii u and the wii u has as of now and that I know 9 native 1080p and 60fps games possibly more I will do my RESEARCH a little later and like someone said the wii u is doing games that are out now for the ps3 and 360 at LAUNCH so after dev...

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Wii u>ps3 its as simple as that ha

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Its one of the 9 native 1080p and 60fps games on the wii u that I know as of now and I will be keeping track of all native 1080p and 60fps games

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Ha ha lol why are people assuming things just wait and since wii fit u was on the runored game list and it is coming out that is a possibility that all the rest of the games are coming too and of course a lot more

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Ha lol people assume this and that and say this and that shut up and so yo research lol and the wii u is obciously better then the vita lol

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This is one of the 9 games so far that runs in native 1080p and 60fps and I'm sure more are coming and its so funny how people say the wii u only runs some games a little better wwell on a console the max is native 1080p and 60fps and for all of the people thinking thhat games will be in native 4k resolution ha lol keep dreaming cam gaming pc's do native 4k and so the 720 and omni will be doing native 720 and native 1080p and 60fps and if those systems do support 4k it it will be for ...

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So many people are misinformed and assume things lol do yo research pr shut up and stop going off of rumors as facts and other dumbass shit now I'm not a tech person whatsoever but I will wait foor a full spec sheet to be releasrd and read the comments on multiple sites to see who knows what they are talking about but the games will speak for themselves nintendos first party launch titles are in native 720p and run at 60fps and I'm sure nimtendo will make native 1080p and 60fps games ...

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