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Only a few people know what they are talking about lol and divineassault shut the fuck up you always say something like that on wii u articles when you know nothing about the omni and xbox 8 and since they wont be much more powerfil then the wii u the wii u will get ports and an example is HUMAN ELEMENT COMING OUT FOR ALL 3 CONSOLES IN 2015 and a prequel or something is coming out for the ouya when it comes out this year

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Nintendo barely has any games made by them on the system yet but of course when they release their games the sales will shoot up and no one will have anything to say as usual and this has been going on for how long lol damj gamers forget so much gaming history they are just retarded and I know nintendos 3rd party strategy get and release a lot of 3rd party so it can sell a lot then come out with a few 1st party titles and keep doing that

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Wow people love thinking they know the future lol and I could go on and on about so many things but all I will say is just wait peopke seem to forget gaming history or just don't know it at all ha lol and unlije so many people I am giving the system a chance

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Everyone always talks shit about nintendo they need to do this and theyy need to do that they need to get this game and that game lol how long has nintendo been doomed ha. Ha and they are still aaround and everyone should know nintendo is coming out with their 1st partty titles as a mattter of fact nintendo is only coming out with 1/3 of their 1st partyy titles this year and next year and just from what nintendo is doing now and from learning that a while back nintendo is giving 3rd party a l...

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Ha ha lol dumbass people are reading this wrong

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I can guess why it is delayed

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Ha ha people are/will keep saying the same shit over and over and nintendo will keep surprising and keep being successful etc etc I guess those same people will have to wait and see ha ha lol so keep bringing the hate

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If the ps3 and 360 can make good looking 'taxing games' and since the wii u is stroonger then them I think its going to make good looking 'taxing games' and stop assuming things dumbass and the wii u is getting a ps4 and 720 port in 2015 look up HUMAN ELEMENT

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Just wait and stop crying like babies the system is/will keep selling and there are good games coming out in early 2013 to maybe mid 2013 but after that no one knows what's coming out and then when nintendo pulls out some of their 1st party titles everyone will still bitch shit I would rather them take their time lije they always have been

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Wii u is doing good also the 3ds and wii and just dance and mario bros

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O shit black baron how long have you been on this site and have you made videos and make more videos like before calling out the sony drones and microshit fans and doing all the stuff you normally do its to damn funny

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Well the wii u already has sold more then 2.4 million insales with only one triple a title and that's mario bros u now in the next upcoming months nintendo has good games coming and I think pikmin 3 is after the launch window abd that will boost up sales by the millions now what's after that no one knows but I have noticed nintendo is giving 3rd party a chance tto sell by spacing out their 1st party games which I'm sure they will continue to do which is good for many reasons but p...

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Keep crying yo tears are delicious lol

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Exactly lol

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I'm sure nintendo will fix all of your bitchy problems but I'm also sure it takes time to fix all of the things you crybabies are whining about so just wait damn

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The vita is done the 3ds is coming out with a good amount of rpgs and jrpgs and other games and now this ha lol sales will skyrocket

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I think they bitch about everything and I can do a list but don't feel like typing all of that

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@specsmatter well you can assume I said things and did this and that but I will stay to the facts and not the rumors and to counter everything you said I will tell you this and itvwill make yo retarded life so much easier DO YO RESEARCH AND KNOWSTHE FACTS IF NOT THEN STAY STUPID AND EAT A BURNING PLASTIC BAG OF WHALE SHIT HA HA LOL

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O so you can time travel no you can't shut the fuck up and wait to know the facts about the consoles and see what all 3 can do maxed out and all 3 consoles are/will be doing native 720p and 60fps and native 1080p and 60fps but once again wait ya crybaby

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