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Wow so many people are stupid and just assume things or don't know shit but the wii u is next gen it can run all engines and is already getting a ps4 and 720 port or vice versa in 2015 called HUMAN ELEMENT LOOK IT UP and people need to do research on the wii u and its games and even if the wii u was just 1 percent stronger then this gen its still next gen and offers a new way to play and many other things distinguishing itself from this gen and IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAY PORTS AND LAUNCH TITLE...

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Does anyone know if this game will be native 1080p

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Been knew about this lol and the game is still better and a shit ton of games this gen run at 30fps and like someone said its still just a port and the wii u is getting HUMAN ELEMENT IN 2015 LOOK IT UP and that's a MULTIPLAT GAME

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What about demon tribes

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So far as I know ninty is doing a very good job with getting 3rd party on board and having 3rd party help them and I'm sure will continue to get 3rd party support and a lot of the developers who aren't porting games over are. Making or porting their next games to the wii u and we still have to see about the wii u 3rd party direct and later on in the wii us life but I'm sure 3rd party will keep coming people need to stop judging so early and wait for the system to grow and with nin...

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Damn too many dumbass people make assumptions and judge way to early we will just have to wait and see and HUMAN ELEMENT is one multiplat that the wii u is getting in 2015 anything before or after that I don't know but look it up if you don't believe me and I'm sure nintendo still has a lot of secrets so once again we will have to wait

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Check how much mario kart and smash bros sell lol it doesn't matter what microsoft and sony do at e3 I'm sure those 2 games and many other first party games will sell millions

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Ok and. . . lol eat a bag of whale shit

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Ea aand so many other people have said this but I'm sure the wii u will prove them wrong just how ninty always or almost always does damn people judge to early and are so stupid lol

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Just like so many home consoles lol

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Digital foundry don't know anything and are judging to early

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Fuckin tthanks for saying that I am not going off of what a hacker says I will wait for a full spec sheet. Now I. Don't care about specs but I can see how many times the wii u is acctually strongerr then thiss gen instead of people saying this and that thinking they know everything

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Um did anyone from sony say the ps4 wouldd be announced on feb 20th because if no one did then its. Still a rumor I will wait for an official announcement and not go off of rumors like so many dumbasses on this site hha lol

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Exactly too many duumbass people on this site think they know the future and what nintendo will or will not do or the games the system will not get etc etc just shut the fuck up and wait ha lol

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So many people are dumb on this site and don't see this happening or that happening and ninty is not going to do this or that or not get this game or sell only this much etc etc um can I have your time machine please lol y'all don't know shit

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I like how people assume this and that about the wii u and I will say this and only this the wii u is more powerful then the ps3 and 360 now by how much WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL A FULL SPEC SHEET IS RELEASED then people can see how much more powerful it really is and that's it ha lol and I'm sure it can hang with the ps4 and 720 and all of them getting a multi pkat in 2015 called HUMAN ELEMENT proves it but people will keep hating but its also funny how many times nintendo has been ...

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This is good because it lets the wii u sales go up and they will possibly make a wii u version they have all the ttime in the world

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It is RUMORED that the next call of duty game or whatever it will be named will use unreal 4 which would be crazy for call of duty

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Yes just like stuntman said 4 of tthe games on that list are coming out this year and 4 more games are coming out later and then there's. Metal gear solid and soul hackers and other games possibly coming to the wii u and so its definitely a possibility

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Ha ha I like how dumbass people think they know the future lol

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