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I agree some open world games are ok but they all seem to have too many fetch quests and then end up being repetitive.

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It's not about that. This is a MS sponsored event. Go to a club if you want gogo dancers. It's not about the dancers they are not in the wrong at all. I wouldn't expect to see those type of dancers at a MS party. Switch it around would you be happy going into a MS party and then get half naked men swinging their junk no.

Like I said go to a club stuff like that is expected there I have no problem with that adults make choices.

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Because they can. If a female felt uncomfortable with that she has every right to complain. Say she supports them buy buying their products she can voice her opinion just like you saying there is nothing wrong. It's Microsoft they should be professional not a strip club. There are places for that.

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So are shoes I can walk fine without them

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Trolling??? Simple opinion I happen to agree with him.

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You sound like a winner

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Overpriced for less enjoy

It's a teenage girls phone.

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Seriously there is a leaderboard? Would anyone be proud to be on it

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"And yeah I'm a grown man"


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True but from the 10 or so betas I have done over the years I can't think of one that drastically improved. What you played is basically what you got.

That's just my experience there could be games that have done a better job at improving.

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Sadly I doubt it. Games that go from beta to final don't improve much. Maybe some balancing or network things but nothing major.

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The only way I could see someone being upset is if they already own a gaming rig and bought an x1 just for this game. Which is why I think ms purposely waited to announce the pc version to drive sales of x1 but that's their job.

Other than that no one should be unhappy more can enjoy the game.

Side note fanboys are crazy and would die for there system. It's crazy knowing Phil and shu play and game on other systems but someone who doesn't even wo...

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Blizzard isn't doing it it's in the cheating crap you download. You get what you deserve.

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Yeah unoptimized games that's what I want :/

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Completely agree. This has been the best co-op game I have ever played. Can't wait.

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CTE?? All the talk with football players and head injuries maybe all the falls added up.

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Resolutions say otherwise. But I don't even care.

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Dying light is the best game this year. Fallout 4 was mediocre at best. I felt like I was playing fallout 3. Where were the upgrade? Dying light is open world and makes fallout look like a last gen game.

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Actually it's not

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I was going to comment who the hell would buy crap like this but I guess you would.

Simply gross

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