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Simply no when you don't have 3rd party support you simply are missing too many games. You can have an argument about first party but not overall.

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No just not funny

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Right that's worth $40. Something that should just be in the game.

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He was talking about the song it was originally a Simon & Garfunkel song. But I don't agree I like the song.

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Ad blocker

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Sounds pretty useless to me

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Do you know what a fair weather fan is?????

There just aren't as many Nintendo fans as there were I blame Nintendo for that.

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I played to the point where you get your first suit I just couldn't take it any more. The game looks like last gen and plays like it too.

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Yeah who cares I just want some good games.

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I agree with cap. Nintendo is a shell of its former self.

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And what did that get them. Fair weather fans that left to the next cool thing.

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Your so wrong. It would be great I wouldn't have to buy a Nintendo system just to play a handful of games. And after the wii and wiiu I'm done buying their systems.

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What you said is the reason I'm done with Nintendo. Their support of the wiiu sucked. I paid good money for a sad system. 4 years is not long enough.

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I agree some open world games are ok but they all seem to have too many fetch quests and then end up being repetitive.

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It's not about that. This is a MS sponsored event. Go to a club if you want gogo dancers. It's not about the dancers they are not in the wrong at all. I wouldn't expect to see those type of dancers at a MS party. Switch it around would you be happy going into a MS party and then get half naked men swinging their junk no.

Like I said go to a club stuff like that is expected there I have no problem with that adults make choices.

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Because they can. If a female felt uncomfortable with that she has every right to complain. Say she supports them buy buying their products she can voice her opinion just like you saying there is nothing wrong. It's Microsoft they should be professional not a strip club. There are places for that.

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So are shoes I can walk fine without them

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Trolling??? Simple opinion I happen to agree with him.

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You sound like a winner

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Overpriced for less enjoy

It's a teenage girls phone.

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