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Same here (I started with intellivision)

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I fine with the pairing and will get it but tired of the patting on the back when it comes to this. Does it really need to be a big deal. It is 2017 right

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Phil just says what gamers want to hear what has he really done?

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Born with a penis= male born with a vagina= female there we go not so hard. Confused look in your pants

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Gay sex is poorly done. Disgusting

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From a consumer perspective yes! Just look at naughty dog. They can focus on one system and really push it and not have to worry about other systems. It also gives a system an identity. Frankly if you have a PlayStation your probably pretty happy. Exclusives left and right.

I guess if your only an xbox owner you would say no.

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Well said captain

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Spend more time on gameplay and animations then stupid lgbt crap.

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Bad example moegooner skyrim had very boring side quests. I left my flute in a cave can you retrieve it I can't be bothered.

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I have a wiiu what's the point of a switch

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Like it or not neon rdr this system is for kids. Watch the commercial who's playing kids. Now if your an adult and play great but it's for kids. They make mistakes and too expect this not to happen is poor design when it could have been easily avoided by making the rails slightly different in width.

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@kayoss well said. Wether you like it or not the switch is aimed at kids. If your an adult and still play great but it is aimed at kids. Watch their commercial who is playing kids. You don't think that while they are quickly changing that they may not make a mistake? Horribly designed

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Swing and a miss

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Not required. This whole lgbt thing is annoying as hell. They can have there opinion but if someone doesn't agree with them them it equals hate.

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Xbox a better buy

Don't you need games

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I'm 38 been playing games forever but never enjoyed Mario or Zelda games don't know why just don't. My kids love Mario.

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Did you get a chance to play scalebound?

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Clinton and Obama sound familiar


How soon people forget.
At disagrees explain.

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I think you should stop playing games it seems like you don't like anything

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Funny how everyone cares about politics now. Didn't have anything to say about the worst president in history Obama

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