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@kayoss well said. Wether you like it or not the switch is aimed at kids. If your an adult and still play great but it is aimed at kids. Watch their commercial who is playing kids. You don't think that while they are quickly changing that they may not make a mistake? Horribly designed

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Swing and a miss

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Not required. This whole lgbt thing is annoying as hell. They can have there opinion but if someone doesn't agree with them them it equals hate.

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Xbox a better buy

Don't you need games

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I'm 38 been playing games forever but never enjoyed Mario or Zelda games don't know why just don't. My kids love Mario.

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Did you get a chance to play scalebound?

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Clinton and Obama sound familiar


How soon people forget.
At disagrees explain.

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I think you should stop playing games it seems like you don't like anything

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Funny how everyone cares about politics now. Didn't have anything to say about the worst president in history Obama

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New hardware is great so long as they don't keep taking the games away 😉

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Shut up liberal

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Candy and jmetal why so sore? He's just a troll relax

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I've got 3. Sony 4k android tv super fast and responsive. Couldn't stand the last smart tvi had.

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You say haters gonna hate but what do you say to all the games that have been cancelled, flip flopping with kinnect and tv, features that have been cut and barren wasteland of exclusives??? It's not hate it's fact

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Sick and tired of the whole lgbt agenda. National geographic is going to have a trans kid on the cover he is 9 had the surgery at 5. That is crazy and sad terrible parents.

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Why does everyone forget about Dying Light pretty damn good open world

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You do realize cloud compute would require the internet

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