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There has to be some sane people out there? The game will look good on all systems they will all play the same I habe a ps4 pro but I know that Scorpio will look somewhat better and that's ok. It was ok when it was the other way with the first one. All this nit picking is stupid. Enjoy the game where ever you play.

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Google is easy honest

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Mod nation racers could have been good but loading times, lag terrible frame rate killed it. I like Mario kart but this should not be full price I have the wiiu version and this doesn't seem worth it. Also does any other game reuse it's maps more than Mario kart?

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I say make a lgbtq game go full gay queer and trans. There you go you have your game now stay out of all the others.

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Not just that but it seems like every show I watch has to have some token gay person. It's like it's the cool thing to do.

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What else are they going to play

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But you also have shu and Phil openly congratulate and play other systems. Yet you have fan tards spewing crap.

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I prefer Sony you may prefer xbox or Nintendo or whatever who the hell cares enjoy what what want have fun be entertained isn't that the point. So much wasted energy taking shots and defending

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@moldy you are a delusional fantard. Happens every generation with xbox they front load all their games and then have nothing for long spells they just don't have the 1st party studios that Sony has and that's fact. Is Scorpio more powerful sure happy for you but when it comes to games PlayStation crushes xbox. You can't say otherwise. But keep your fanboy goggles on it suits you.

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Have fun playing games ooh wait.......

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@donthate what has Phil done besides say what you want to hear and cancel games?

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@tiny nuggets 1 game in how many years what they claimed and what we have seen yeah "puff of fart gas" (@kokyu thanks for the laugh)

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@eddie have you played horizon? I will be getting a switch down the line because my sons love Mario games. If it was just me I wouldn't buy it. Under powered horrid online and os. Nintendo refuses to grow up. I would have preferred a console and not a tablet.

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What they said is true so you on the other hand.......

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Thanks for your thoughts nice not to get pure fanboy talk. My son loves everything Mario so I will just wait a few months to get it. Did you have the joy con issue?

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I'm sure you've been crying for years. Where are the games?

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Can someone throw out the moldy bread already it's leaking crap everywhere

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It's only legal to get a rom if you own a copy of the game. My guess most do not.

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Is Mario kart really a big jump from game to game? Almost everything in that game is recycled. Other games get murdered for that.

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Same here (I started with intellivision)

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