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I went out and rented this game for my wife to play I have watched every second she has played it's that good. Better then most movies in this genre. #2.2.5
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Opinions opinions but Last time I checked my thumbs were of equal length ps4 controller way more comfortable. #2.3.2
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I'd prefer a choice. But for me it's digital all the way. I have two ps4s so with digital I can install one game purchase on both and play co-op games like dying light on two tvs. Can't do this with physical copies. Also my son a couple of weeks ago was taking a game(smash bros) out of it's case and it cracked in the center now I'm out $60.

In a perfect world you would get your physical copy and be allowed to install it and not need the disc but havin... #1.1.1
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The only single player call of duty I finished was World At War. My favorite COD. Had grit and less arcadey. Wish they would go back to an older time this future stuff just doesn't pull me in. #1.1.1
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It should be an option this gen I have been buying more of my games digital. Would be great to buy a secondary console at a reduced cost. #1.4.1
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I just hope the quality is there. I had problems with Skyrim on ps3 fallout and a game ending bug on oblivion. If there are no bugs or at least no major ones then I'm fine with 400 hours #2.2.3
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Brian is right I own all 3 ps3 rock band games and all instruments came with a dongle now don't know what kind of connection it had with the dongle but it was there #2.1.2
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Then keep your old system and game and go play it. You do know that most call of duty games if not all of them have modes where you can play without killstreaks or that stupid exo suit. There you have it less is more just for you. #10.1
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Yes it's a masterpiece just because you don't like it doesn't change the awards and acclaim the game received. Mario Galaxy is considered a masterpiece I don't like it but know that it is. You don't have to hate on things you don't like. #1.3.3
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I love uncharted but have a huge backlog of games to play but after watching that damnit I'm buying it and playing all over again. Backlog keeps on growing. #1.1.3
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This site is so damn confusing. I swear I just read an article with comments about how ea said they don't need single player. Everyone's reaction I won't buy an ea game or support them $60 games with no single player and tacked on dlc no value. Next article with comments Ea offers great value I support ea. Frankly I find ea confusing. #1.1.6
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What?!?! #1.4.1
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Spielberg does lots of sequels what are you talking about?

Executive producer or director or writer this is what he had been a part of.

Indiana Jones
Jurassic park
Back to the future
An American tail
Men in black

All of these had multiple movies #1.3.1
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If you own a ps4 you won
If you own a xbox you won
If you own a wiiu you lost #1.1.9
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I agree that ps3 to ps4 is probably impossible and would take way too much effort. I still have my ps3 hooked up but only play rock Smith. If ps4 had bc not sure how much I would actually use it. I always tell myself I need to go back and play TLOU or uncharted but never do. I have moved on I guess.

Saying that MS did a great move weather you think you will use it or not it's there and doesn't cost anything. #1.4
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The problem for Nintendo to me is that they didn't grow up with me. The average age of a gamer is older now than it was years ago and they do very little for that crowd. I grew tired to Mario years ago and while I will play smash or mk8 from time to time with my kids that's it the system just sits there. Games like the Witcher, Fallout, and Uncharted where can I get these type of games on a nintendo console. It's like they don't want me around. Also what the hell is with... #1.1.4
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Hope so too. Have been playing dying light and diablo with my wife(2 ps4s guess I'm a little spoiled) great fun. #5.1
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To be fair ms is doing a better job. I was merely going by their history. But really smoke and mirrors. Sony takes many chances on games in all varieties. Makes new IPs all the time So I'm not sure what your talking about. #1.2.7
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I'm a PlayStation guy if that even matters but there is nothing anyone can say besides good job to ms on this. Frankly to me ms seems to be a completely different company than just a year ago. They have been humbled and the gamers are winning. If I had the time and money to own multiple systems I think now I would. #1.1.5
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Man I have to give it to ms for making you think only the holiday season counts. How have the past several months been? Sony spreads their games out. Just look at the history of both systems Sony has and will have solid 1st party support. Xbox pushes them out at the holidays then moves on to the next system leaving a huge gap in games.

So I guess your not excited for the gears of war remaster? No MCC for you? Hypocrite. #1.2.3
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