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What else can he say when you just don't have any games 🤔

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Gamers - we want more games more exclusives

Microsoft - here's some new hardware

So out of touch

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Who cares

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They added espn 1st take to nba live instant no buy for me. Screaming A is an idiot

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Game was average at best horrid graphics terrible game engine Bethesda always gets away with it

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Horizon was more fun for me. Fighting in the Witcher was only ok.

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People today get mad over everything. They need to find anything to latch onto to have a fight or attention. Political correctness is out of control.

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It's pretty much the cool thing now. If your white your racist.

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All my games are on ps4. There is zero reason to own a crap box if you like games. If you xbots really cared about power you would get a pc games are what matter and ps stomps xbox.

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@ultra I agree I got tied of Mario years ago. I don't mind paying Mario kart with the kids but that's it. My little kids love Mario but I grew up Nintendo has not.

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Actually almost 40. We don't live in the past many reasons for text bubbles back then. I prefer voice acting text bubbles are lame.

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@Phear you can't compare it to the wii that was an anomaly. Your not going to get moms and grandparents buying and playing this like you did the wii. The casuals have their phones now also.

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Do all that and add voice. It's being cheap.

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Lol look at these kids fighting. Break it up or you'll go in time out.

Grow up

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I was going to by a car but the security officer is annoying so I'm just going to steal it. Or they don't need security they will steal it anyway. Yea great logic

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Cubs took that cookie away and it tasted so good

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Here's a cookie for Cleveland

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You have small hands admit it!

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I couldn't disagree more. The joycon controller is way to small and the analogs are not as good as the pro.

The grip for the joycons should be larger.

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Yes it's a stretch. Fans of Nintendo have been dying for a new console you knew the initial rush would be big.let's just see if Nintendo can keep the games coming and pull in other gamers.

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