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So playing their game is abuse. Do they really want people to think that?

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Actually it's between xbox and switch for second no one is catching ps4. My money is on stitch for second

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How about GOTY for all those Hollywood scum or bill Clinton or any sick kid. Game is stupid

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Breath of the wild is good for a Zelda game but it is overrated just like most Nintendo games. They always seem to be above criticism. Not saying their games are bad just not the best.

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How much was the check from ea for the article?

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@darth there is no reason to branch out to xbox. Maybe if they had great exclusives but they really don't. Ps4 and switch cover it for me. I get great exclusives and all the rest of the games they may look shinier for you but guess what we are playing the same game

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Try politics it's a disaster.

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Help us with your user base we're drying up😂😂😂; 😂

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Oh hell yeah freaking enhanced gaming been waiting my whole life for this. Who needs new exclusive games give me old games with "Enhancements" boom console war over.

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If you think there is no lgbtq agenda your stupid. Duh gay people have been around I don't have a problem with anyone who is gay that's fine your an adult do what you want but you can't say there hasn't been a push a trendy thing to it and it should not be pushed. How many genders are there? If your answer is not 2 them there is a problem.

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Completely agree. They are confusing kids and is sick.

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You can be gay all you want I don't want anything to do with it. This whole gay trans train is stupid. It's confusing kids. My cousin was caught up in it thought it was cool and found other people online telling her she should be a boy so she tried it. Later she regretted the whole thing. This whole trans gay thing is trying to be trendy.

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What else can he say when you just don't have any games 🤔

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Gamers - we want more games more exclusives

Microsoft - here's some new hardware

So out of touch

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Who cares

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They added espn 1st take to nba live instant no buy for me. Screaming A is an idiot

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Game was average at best horrid graphics terrible game engine Bethesda always gets away with it

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Horizon was more fun for me. Fighting in the Witcher was only ok.

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People today get mad over everything. They need to find anything to latch onto to have a fight or attention. Political correctness is out of control.

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It's pretty much the cool thing now. If your white your racist.

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