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I agree The begging of the trailer was trash. Probably still get the game but eh.

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You can be gay all you want but my opinion is mine not right or wrong an opinion. I think it's gross. We weren't meant to be gay. But I'm not going to tell someone how to live their life.

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Wins worst president ever

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Yeah I will only get the game if it's a new engine. Fallout 4 was so dated. Bethesda seems to always get a pass.

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If you have to explain the joke you failed. And they are just disagrees you'll live.

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Yes and a surprise announcement at E3 God Of War DLC.

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You would think you would want a major third party to succeed so it will draw more third party titles but you say no. Guess your good with the same couple of recycled Nintendo games every so often.

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I'm not afan of dlc but but for more GOW i would be

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"Of the big three, Microsoft have made the biggest effort in giving the gamers what they want"

Games want....... wait for it.................Games! Does Ms deliver on that no.

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Lol gaming community? It's just down votes relax. "Fight the good fight" lol.

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Yeah we need people like you to create stuff i just dont have the imagination for that or the time.

I know they said no dlc for god of war and im usaully not a big fan of dlc but i want more. That game was so good. Dlc would be a huge surprise and welcomed. Would love to see some gameplay from Ghost of Tsushima

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We might not agree politically but yeah poor xbox fans. Sony is killing it.

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We know you prefer msm propaganda.

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It doesn't matter trump's your president lol

Obamas legacy erased

My guess is that you got a tax break too. Lol

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Your beyond dumb it's crazy. I have already stated that I don't like Trump as a person. I will write it again so you get it I don't like Trump. I bring up Hillary because she was the altrernative. Crazy isn't it. I also don't defend everything Trump. What's funny is that you can't even bring yourself to the realization that Trump may have done some good things. I wish we had different choices but we didn't.

The left is a freaking joke...

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Hilarious? Getting North Korea to denuke and give us inprisoned Americans back is sonehow funny to you. This is historic. Credit where credit is due. Obama didn't need congress to go to North Korea that is just an excuse. LOL. The Iran deal was a joke we gave them billions. Obama was weak and did more to harm this country than good.

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Right that's it or is it stupid liberals destroying this country. Anything is better than hillary.

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Atticus you must be uneducated yourself. You probably take what ever the msm tells you. Do you even give him credit for North Korea? For getting Americans back? Getting rid of bad trade? Tax cuts? I would have loved better choices for president but we didn't get that. Hillary would have been nigjtmare.

I dont like trump as a person. But i didn't like the alternative. I agree with most of his policies. Taxes, pro life, stronger borders better trade and ...

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Trump is getting stuff done. Is he perfect not even close but it's about time someone in office is doing right by America instead of bending over.

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The Iron Giant also for obvios reasons.

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