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One of the best coop games I have played with my wife

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This game is dead

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Saying good game is an opinion

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Apparently my opinion is is to hard for you to understand bro 🤔

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I play coop games with my wife on PS4 at the same time on 2 ps4s and only have to buy the game once not possible on switch sad

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Good game yes a 10 no.

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I support the police those men and women have one tough job. A few bad apples give them a bad name. I'm tired of people craping on them I would love to see them try their job.

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This is what happens every generation with xbox good start then fade away with almost nothing then start next gen again.

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Goes to show
Exclusive games > more power

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Data caps and getting what you pay for

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Really if you buy a disc based game wouldn't you expect it to be on the freaking disc.

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I can't take anyone with an anime avatar serious.

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Try watching or reading something other than msm propaganda machine. You leftists are all the same.

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I agree The begging of the trailer was trash. Probably still get the game but eh.

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You can be gay all you want but my opinion is mine not right or wrong an opinion. I think it's gross. We weren't meant to be gay. But I'm not going to tell someone how to live their life.

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Wins worst president ever

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Yeah I will only get the game if it's a new engine. Fallout 4 was so dated. Bethesda seems to always get a pass.

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If you have to explain the joke you failed. And they are just disagrees you'll live.

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Yes and a surprise announcement at E3 God Of War DLC.

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You would think you would want a major third party to succeed so it will draw more third party titles but you say no. Guess your good with the same couple of recycled Nintendo games every so often.

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