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Everyone has an opinion some just suck more than others.

Game of the Year disappointing uh ok

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Sorry but those games didn't need a whole new engine. The game is built on crap can't fix that.

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This is one of the dumbest takes I've read in a long while. What if you bought a game oh forget it this comment is so bad I don't have to say anything else.

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Yeah as a gamer that list sucks. Wouldn't be to prod of that.

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Actually no it's not. No need to call him your buddy kid. Unpopular opinion I found spider man boring. very weak enemy and boss fights no challenge.

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Sorry bad nah, HZD is by far better gameplay wise. RDR2's world is more immersive but it's just not as fun. Just seems like everything takes to long to do even looting takes too long.

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I don't know how I missed that my bad. This should be taken down.

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You brought that upon yourself. Don't want spoilers enjoy red dead don't click

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Actually that would be SJW's not trump.

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What a terrible country that's why everyone wants in. Your trump derangement syndrome is showing.


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would it be ok to go into best buy and just walk out with a bunch of games. You can't justify your argument. Walk into Wal-Mart buy some groceries wasn't going to buy some games so I can just take them.

Or I'm poor can't afford it well guess what I can't just go take what I want at any store. Why can you just take games?

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Or maybe we judge the overall package and graphics are a part of the game.

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Just go back to the articles before this gen. Mobile gaming, streaming, oya where all the doom of traditional gaming consoles.

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Well I'm never going to buy a private jet I guess I can just go take it with your logic.

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Best but gamers club is actually pretty great. Good alternative

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Oh no a down vote. Who cares. I'll give you a downvote I hope I don't hurt your feelings.

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I will not be buying this game now. I can't stand people who virtue signal. He clearly has no intention on doing this but jumped on it to sound like the good guy.

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