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Plus last guardian.

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N4G these days has very little gaming news on it, it just trash pieces like this from unknown sites / individuals that are not spreading news just opinions and misinformation.

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Not sure why this article exists, the pros are not broken they just need a setting changing to display on some TVs. Would say that Forbes is trying to start a fire this is barely rrod ( which went unnoticed by the press for ages.)

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Same platinumed the first game and have preordered. Not worried about reviews as paid £20 due to Amazon ps4 pro preorder offer.

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I think Driveclub has replaced PGR as my favourite racer all the time. I play it at least once a day.

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You are viewing the pics in sdr not hdr, you need to see the game on hdr TV to actually see it properly

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I think this has to do with the uhd player, as people with no interest in consoles but an interest in audio video are buying the cheapest uhd player. It would also explain why live sales have been down, as you not going to buy live if you have no interest in games. Also there were crazy bundles in the UK for £249 that included fifa 17 and gears 4, I know as I traded my old xbox one in for an s (which would count as a sale.)

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I do agree with King, Microsoft Pr is in overdrive and I am seeing loads of new sites I have never heard of releasing stories etc regards Scorpio. It is obvious Microsoft dropped the ball when all the neo rumours started cropping up and did not have an answer as all they released was a computer image of a circuit board and some specs.

I am not sure why I would need an a midlife upgrade of an Xbox since they unified with Windows 10, I have now built myself a PC with a 980ti...

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Have played titanfall 1 and I find 2 better as it's a complete package. I think the multiplayer and single player is better than battlefield 1.

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Playing titanfall 2 now, it on so much fun and way better than battlefield 1

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This game is much more fun than battlefield 1 and the campaign has been excellent so far. I would definitely recommend people pick this up over cod at least but imo battlefield 1 also

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Agreed so far so good. Really enjoy using it.

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Hdr support was added two weeks ago.

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All these idiot comments from fanboy saying ps4 pro is not worthwhile as it will have no exclusive games on it! Scorpio will also not have any games that don't feature on xbox one, so what's the point in upgrading to it!!

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Wouldn't call ps4 sales stagnant it is still selling extremely well around the world and has still out sold all other consoles each month.

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You can always tell who has not tried vr by their comments on this site. All 3 offerings are great and everyone that has tried my psvr has been amazed and cannot believe this technology exists

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Deus ex has already been patch for hdr on original ps4

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Hooked my parents, friends and family up to psvr all have been blown away and see it as a very exciting start to a new email of cinema and video games.

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Looks like someone does not believe we are excited to play the game!? I can promise that I am.

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I think its lost a little score due to only having four maps. I am sure I read somewhere there will be free updates which includes new maps.

I cannot to play the game tomorrow though, its my most anticipated VR game.

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