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Nope, I think you can tell most people are.still very much pro Sony and the fact articles like this exist in the first place tells you it is the competition that is insecure.

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I blame Microsoft for this, they have tried to hide the lack of exclusives releasing on their platform and have attached the word exclusive to everything whether it is or not. All seem to start with Tomb raider the other year and has got steadily worse.

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As a long term Zelda fan I did not like the game and I really hope they don't continue in the direction they have taken, I found the world barren and the lack of traditional temples was massively disappointing.

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No it isn't, the game only shares a name totally different games

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Cant wait to get my copy on Wednesday!

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Suunds like there is potential for a remake, would be over the moon if they did. Still my favourite multiplayer of all time and would benefit from the large PS4 install base.

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@moldy I thought you gamed on your high end pc, why are you so invested in xbox one x articles you won't need one. You are so transparent and lack any sort of integrity

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@death when did forza become the highest rated exclusive series on console!? Mario, zelda, uncharted, halo, gta red dead and gt all disagree

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Your comment makes no sense, you don't own a PS4 in the first place so who is going to listen to you!

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@ninsigma Most struggle to tell the difference between PC and console

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Was going to say this myself. The other problem is project cars 2, f1 2017 and gt sport 2017 are also releasing around the same time so that won't help with sales of the game.

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Sorry just no. Is the party chat sorted yet? And how's shareplay on xbox?

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I have no cloud space what so ever and haven't for some time. So it isn't enough.
@sonic it does not matter how big xbox cloud saves are if you have very few games releasing.

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Nioh, uncharted 4, gravity rush 2, knack 2, gt sport, hot shots golf, farpoint , starboard arena, uncharted lost legacy, matterfall all released in last 12 months all contain online play or elements. This does not include 3Rd party such as lawbreakers, overwatch, battlefield, cod or older games with strong communities Killzone shadowfall or last of us. So you are spouting nonsense.

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It's a Sony ip and was developed alongside Santa Monica studio. Can't see why they would not pick the franchise up after god of war and do something special.

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Thing is this is not a new mechanic, this is how all games used to work. You ran out of lives/continues it was game over. Modern games hand hold to much for fear of alienating part of the potential player Base. As I said this is brave decision by ninja theory. Not everyone is going to like it, so you either suck it up and 'get gud' or spend your money elsewhere.

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I think people are forgetting the game is only 6 hours long, so not a big deal. I think this is a great mechanic and very brave of ninja theory to include.

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Bought a switch initially impressed but over time lack of proper online, charge port location, no changes to os and dodgy joycon have meant I am not used and have returned to my ps4 pro. It's just not a grown up device for me.

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People complained that the ps plus offering was not up to scratch they offer more aaa ps4 games, that is going to cost Sony so I am not surprised price has gone up. There are also rumours of merging ps now with plus so that is more value added. Inflation is a real thing add plus has been priced at 39 for a long time. So although most of us wish it was cheaper it is not entirely unjustified

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Sorry you are a genuine journalist which you are not you would not be on here defending your article you would let it speak for itself.

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