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Why would they dramatically change the sequel to a billion dollar game.if you didnt like the first game just move on you are not going to like this one.

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Problem for destiny 2 is that for some reason it's cool to dislike it. I thnk some gamers are just elitist pricks

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For me Dirt Rally is the killer app, people need to play it in VR, takes it to the next level.

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You will barely notice the difference with a game running on a Pro vs a Scorpio, they are doing different things to reach the same goal ie a 4k image on using brute force the other through software.

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The problem with PS4 Pro (and will be the same with Scorpio) is the TV set they are being used with. Not all 4K sets are equal and not all HDR is equal. Play Horizon or Infamous on a KS8000 and there is an obvious difference.

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Ultra HD Blu Ray is a non starter, it is not catching on as hoped.

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Great but counting windows 10 xbox customers as xbox subscribers is bull sh!t

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Sad thing is the issues he has stated about him being tweeted with people laughing/ trolling at Recores lukewarm reception is not just specific to him, it also happens to Yoshida, Cerny and other PlayStation employees and I'm sure Nintendo also. If Sony posts anything on Facebook it is filled with comments by Xbox fans stating that the game is rubbish or not as good as Forza, Halo or Gears. It works both ways and is something that has always been there just social media makes it very visi...

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Not sure what Microsoft making that money has to do with xbox division.

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Problem I have with this review is that he has reviewed on his own personal experience, he ran in to a bug that caused his PC version to corrupt the save file. The problem is though is how many games have IGN reviewed where they have not come across a bug and given the game excellent scores which has then had multiple game breaking bugs discovered when in the hands of consumers (Fallout NV & Skyrim are good examples)

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Naughty Dog congratulated Microsoft on Gears FYI

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Nier Automata is an absolute treat! Great gameplay and fantastic sound track, preferred it to BoTW personally.

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Love vr, enjoy the fact it brings a different type of gaming experience.

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Kudos, better than the supposed journalist.

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@Moldy you seem to make up stats constantly to suit your pro Microsoft /xbox agenda. The PSVR has exeeded Sonys sale projections and sold 900000 as of feb. It is also sold out still in many countries in particular in Europe.
Have you played Farpoint? or have you just randomly made up that the game is short.

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Dirty Rally is another and Rez Infinite.

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People seem to think their experience of dealing with a company whether positive or negative is how that company behaves towards everyone. That is not how it works! Personally I have had brilliant service from Sony (replaced out of warranty ps4 for free) and also Microsoft (rrod consoles.)

PS not sure why Sony should replace a vita because you dropped it, that is not covered by any warranty (including mobile phones.)

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They did not lose it, they walked away from it as developer was not hitting development goalposts.

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Plenty of native 4k games on Pro.

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People want depth in the available games one high rated exclusive is not enough to sustain interest.

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