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It's a Sony ip and was developed alongside Santa Monica studio. Can't see why they would not pick the franchise up after god of war and do something special.

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Thing is this is not a new mechanic, this is how all games used to work. You ran out of lives/continues it was game over. Modern games hand hold to much for fear of alienating part of the potential player Base. As I said this is brave decision by ninja theory. Not everyone is going to like it, so you either suck it up and 'get gud' or spend your money elsewhere.

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I think people are forgetting the game is only 6 hours long, so not a big deal. I think this is a great mechanic and very brave of ninja theory to include.

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Bought a switch initially impressed but over time lack of proper online, charge port location, no changes to os and dodgy joycon have meant I am not used and have returned to my ps4 pro. It's just not a grown up device for me.

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People complained that the ps plus offering was not up to scratch they offer more aaa ps4 games, that is going to cost Sony so I am not surprised price has gone up. There are also rumours of merging ps now with plus so that is more value added. Inflation is a real thing add plus has been priced at 39 for a long time. So although most of us wish it was cheaper it is not entirely unjustified

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Sorry you are a genuine journalist which you are not you would not be on here defending your article you would let it speak for itself.

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Battlegrounds is janky as hell, so not sure it's a system seller. Also it will be coming to ps4 as only timed exclusive so not sure why it will help move consoles.

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If this reviews badly it proves the scale bound cancellation excuse was bull. At present it looks mediocre and graphics look very dated.

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@death I did not praise poly (they have been a little slow.) Releasing sequels every year dilutes your franchise though as seen with cod and assassins creed.

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@Death stating that Microsoft has made five Forza titles between gt6 (release dec 2013) on PS3 and GT Sport on ps4 is not really something to boast about. It just proves there is a distinct lack of ideas and variety in the Microsoft camp and they truly are risk adverse.

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@Septic - there is no diversity in Xbox games lineup as it is reliant on third party games which are available on other platforms, do you work for Microsoft as you seem to spin there PR bullsh!t constantly.

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That's you is also alot of fun and has got people talking it up.

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Driveclub is locked. And sense of speed is much better than forza, Gt and Project cars.

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A list of multiplats!

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More exclusives

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They are all on pc. Lucky tales is remaster of a very average vr game so I would not brag to much about that one.

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This is exactly why n4g has deteriorated over the last few years it's a free for all of fanboys approving their own fanboy websites.

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Love the spin on this story, EA would have submitted the video to Sony. Sony didn't just get the video off the net and add their button prompts.

Also Microsoft should also not be commenting I am sure they were caught out using PS4 footage at the start of this gen.

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It hasn't been the same since Bungie parted company with Microsoft unfortunately. I would rather have a new IP than another Halo, needs a few years away imo.

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You have not tried proper vr, gearvr is not the same.

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