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That's a better point.

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Not sure why anyone would doubt naughty dog. If the story was not worth telling I am sure they have sense not to make the game, they have written and created more successful video games than Richard Bailey after all.

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Don't hold much hope for this game, the developer was caught out by Sony as the game was not as far along as they had claimed. Not sure how they suddenly believe they are going to launch across 4 platforms and be a quality product.

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Exact reason why I barely game on pc anymore, the ports are better on consoles regardless of the textures being high rather than ultra.

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The game has has been dumbed down for people that are not so great at games. It's has lost what made it distinct unfortunately.

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Agreed the Scorpio is going to do the Same thing but the gulf between then two consoles will be even bigger.

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Agreed Chris, it's the same with Bethesda games, they run like crap on dated engines but they are a blast to play.

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The pro is not up scaling its solution in giving 4K is not that straight forward.

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Am halfway through absolutely adore the game. Can be frustrating at times but still one of my top games of the year maybe of the generation.

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Blown away by it!

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You need to play the game to score it or even own the console it plays on.

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Another unknown site, with a poorly written review. I don't like this tactic whether it's for an xbox, Nintendo or PS game.

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Don't believe the reviews are mixed, they range from good (7-8) to excellent (9-10.)
They odd one or two low scores scream clickbait to be honest.

Personally I think that in a couple years this game will be as revered as much as ico (which only gained cult status years after launch) and sotc.

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You are not full of it what so ever.

Latch on to an unknown site giving the game a poor review to fulfill your agenda. Totally ignore the reviews saying that it's a masterpiece or even the ones giving it 7-8s saying it's fantastic but flawed.

I feel very sorry for you if this is how you feel you need to spend your time.

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Reviews are not mixed, most are high and metacritic is at 83

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Eurogamer is my go to these days.

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'Dead Rising 4's great gameplay, fun-loving holiday theme, and Frank West's return, outshine its technical blemishes'

Ign seem more forgiving of Dead rising 4.

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Should take risks then rather than waiting to see if the competition is successful.

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Why are we getting UK sales figures from an UK website? This article was reported yet stillness through.

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