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Always negative about potential Neo but not seeing the same articles about upgraded xbox. The concerns and the potential apply to both rumoured consoles.

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I don't believe the specs 6tflops part does not seem right (compare it to 980ti) the console would be expensive, so not sure they have anything to be concerned about at this point. Its also amusing that when the Neo rumours hit how many people were slamming Sony for potentially splitting the user base etc, yet I see a lot of those same people here excited about Microsoft doing the same. Not sure existing why PS4 & Xbox owner wouldnt sell their current consoles and use the additional m...

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Not really sure of the point of this is unless it is very cheap. Why would I want this over a window 10 gaming pc?

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Why are we comparing a game that is still in development?

Really like the lighting in GTS from what as been seen so far.

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@Darklink28 You must be right and the rest of world are wrong, your argument is not only well written it is also compelling in its case...Uncharted 4 is a fraud. Have you thought about applying for a job at the Sun newspaper they also publish a load of baseless nonsense and try and pass their opinion as fact.

Think I have seen it all with ridiculous opinion pieces about this game, gaming journalism is all about ad revenue and clicks not about the games themselves which is a...

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If you play the game correctly it is not hard.

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Some of the comments on here a laughable, nobody really knows what the ps 4 neo is, seems like a certain groups are jumping on this as a negative yet I am willing to bet the same people get an new iPhone every two years.

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I own it, Great game and not over complicated. Not sure if there is mouse and keyboard support (believe there might be) but it plays well with dualshock 4.

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Tropico is great fun and very accessible. Enjoy!

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Personally I believe it is because Insomniac don't have a reputation on Xbox consoles, shame because it is a good game but they have a loyal fan base on playstation who would of bought based on ratchet & clank and resistance series.

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Wipeout and motorsports would make me very happy.

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Ridge racer 4 would be amazing!

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Good score from Gamespot they are usually very harsh!

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Cant wait, look great fun!

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I prefer boxed for my collection!

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Cannot wait to get stuck in......on the 22nd April :-(

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2.5 4tb have been available since 2015

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Apparently this update add the ability to 4TB hdd in the PS4! So happy for this as my 2tb is nearly full!

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Its just one persons view of the game I don't see why some people are getting upset and are getting defensive. The reality of this is most reviews can't be trusted and people should form there own decision on a game not based on a score. QB is obviously devisive as it has split reviewers.

Personally the game is not for me and I am not really enjoying it that much, but I am cool with anyone who is!

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Some of the other reviews seems to high I think a 7-8 sounds about fair considering faults most have picked up on.

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