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Me to, was incredibly irritating

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Dear god there are some absolute morons posting on here, making up facts to suits there argument.

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Get over it. Its not going to change.
Most PlayStation owners are not going to care that much.

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No its definitely all talk.

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He is quoted in the article saying that he would like to work with Platinum in the future.
Please don't go around talking sh%t

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@Red Did not stop them releasing Recore, Ryse or Halo Wars 2

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Yes we all read that the game was announced to early and that he would like to work with Platinum in the future. Does not change the fact there is very little on the exclusive front on xbox or that the game was lauded as part of the 'greatest lineup in history of xbox'

The problem is the Phil and Microsoft keep making huge claims and ending up with egg on their faces, 'greatest line up in history', 'Power of the cloud', 'True4k' etc

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Sony have had crossplay with PCs for years FFXIV and Rocket league and more, Microsoft has only just joined that party, they just don't want crossplay with there main console rival.

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Its same old people trying to devalue what is a big Sony announcement.

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People seem to forget it's not just 499, you need a 4k TV with hdr to really take advantage of the system. These are not cheap, this is why ps4 pro and xb1x are niche products.

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@pfft I spend more time playing exclusives, that includes fh 3, halo, uncharted and wipeout omega. So what you have stated is not fact it's your opinion.

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Was very impressed with the psvr offerings and cannot wait to get stuck in to them.

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Also dead rising 4. Plus all those other timed exclusives show at this year's E3. The guy is full of shit, the only reason they are not doing more exclusive dlc is because they are in a weekend position regards number of hardware units sold this is pr spin.

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So just forza then.

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This year's lineup was in the Pre show where they announced release dates for ni no kuni, Gt, knack 2 and others

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The big releases for the this year include one of the biggest selling franchises of all time, Gt Sport. Also ni no kuni 2, knack 2, uncharted, horizon dlc and super massive cop game (was in Pre show.) I think Sony deliberoaims to put games out in spring so they don't compete with third party fall offerings.

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I think the Pre show announced a lot of games which diluted the main conference. They even announced a supermassive exclusive cop game which works in the same way as until dawn which other player can influence decisions with mobile phones.

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Don't be excited for crackdown it looks janky as hell and has had a massive down grade (perhaps the biggest I have ever seen.) What happened to the power of the cloud?

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I am in shock how poor that was. Almost like Microsoft has been left with the scaps from Nintendo and Sony.

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Definitely better than seeing a load of games that will end up cancelled.

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