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One persons opinion. Is not a whole organisation, besides the measurements are what they are.

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The logic of some people the U.S. Now equals the world apparently! Well done Microsoft on being best selling console in your home territory the month your biggest franchise releases. Well done Sony for being the biggest seller worldwide.

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This new ui is no better than the last, yes it is a little snappier and easy to start a chat by why are my digital games hidden away, and why is TV the second tab along? The community wall is rubbish and just a poor copy of the ps4 wall. Also custom wall paper look terrible as you cannot see other items on menu if set as transparent and its hidden if set as colour. Really not impressed.

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Diamond City shows Xbox One dropping to a record 0fps (zero.) I did not even realise that was even possible!!!

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Nobody cares if it faster than PS4 its an overhall of the old X1 UI, it would be like doing speed test comparisons between a MAC and PC.

Perhaps its is not an opinion piece but it is most definitely not news!

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What a stupid comparison! A more valid and useful comparion would be Xbox one new vs old ui.

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There is no tv campaign here in the UK, one tweet is not evidence of Microsoft going all out with there own deals.

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I just find it a little desperate and lacks class. Why don't the concentrate their time promoting Fallout properly!

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actually it does in this case if you look at the average metacritic score across all game on PS4.

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I am more OK with it now they have a 3 year development cycle.

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Just bought a Xperia Z5 the exact same headphones without the playstation branding come in the box. Surely the price is a typo /miscommunication.

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It annoys me with that other reviewers even though they pointed out Halo 5s campaign shortcomings still give this game a 9/10.

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The campaign is not great and the teammate Ai is not great, so I do think should effect the score, halo 5 is not a 9 that's for sure

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Game looks loads of fun,can't wait.

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Have just completed the survey, seems they are bringing music visualisers, DTS sound, playlists and NTFS

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Sonys booth look amazing, wish I could go!

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And judging by the filename its stand alone: EP9000-CUSA00003_00-XBIKESSTAN DALONE_en_THUMBIMG

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I am disappointed by the campaign, its short and the story is not great and I will not be going back to it(always invested a lot of time in to campaign skull collecting etc.) The multiplayer is fantastic though.

I do believe reviewers should review the campaign and multiplayer separately as not everyone is interested in in both parts.

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Even the positive reviews have pointed out the flawed single player campaign they still gave it 9s which makes no sense to me, you cannot give a game a near perfect score when you say the campaign is short and confusing.

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Agreed I will make up my own mind, but its whether I wait and see how the reviews for Fallout, Battlefront and TR turnout.

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