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Also could be paid for externally
Ss it's newspaper.

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Correct, its not optional.

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I have a backlog, however I am sensible enough to see that horizon and Zelda are going to be two games that define there respective consoles life. I Will be dropping everything to play them.

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Do these guys feature on metacritic? They really shouldn't be f they are

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Switch launch lineup is probably the worst I can remember in 34 years of gaming and I have one preorder. Iwould not of bothered if it wasn't for Zelda and probably selling it once I have completed the game.

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Bought a One S for a cheap UHD player, the player is crap and barely looks better than 1080p. Bought a stand alone UHD, picture is miles better.

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US gamer gave Little Big Planet 3 a 79 out of 100 and that was a buggy mess, not sure what the hell they were thinking with this review.

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Dirt rally and resident evil 7 say hello.

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Or the rest of 2016

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Wasn't backed by PC or Xbox users

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List is a fail as it does not feature rez!

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First Nintendo console I have absolutely no interest in. What with being burnt with the wiiu, lack of games during release, lack of commitment from 3Rd parties and issues I have with the hardware (battery life mainly.) botw looks great but I will play on wiiu the rest of the games are pretty much remasters with a few additions.

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To be fair with all the fantastic exclusives that Sony and other companies have released so far this year they can get away with the game being average and still be outpacing the competition. However the horizon previews overall are very positive.

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PS4 Framerate boost mode also included apparently.

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Fantastic month from Microsoft, not turned my xbox on once.

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Sorry but bs I know plenty of people waiting for one or the other

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Personally believe Microsoft should be investing in new studios as my one s has not been touched since horizon released. The concern I have with the Scorpio is MS just dropping the xbox one as it does appear to have been a massive miss step and they have been in full pr spin mode since launch. This is not a practice I am comfortable with having been stung by this happening with the og xbox and the 360.

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Have had to phone all over the place to track down a copy! Manage to get one can't wait to pick it up!

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Just one excuse! It is sold out absolutely everywhere in the UK!!

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Was about to say the exact same thing, Nintendo have just copied the share button so the statement is not true. And to be fair to Microsoft they put haptive triggers on x1 pad.

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