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Exactly, the reason GT Sport exists is because game ai will never be as competitive as playing a real person. GT Sport has made console online racing fair for the first time.

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Articles seems to miss actually more cross play games on p4 than switch or Xbox.

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F1 2017 would be the highest rated racing sim this year.

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Seems to be hinting DLC will be a mix of free and paid.

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Look who the first to comment what a surprise. Shouldn't you be off playing Forza somewhere?

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Not sure about the mature community, I don't use voice chat on my Xbox because of its community.

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You better start saving for a PC then.

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Seriously nothing to be jealous of here! Cuphead and ori are on Steam so not even Microsoft exclusives let alone Xbox, PUGB is not out on Xbox and is on PC and will be coming to other platforms, D4 is incomplete and the follow up installment is no longer happening.

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3rd x1 in 3 yearsandstill no one game worth owning one for.

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@shinken. No they don't have more exclusives (what you comparing switch with ps4 or all time) they also have less studios.

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No mention of games in all that, you seem to be missing the main purpose of a gaming machine.

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Tbh I kind of feel the same, have not switched on Switch since I finished zelda. I just think I have grown out of Nintendo exclusives and I would rather play 3rd party on PS4, PC or xbox

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343i only seem able to produce good but not great games, there last 2 halos have been missing something. I say it's time to move them onto something new and perhaps they can put there stamp on it and create something great.

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He was never involved with The Last of Us 2

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Agreed, this is very much a fuss about nothing. I prefer this system, if you play the game plenty drop plus you can mix and match your armour as well as sparrows and ships.

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No crashes for me, have racked up over 24hrs of play

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Typical Microsoft move, lacks class.

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Comparing 4k hdr with 1080p using 1080p image doesn't really work, you will struggle to tell the difference. This would apply to xbox to xbox x comparisons also

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Nope, I think you can tell most people are.still very much pro Sony and the fact articles like this exist in the first place tells you it is the competition that is insecure.

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I blame Microsoft for this, they have tried to hide the lack of exclusives releasing on their platform and have attached the word exclusive to everything whether it is or not. All seem to start with Tomb raider the other year and has got steadily worse.

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