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Sony released a new PS4 SDK to developers before Christmas. It offers capability to offset work to the GPU from the CPU. So it is not like they are standing still either, a performance gap will always exist as these sort of tweaks always happen during a consoles lifetime. #4.1
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Cannot wait!! Loving Driveclub, for those waiting for PS Plus edition you should just buy the game you wont be disappointed and you can pick it for £20 in the UK! #4
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Was disappointed by sunset overdrive I found it a little boring once you got past the traversal which is very similar to jet set radio as some of the missions are a bit of a grind (pardon the pun!) so I couldn't personally say it's perfect. #17
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The first console game I ever played, absolutely love duck hunt! #1
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I don't think Sony can win with this as its always going to be to expensive for some. Personally I think its good value especially given the fact they will continue to add games including PS1, PS2 and I believe they mentioned some PS4 games will come too. #1.1
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Most liked it not all of them though. They were all impressed by the graphics though. #21.1.1
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Not a massive fan of driving games but bought Driveclub to show off its graphics to mates considering buying a PS4. I am now hooked the game has not left my PS4 since launch and I now have a backlog of games to work through!
It has ended up my game of the year! #21
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Definitely, you need to learn the tracks and how best to take the corners etc. Cars are well matched so mistakes can cost you the race. I would not call the driving physics arcadey they fall in the middle. The game is addictive as you try and get a clean run, beat times or challenges. If you played Project Gotham you will also like it. #39.1
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You obviously have never played Driveclub so climb back under your bridge.

Driveclub is an excellent game as is FH2 but they do not compare, they are different types of racer. #1.1.4
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Japan was leaked a few months back http://www.computerandvideo... #9.2
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Cars do not ram off the road unless you move in to their path, their is no rubber banding in this game it was patched out weeks ago. #7.3.7
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The more time and more patches for Halo MCC the less hopeful I get that 343i can fix the problems. Unfortunately it is not just the multiplayer that is broken for a lot of people there are all issues with campaigns such as check point issues, achievement unlock and some noticeable drops. #11
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The muppet who wrote this piece is an idiot. He states that the online section of Driveclub is still broken when it has been fixed for at least 3 weeks. And then mentions how the free PS plus version is never coming (Evolution have said it will launch in the New Year when they are happy the servers are strong enough.) #25
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I also like customising cars etc but I have loved Driveclub and it is the only game this year I come back to over and over.

Happy to shareplay if you want to give it a blast. #21.2
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I don't see the relevance of comparing Driveclub and FH2. The only game comparable with Driveclub is Forza 5 as they are both closed track. #1.7.3
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Not sure why Lifeisgamesok is commenting on Driveclub when he clearly has not played it.
FH2 is an amazing game but your comment is subjective the track design in Driveclub IMO is some of the best track design ever and the amount of cars matter little when you can only drive one at a time. #3.1.5
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Finally media streaming!! And it works fantastically well.
No more missing features on PS4 now. #1
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How can anyone give Halo MCC a 9 at the moment, the multiplayer portion is still broken for lots of people, their also checkpoint problems in the single player. #1
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Is this coming to the UK and Europe? If so anyone know when? #1
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They are not doing it any favours at the moment, but I am sure Microsoft are closely monitoring them with regards Halo 5 and everything will be fine. As for Halo MCC a lot of damage has been done and I think people will start to move away. #2
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