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Sony opened Northwest Studio recently to make VR games.

So I am sure Evo staff will be moved there to continue Driveclub VR etc.

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This and lionhead are going to be really big loses for UK development industry.

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Not really sure what you point is and totally irrelevant. But for your info my live tag benni_bop.

Also to correct you further I said I was cancelling my xbox qb order and getting the game on pc instead.

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Shame, they were a very good studio as were studio Liverpool.

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Still got my PS3 have not touched it since the ps4 arrived, also have a ps2 haven't touch that since I got my PS3. As someone mentioned backwards compatibility is only good at console launch, Sony have already said it was a not well used feature on PS3 and they would have been measuring its use.

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Having recently made the switch over to pc gaming this is not that great a news in my opinion. Problem is the windows store is locked down solid, no messing with setting, drm is present, no trading and high cost compared to steam. I think this enables to Carey out its initial vision for xbox one.

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History tell us upgrading consoles does not work, megaCD, 32x, 64dd and N64 ram pack just confused consoles owners.

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Yes Streetfighter has always been successful for Capcom, however all its recent ip have not faired so well and Capcom has become risk adverse hence why it took a partnership with Sony to make this happen. It's the exact same thing Capcom done with Microsoft for dead rising.

Streetfighter v is solid it just lacks modes, I understand they wanted to launch to get it on the tournament timetable for this year but I honestly think they should have waited until they had more me...

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Fez soundtrack is on there, listen to it playing other games sometimes

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I own both but I have not switched on my Xbox one for months (when Sunset Overdrive released.)

I prefer a diverse library of games, better running 3rd party games. I am sick of Forza, Halo and Gears!

Plus this helps..

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That's pretty good going, especially consider multi-plat games on PS4 always have more reviews.

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Loved this game will rebuy day oné!

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Good last 3 months average the other 9 months though the dashboard changes were very welcome.

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Microsoft have been more of the same (franchise sequels) with next to no content until august,Sony has been more diverse but with mixed results and Nintendo has been a none entity. Its third parties that have made 2015 worthwhile.

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They explained before the demo that it was put together two weeks before, it is not a reflection of psvr capabilities. Was a mistake for Sony to show something like that, it has allowed trolls to do what they do best.

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I absolutely love Battlefront and there are many others that do also, but I understand that it is not for everyone especially the COD generation.

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The free content is great news, I am sure the content probably not on the disk to avoid spoilers for the new film.

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I agree Microsoft should just concentrate on advertising Tomb raider properly, have seen very little in the UK (little wonder the sales are so poor)

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It's not x1 uncharted if it's multiplatform what a stupid headline!

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I am sure DICE will address some of the game modes once they start receiving good data. Plus other modes etc are on there way.

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