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Of course it has something to do with market share hence why PS4 is getting so many Japanese games exclusive. Also this is very much a pot calling a kettle black situation especially when Microsoft has paid to have Tomb raider as a timed exclusive. #2
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It was not a mistake, as they did not skip Gamescom they just skipped having a conference at Gamescom, Sony actually have the biggest display at the event!

Gamescom on the whole does not seem like the same event it has been in previous years, not seeing they same type of big announcements we have seen in the past. Microsoft showed previously announced games and made one announcement (Halo Wars 2.) #2
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Not likely to happen, he is more likely to join Sony as he is a known fan and has a long standing relationship with them. #7
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The sheer amount of times that he points out how passionate Microsoft are about tomb raider (they care more) insinuates this.

1. I have never mentioned uncharted, many people are unhappy that a series that has such a long history with playstation will be out of reach for twelve months. I own an x1 however I would not buy one just for this game.

2.12 months is overly long but that is more to do with people moving on to other games. #1.2.4
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Its almost like he is protesting to much how great Microsoft have been. It seems like a poor business decision when Tomb raider has a strong association to the Playstation brand and worldwide PS4 has outsold X1 nearly 2:1. #1.2
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Its certainly not a failure from a technical stand point especially the graphics.
I also hope that Sony follow it up with a sequel but one that capitalises on the lessons learnt. #5
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I am much preferring GoW 3 this time around than when I played it on PS3. Definitely worth picking up if you have free cash! #2
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I do not think it is right to score a game low because on a personal level you do not feel the game is a worthwhile remaster. GoW3 is an excellent game regardless whether you agree it should have been remastered and it is then down to the reader to decide if they want to buy it for the first time or even again. #8
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Refuse to get to hyped about Halo 5 after being disappointed by 4 and the poor state that MCC released in. I prefer Bungies Halo to 343i but hopefully Halo 5 can win me back! #28
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Not yet Gran turismo has sold 71.1m but its catching up! #13.1
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Yeah not sure how you can claim its a waste of resource as we do not know how many people worked on the remaster. Naughty Dog mentioned themselves that working on the The Last of Us remaster helped them get to grips with the PS4 and I am sure this is the same for SSM as well as reintroduce God of War ready for the 4th instalment. #1.3
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Well the reviews have said how much better the game is looking so that proves this story was a load of rubbish! #1.5
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I am working on PVZ, have got the 100 kills of each character type - which is a pain as it is not recorded anywhere in the stickerbook! #1.1
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I would say sometimes yes, The Order 1886 is a good example where you should re-evaluate as the game was solid and the production values where very high (graphics and sound) but the game was very short, this was the main issue identified by reviewers. #2
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Live seems to go down more these days than it did in the 360 days. Psn goes down less that when it was just the Ps3 there are definite improvements however ddos and attempted hacks are more common than ever so it's no wonder both live and psn suffer outages of various degrees. #6.1.2
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Plays fantastic, now is the time to jump in! #2
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At half the cost of the x1 it's way to much! Needs to be sub $100/ £100 for me. #4
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I thinks this is the game I am most looking forward to now, hopefully it can live up to expectations! #5
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I get the feeling that Konami did not like that Kojima become bigger than them. #1.1
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What's funny is if u check my live account you can see I purchased the machine at launch. Sorry 4 years have passed and I can remember all the details, I own lots of games machines and have trade games for various machines etc. I loving gaming and I own a ps4, x1 and pc and have no reason to lie, was just confused about the details because in reality more than one machine is an issue. #2.7.3
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