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Is this native 4k? Shame no hdr.

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Not perfect all round, screen tear, lower resolution and frame rate issues on xbox one and frame pacing issues on ps4. Great game regardless and I am sure square will patch.

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This US only not ww

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Death you have just shown in that comment that you have no clue how the electronics industry works and why it needs to work in the way it does. A true hand to face moment.

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I disagree not found the games lack luster plus that is you opinion not fact, there are many highly rated vr games such as rigs, batman, Eagle flight, thumper, rez and many other that scored 7s plus. And yes there are people on here commenting that do not own the headset, as you see them.on every PS article trolling. Regards the points you feel are a concern how do you expect that to change if nobody buys the product? If gamers took the same stance 40 years ago there would be no games con...

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Definitely worth purchasing now, all those saying otherwise probably have not tried one or even own a ps4.

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The tracking issues that has to do with individuals set up to much light and Bluetooth devices causing interference

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@xikurapika orbis means circle and vita means life.

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Not sure why anyone would invest in a platform we don't even know whether will have 3rd party support. Also it will be very under powered vs pro and next year's Scorpio.

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Could not agree more, in the uk we would describe him as all shirt and no trousers.

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No blame ea for lack of advertising, blame xbox and pc owners for not backing the game when they have already played tf1 and know what to expect.

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100% Agreed, Sony is right to protect the gamer from poorly written VR software.

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Every game that comes out will already support pro so it wont bother you and you wont have to read comments from 'shallow people', plus I have not read any comments unhappy that they are bug fixing the game.

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Crowding the festive period is one problem, but consumers have also got to take some f the blame. Preordering COD year after year and not backing newer IPs or not waiting for reviews before making an informed purchase.

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Smokin your comment history tells me you have never owned a ps4 let alone a pro. I am embarrassed for you, if you need to do this to make yourself feel better about your console of choice.

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The game has sold poorly on xbox one and pc also, so not sure why you have tried to cause an issue. In the end you have made yourself look a dick and the developer is no better off.

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I don't feel theyhabe beenscrewed by ea the have a game releasing in the primeXmas sales time, the end of the day there have been plenty of adverts it's the consumer that has failed them. The game is critically acclaimed amd people have still gone out and bought this year's cod. Have seen so many people on n4g qnd neogaf saying they will buy tf2 when the price drops.

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Plus last guardian.

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N4G these days has very little gaming news on it, it just trash pieces like this from unknown sites / individuals that are not spreading news just opinions and misinformation.

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