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You don't get free games on xbox, you pay for them. My point is the games included in your subscription are they worth owning xbox for if you own a pc.

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True but you can get emulations of most retro games for free and pay alot less for your games through steam etc.

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HDR is only a benefit if your TV supports it, not sure Microsoft have made that clear and I believe that people think they will have gains when they have not got the setup.

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Its stuff like this, illimiroom, the cloud and milo make me sceptical about Scorpio specs. Microsoft have a reputation for over promising.

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I think the graphics look fantastic, especially trico, smoke and particle effect etc. I think people are confusing an artistic choice (Look at ico and sotc) for poor graphics.

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Ui seems loads snappier to be fair.

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I just finished Ico last night, just about to restart sotc (only ever got to 4th colossus.)

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Looks interesting so far, looking forward to hearing more.

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Seems that you don't get the art direction and should move along. The graphics are good and of ps4 standard the art direction is deliberately hazy and dream like.

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Just playing through ico and sotc on playstation now in readiness. Forgotten how great these games are, cannot wait for the last guardian!

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Game is looking great, really enjoyed Gravity rush remastered so will be picking this up. Is it a 2016 release?

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Really like the look of this game kind of like a serious Dead Rising, the hordes look fantastic.

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Interesting read and point of view.

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Scorpio announcement feels like Microsoft have conceded defeat and are trying a reset and to kick start a new gen prematurely. I get they are going to make games work across all systems but only time will tell whether this is pr spin (which I believe it is.) Game budgets are already at an all time high why are developers going to spend more money and time making sure their games working on older less popular console.

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Wonder what is going on with Rise of tomb raider PS4??

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Microsoft seem to be sending a rather confusing message again. First confusion whether the Xbox One S is going to be able to display games better due to better hardware than the standard one (cause by Microsoft employees) and now this.

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The voice acting in Gears gameplay was embarrassing, was so cheesy.

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Xbox ones will be going cheaper than that on eBay etc. Will be selling mine and going all in and upgrading Gtx 980time to a 1080

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The amount of zombies chasing him is nuts! Can't wait for this game.

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Voice acting is terrible!

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