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Think it proves he has never played uncharted 4 if he thinks the graphics are realistic!

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Good work Sega can't wait to get stuck into this and gravity rush 2

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Also forgetting that most switch games at launch are remasters.

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Such a good game, looking forward to these releasing

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The have completely messed this up. High price, poor subscription service, lack of hdd space, only ports launching with the system, underpowered, short battery life and cost of peripherals.

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32GB is shocking, price is too high as high powered competition is cheaper, lack of 3Rd party and Nintendo specific versions of multiplatform games, really think it is another poor move by Nintendo. Not for me, will pick up a Wii U on the cheap to play Zelda.

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Just no

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So many studios in the UK have shut down the UK government was giving tax breaks. There are a hell of alot talented people that have had to come out of the industry or relocate abroad. Us, UK and Japan are the biggest developers of games historically.

And the biggest video game franchise in the world was developed by a British company.

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Why the he'll are the closing the studio that gave us the best game on psvr and vita????? I just don't get this move, they had the talent to develop an excellent ip or take over killzone.

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Not sure this is the place for your opinion on this. Write to the mods if you felt your price was unfairly treated.

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Not sure what has happened to Microsoft this gen, they are just not competitive. They have launch very few 1St party games since the launch of the one and I do see any reason this would change for Scorpio. If they ditch of one support I am not sure why anyone would support them.

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Only game I was interested to play on xbox this year. Seems Sony has this year stitched up too. Let's see what Nintendo can do.

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Wow what do Microsoft have game wise this year. This is not good and Nintendo and Sony will capitalise.

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Pretty straightforward, forza would not exist if it wasn't for gt. Also what is comparing a game with one that we have no confirmation exists.

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The developer has already been caught out once, this game will be trash.

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Good game but no goty for me, felt it was not as good as Uncharted 4, Overwatch, doom, titanfall 2 or even battlefield 1

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Never used bc on my ps3 and not interested now on xbox one. There are plenty 1St party Sony exclusives and plenty of 3Rd party games releasing to keep me entertained.

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Years ago the game would just be broken or buggy. I have no issue with them as long as they are not used to extend development times.

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Someone replied to a comment of mine with a picture on neogaf, the reflection from the TV showed him to be completely naked and very overweight, he has not been seen on the site since.

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Platinumed the game in a week. Was good but very easy.

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