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All these idiot comments from fanboy saying ps4 pro is not worthwhile as it will have no exclusive games on it! Scorpio will also not have any games that don't feature on xbox one, so what's the point in upgrading to it!!

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Wouldn't call ps4 sales stagnant it is still selling extremely well around the world and has still out sold all other consoles each month.

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You can always tell who has not tried vr by their comments on this site. All 3 offerings are great and everyone that has tried my psvr has been amazed and cannot believe this technology exists

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Deus ex has already been patch for hdr on original ps4

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Hooked my parents, friends and family up to psvr all have been blown away and see it as a very exciting start to a new email of cinema and video games.

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Looks like someone does not believe we are excited to play the game!? I can promise that I am.

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I think its lost a little score due to only having four maps. I am sure I read somewhere there will be free updates which includes new maps.

I cannot to play the game tomorrow though, its my most anticipated VR game.

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Hyped, cant wait to play this game!!!

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Same here, good thing now the Mrs is pregnant she goes to bed even earlier.

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Not sure, but I am sure I read.super star dust is paid as it's a new game not an expansion.

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Game looks like it could be great fun with vr.
Can't wait to try it out Thursday.

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Have heard rigs is good fun also.

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I think the campaign is an absolute car crash, it's so cheesy it's ridiculous and also very very short.

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How did I not make the list he was replying to my comment!

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They are clearing old ps4 stick to make way for the new look ps4 slim and pro.

I swear n4g has gone down hill since they refreshed the page and change the approval process.

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Agreed, I remember the story breaking. Sony cut them adrift as a game did not exist and they were taking money from them.

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Sony caught them out, they lied about the progress of the game, turned out they didn't have one. There was a statement released by Sony a while back but I can't find it.

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I am sure users would get used to it, it's not going to be as bad as going back and watching a cathode ray tube TV from the 80/90s

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The first game to utilise hdr on xbox one has only just come out, what a ridiculous clickbait article

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