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@Obscure Why do I wish? I have an Xbox One X, Switch and Ps4 Pro, it makes no odds to me silly boy.

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They are a 3rd party, so unless they have signed it over to Microsoft expect to see it on other platforms.

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Really good deal, great product love my psvr.

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I really hope it isn't, it's not even a complete games at this point and we don't want to open the doors for incomplete games being given awards as ea and Activision will jump on the opportunity.

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No sure why the disagrees it's just my opinion! Prefer graphics in forza

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I think to be fair people get art style confused with graphics. Horizon, u4 and gt sport all look phenomenal but it not the resolution it is the art and attention to detail that lifts them. I don't believe at this point there are any x1 exclusives that compete with that.

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Gears 4 has not impressed me at all. Forza looks great though.

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I have a PS4 Pro and Xbox X and the difference so far, the games play exactly the same, the strengths and weakness of each consoles UI remain. It all about the games you want to play at this point, I would still point friend and family to buy the original consoles and not spend the extra money unless they were huge audio/visual nuts.

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No they are not paying but it does make it cheaper to upgrade and they are not filling it with large patches either.
I will point out that I am not a fan boy and I find it an issue and an inconvenience. So I am sure many others are too.

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The difference is Sony at least allow you to upgrade the internal drive and they are not releasing 60gb patches for the pro. I have installed 5 games on my Xbox x and I have less than 200gb left, I have yet to install quantum break which is 178 gb all together (including films.) another £100 on a hdr is not really on at this point in time have already spent enough, I have child on the way!

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Its not a troll post (I play games not sides,) my post was out of pure frustration, My Gears patch was still not downloaded 12 hour after start and I am on 140mb broadband which has made for an annoying start, having already done a system update which also took a lot of time.
Also my post is factually correct the patches are massive!

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Owning both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, I feel the Pro is the better option, visual difference of games is so minor its not worth the £100 price difference plus the most important difference which is games.

Also Xbox One X is not £450 it actually a lot more as you will need to buy a large external hdd and it still comes without a rechargeable battery in the controller, so probably closer to $550 all in.

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Having to update the machine before you can use it and ridiculously large patches for games in order to take advantage of hardware.

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I preorder mine 3 days ago and received it today, when did u preorder? I would complain if longer than me.

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Story is not true, they just don't want cross play with there main competitor. There are more cross play games on PS4 than any other console. Folks just need to move on and stop recycling the same rubbish non story.

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Yet it out sells the competition. And no it does not have less games you are reaching there!

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Looks great but I cannot believe the hdd is not removable especially now the games are over 100gb.

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Not sure it's going to be huge launch, you can preorder the UK for launch day delivery.

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The game is a long term service.

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Not the definitive version with missing content. Definitely best looking version though

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