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I was not a fan of the Ps2 game or the PS3 remaster due to the frame rate and controls, loving this remake it has fixed all my issues with the game!

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its nothing like Dark Souls, its more like Bloodborne!

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So were Microsoft fans earlier this gen.

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I honestly was disappointed by BTW and I found a lacking and could not understand the reviews praise. I think we are slowly seeing the same as we had with skyward sword, the dust settles and people reflect and realised it was not as good as first thought. My goty for 2017 was Neir: automata, enjoyed the story, secrets, gameplay and the challange where BOTW did not tick all these boxes.

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Doom is great, and proves along with far point fps can work on vr

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Dirt rally and rez and the ones that convinced me.

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Or the huge God of Wars Posters on the sides of buses in the UK or the youtube ads that run before most gaming videos with there upcoming games.

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The doritos adverts is a big plus live has over psn.

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Zelda was not deserving imo, so many things wrong with it that have been overlooked. Mario oddessey would of been my choice.

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Not sure it is the font used is the same as Bloodbornes

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I have an x but it isn't substantially better, just marginally. Cpu holds it back.

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@Zeref Sony has also opened new studios though

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That annoys me, but what really gets my goat is adverts for doritos and other crap on the home screen on one of the main tiles. I don't believe I should be seeing this I pay a yearly subscription.

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@Obscure Why do I wish? I have an Xbox One X, Switch and Ps4 Pro, it makes no odds to me silly boy.

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They are a 3rd party, so unless they have signed it over to Microsoft expect to see it on other platforms.

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Really good deal, great product love my psvr.

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I really hope it isn't, it's not even a complete games at this point and we don't want to open the doors for incomplete games being given awards as ea and Activision will jump on the opportunity.

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No sure why the disagrees it's just my opinion! Prefer graphics in forza

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I think to be fair people get art style confused with graphics. Horizon, u4 and gt sport all look phenomenal but it not the resolution it is the art and attention to detail that lifts them. I don't believe at this point there are any x1 exclusives that compete with that.

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Gears 4 has not impressed me at all. Forza looks great though.

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