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Not sure why some people are defending this game, surely you want better quality exclusives on your system. 1st party output should not be buggy but Micrososft have release several titles that have been in a poor state -(including Halo MMC and Sea of Thieves) from a very limited roster of exclusives. I don't hold much hope that Crackdown 3 will be any better.

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I predicted this and got shot down!

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Golem was meant to have released mid March it was delayed but with no date.

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Cory Barlog said they would like to get one implemented for launch (I believe on twitter.)

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Is this the Photo mode patch that was promised?

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You forgot Media Molecule!

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Completely contrary to what Digital Foundry is saying!

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One of my favourite video game this gen after this update (and I believe VRs killer app) it is incredible and I really urge people to give it a try!

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Have been playing the game all week and already bored of it, the game is a massive disappointment lacks variety, lack of gear, grind, rinse and repeat structure and avenue the skull island raids are a chore and not much fun. There is a definite foundation for something good (graphics are great and coop is fun) but it maybe too late as many will move on.

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Agreed NMS does offer more to do.

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Have been playing today, no way this game is a 9+, a solid 7 or 8 maybe. Excited to see what can be added to improve the game though.

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This wont be done through PS4 Firmware changes (will be changes to PSN. )

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Moss released just last week to universal praise! VR is far from a mess.

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Not sure any of your 645 Xbox One games will be GT Sport.

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Game gets better each month, the support from PD has been fantastic. I play more now than when the game launched.

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Such a good game!

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I was not a fan of the Ps2 game or the PS3 remaster due to the frame rate and controls, loving this remake it has fixed all my issues with the game!

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its nothing like Dark Souls, its more like Bloodborne!

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So were Microsoft fans earlier this gen.

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I honestly was disappointed by BTW and I found a lacking and could not understand the reviews praise. I think we are slowly seeing the same as we had with skyward sword, the dust settles and people reflect and realised it was not as good as first thought. My goty for 2017 was Neir: automata, enjoyed the story, secrets, gameplay and the challange where BOTW did not tick all these boxes.

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