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The first game to utilise hdr on xbox one has only just come out, what a ridiculous clickbait article

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It has none it does not exist in the market yet.

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Wonder if any hdr content will be available tomorrow!? Just bought a hdr TV and looking forward to trying this out.
Surely as a minimum the ui screens will be hdr!?

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To be honest this is probably a good move regardsless of the reasons (hope they are doing PS4 PRo optimisations.) Launching on the same day as Titanfall2 and within weeks of other multiplatform games would hurt sales.

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Blurry sales are dropping year on year. It may not seemed but this is a good move long term.

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Really looking forward to release, seems everyone that has tried it loving it. Seems bids and photos are not doing it just especially as hdr will not be seen.

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@blacktar elder scroll and the last of us have been confirmed as native.

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As HDR tv owner I am made up. Grateful they have not put the feature behind a paywall.

Also just watched the 4K HDR horizon video, it looks phenomenal

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Sony must not have faith in 4 blu Ray, which makes sense as streaming is growing way faster. HDR on all ps4s is massive as 4K TVs can do the upscale.

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Sony just gave HDR for free to all Ps4 owners.

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It takes longer to produce games when you are not churning out the same ips year after year.

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Absolutely no problem with these types deals as you are not missing out on the game. Microsoft deal with square for Tomb raider however was not acceptable.

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Pc has its strengths as do consoles, do not believe one is better than the other.

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Wonder if there are any features hidden behind a firmware update?

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I am a pc gamer, but it'd far from the straight forward way of enjoying games. Choppy framerates depending whether you have bought nvidia or amd, bad ports, games that require ridiculous specs and that's just to name just a few of the problems.

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How can it be underwhelming through the gate it's not even through the gate. The have released a beta to test and get feedback they are now reacting to that, plus we have seen only a small part of the game.

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The battery size has not been changed but has been made more efficient, there are multiple reports suggesting it is lasting a lot longer.

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Agreed, my new 4k TV can even add hdr effect that works exceptional well. You don't need a console that upscale to 4k (TV already does that without using console resources) we want native 4k, but pc that can do that cost £1000 plus.

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If you own 7.1 headset then I don't think the PS4 slim will be aimed at you, I think is going to be the budget entry into PS4 family. Neo will be aimed at tech enthusiasts who are willing to spend $250 on 7.1 headsets.

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The technology used in the game itself probably made development expensive. Hello has confirmed they will continue to update the game wi new features etc, I just think a lot of people read the headlines of post NMS release and not the actual story and come away believing the game was something it is not.

Ps I like the game and feel it is worth the money.

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