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The controller problem is not a minority issue, don't believe Nintendo spin on this. I am still awaiting a working replacement (have been sent two faulty left Joycons.)

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Yeah I am in top 1% also!

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It's took them two weeks to respond to email about my Joycon, this was put down to high number of customer issues. This is bigger problem than they are letting on.

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Plays better in vr imo, you actually control drift through corners.

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I remember a few years back when lots of people would say 'not enough people have fast, reliable and unlimited connections' in regards to Netflix and Amazon and look where we are now. Internet infrastructure is catching up fast and streaming will become the norm.

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Dont think what you have highlighted is what people have an issue with. I am fine with it being open and the game letting you tackle it however you want and most are agreed that this is great, the issue for me and many others that have enjoyed Zelda in the past is the lack of real dungeons (4 mini dungeons which were not challenging), lack of variety in the 120 shrines, dull boss encounters, towers ripped straight from far cry, fetch quests, Weapon durability, very poor voice acting, poor ai,...

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This 100%

They spend more time trying to generate clicks for ad revenue rather than giving an honest look at games.

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I don't disagree, think to many publications rushed a review out and will later see its not as great as they thought. I would give it a 8 personally. Shrines did not do it for me.

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To be fair I would score around 8 and don't totally disagree with this score. I missed proper dungeons but still enjoying the game. Seems like a genuine opinion rather than the troll reviews we have seen for other highly rated games that gave it a 5 or a 6.

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Great potential but poorly executed unfortunately

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I am not a Nintendo hater and I am having horrendous issues to the point my switch is nearly unplayable. Just because yours is ok does not make everyone else wrong or a hater. Its this kind of defensiveness that gets people's back up and is just a blinkered view of the situation.

There is obviously a big problem other Nintendo would not.of made the statement, of course they will try it down.

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Problem with breaking the formula there are plenty of people like myself want dungeons etc. For me this is not a good Zelda game as the shrines were no replacement amd the 4 dungeons were very easy. Framerates do impact on fights though and am annnoyed people claiming they don't or they are seeing 1 or 2 drops for the whole game because that cannot be true. The frame rate crashes hard in places and it is very unNIntendo

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Totally agree with you, I own the Switch and it has great potential but it has glaring design and technical flaws due to it being rushed to market. I have had Joycon connections issues which I have talked about here and Gaf and have had people tell me I am either making it up or I should turn off every bit of wifi /bluetooth equipment in my house this includes Nintendo support, this is not how this should work. I have never owned a console with so many trade offs before, I never even put 2 &a...

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It's a great device that has such ridiculous flaws, can't believe it has been launched in the state its in. I have it and enjoy it but it's so frustrating and missing so many simple feature and has silly design flaws.

Don't agree that you shouldn't buy day one though, if everyone done that there would be no consoles. And what we seeing with the Switch is not the norm for a launch.

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Never occurred to me you can't charge whist in table top me. What a ridiculous design flaw.

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Hated the Baron mission also, gave up on the game and went back and finished it months later. Still didn't like the game.

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Agreed it a great addition alongside my PS4 Pro.

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Mine has been shocking so far, it's a shame as when all is well it' can work well.

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My left Joycon keeps disconnecting for no reason even when connected to the grip. Whilst playing Zelda it seems to take control of link, really pissing me off.

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Very poor compared to the rest of the product.

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