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Nier Automata is an absolute treat! Great gameplay and fantastic sound track, preferred it to BoTW personally.

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Love vr, enjoy the fact it brings a different type of gaming experience.

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Kudos, better than the supposed journalist.

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@Moldy you seem to make up stats constantly to suit your pro Microsoft /xbox agenda. The PSVR has exeeded Sonys sale projections and sold 900000 as of feb. It is also sold out still in many countries in particular in Europe.
Have you played Farpoint? or have you just randomly made up that the game is short.

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Dirty Rally is another and Rez Infinite.

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People seem to think their experience of dealing with a company whether positive or negative is how that company behaves towards everyone. That is not how it works! Personally I have had brilliant service from Sony (replaced out of warranty ps4 for free) and also Microsoft (rrod consoles.)

PS not sure why Sony should replace a vita because you dropped it, that is not covered by any warranty (including mobile phones.)

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They did not lose it, they walked away from it as developer was not hitting development goalposts.

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Plenty of native 4k games on Pro.

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People want depth in the available games one high rated exclusive is not enough to sustain interest.

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Play dirt in vr, absolutely amazing and game changing.

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This is kind of like communism, a great idea in theory but when it comes to reality people take advantage. The same will happen with this, lots of people will play indies complete them and get a refund which is wrong. 2hr is just too long.

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Not interested at this point. Already have a one I do not use due to lack of software and they have given me no reason why I should upgrade. Most Powerful hardware does not mean nothing it's th e games that will bring people onboard and you will be able to play on x1 also.

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This sounds great but where are the games!!

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So many ridiculous comments in here. The support for psvr has been very good has had more game release since launch than xbox one in the same launch period, it had more launch games and than switch and it's sales are ahead of even Sony expectations. And is the only vr platform with full aaa vr experiences.

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3 weeks to arrange a repair and trying to go to the retailer to fix a know problem is not.good customer service.

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Thinks Scorpio thhas a chance of being irrelevant on arrival, if Sony lower the price of the pro and continue there dominance if first and second party releases and nintendo sales continue Microsoft are in for a very tough time.

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Sorry but that is rubbish , online pc gaming has lots of cheats and hacks which has totally ruined some games for me and others and is a really issue.

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Think remastered version is incoming for pc, ps4 and x1

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Not sure that's entirely true.

I own a Switch and it has been a very lacklustre launch with only one proper AAA title that was also on WiiU and other titles that are either indie and or close too (1-2 Switch & Bomberman R.) There is not a lot in the pipeline from 3rd parties and 1st Party AAA are in reality remasters.

I think people have genuine reason to be concerned because the Switch as a piece of hardware is a good concept.

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Never played but have preordered. Do I need to have played previous games?

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