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I am disappointed by the campaign, its short and the story is not great and I will not be going back to it(always invested a lot of time in to campaign skull collecting etc.) The multiplayer is fantastic though.

I do believe reviewers should review the campaign and multiplayer separately as not everyone is interested in in both parts.

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Even the positive reviews have pointed out the flawed single player campaign they still gave it 9s which makes no sense to me, you cannot give a game a near perfect score when you say the campaign is short and confusing.

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Agreed I will make up my own mind, but its whether I wait and see how the reviews for Fallout, Battlefront and TR turnout.

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A lot of sites have said the story is the weakest of Halo campaigns, its short and the story is confusing. Also it is concerning the number of sites giving the game high reviews stating these issues but highlighting the multiplayer whilst bigger sites (Gamesport, Eurogamer and IGN) have stated that they are not releasing reviews until multiplayer is up and running properly (suppose after all getting caught out with MCC.)

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Wonder what other surprises are on the update!?

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Microsoft have really weakened the Forza brand by annualising it, will they invest as much money in it next time around?? Its a shame as this is the best in the series.

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Have to agree with this, Bungie tried to stop this happening (players requesting you had Gally) now its much much worse.

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What has happened to gaming journalism? Sites paid for by Microsoft and potentially bribed by publishers, Reviews affected by advertising deals, reviews being surpressed, 'Journalists' previewing the wrong games and games given a poor review just because its not your preferred system. I think we should all boycott websites like VG247 and N4G should definitely ban there articles.

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Agreed, at times I seemed to be the only one trying to capture the objectives /Shoot AT-ATs (seems to happen with DICE games when first release.)

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I agree it needs balancing a little, however it should be weighted more to the imperials as it should feel like you are up against it.

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Another website I will not be visiting going forward.
There was a time when gaming journalists where actual gamers.

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Got one drop in 10.

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Seems a sensible choice and should help avoid confusion.

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They look cool!

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Is this a worldwide Decemeber release?

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Have preordered and downloaded theme, have now cancelled using the purchase confirmation email.

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Can't wait to get stuck in to this, really good reviews so far. the ign review was really strange as sounded like it would get an 8-8.5 whilst reading the review.

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It was 1gb per console before so it's either 10gb each or just 10gb for ps4

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Believe me when you are playing MG:TPP you will know its a Kojima game! You are reminded of it between each mission, his name is on boxes etc.

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Have been playing it over the weekend it's fun but hasn't stop me from playing metal gear.

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