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Definitely better than seeing a load of games that will end up cancelled.

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They have the stats from ps3 days. They have no.reason to lie, as stated previously Microsoft are using bc to.cover up the lack of games launching.

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Won't be buying on pc, within weeks it will be full of cheaters unfortunately.

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Same used once and played ps3 games.

Ps4 does not need bc it is not short of games releasing. Microsoft is using bc to prop up a lack of releases.

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Cannot wait, my favourite racing series of all time.

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I am a switch owner but I am totally underwhelmed. Lack of features on the console itself is ridiculous considering what was on offer at launch for PS4 and x1. I do feel it has been rushed to the market which has meant some compromises.

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Panzer dragoon orta

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What a silly article, this logic could be applied to most games.

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Totally disagree with him. Gravity rush 2, NIOH, drawn to death, until dawn, nier, Driveclub, sea of thrives, quantum break and I could go on. These and more are all risks.

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It's also added extensive tournament features in the events option.

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You are indeed correct, not sure why you are getting disagrees!

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I do agree with this opinion, I do feel it's a miss read by Microsoft. Gamers want compelling software not just powerful hardware.

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For the same reason it will run at 30fps on Scorpio.

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I am very impressed, Great feel and weight and seems solidly built ( already dropped once.)

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Surely the best version is where your friends are.

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No this is not an issue. Timed exclusivity on a full game is not the best however.

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The fact that PlayStation is selling so well proves this theory wrong straight away. This is the future for handhelds not consoles.

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I believe this when I.see it, why would developers give an advantage to part of its user Base.

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And bottlenecks on Scorpio also

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Why would they dramatically change the sequel to a billion dollar game.if you didnt like the first game just move on you are not going to like this one.

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