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Same here, good thing now the Mrs is pregnant she goes to bed even earlier.

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Not sure, but I am sure I read.super star dust is paid as it's a new game not an expansion.

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Game looks like it could be great fun with vr.
Can't wait to try it out Thursday.

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Have heard rigs is good fun also.

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I think the campaign is an absolute car crash, it's so cheesy it's ridiculous and also very very short.

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How did I not make the list he was replying to my comment!

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They are clearing old ps4 stick to make way for the new look ps4 slim and pro.

I swear n4g has gone down hill since they refreshed the page and change the approval process.

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Agreed, I remember the story breaking. Sony cut them adrift as a game did not exist and they were taking money from them.

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Sony caught them out, they lied about the progress of the game, turned out they didn't have one. There was a statement released by Sony a while back but I can't find it.

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I am sure users would get used to it, it's not going to be as bad as going back and watching a cathode ray tube TV from the 80/90s

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The first game to utilise hdr on xbox one has only just come out, what a ridiculous clickbait article

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It has none it does not exist in the market yet.

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Wonder if any hdr content will be available tomorrow!? Just bought a hdr TV and looking forward to trying this out.
Surely as a minimum the ui screens will be hdr!?

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To be honest this is probably a good move regardsless of the reasons (hope they are doing PS4 PRo optimisations.) Launching on the same day as Titanfall2 and within weeks of other multiplatform games would hurt sales.

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Blurry sales are dropping year on year. It may not seemed but this is a good move long term.

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Really looking forward to release, seems everyone that has tried it loving it. Seems bids and photos are not doing it just especially as hdr will not be seen.

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@blacktar elder scroll and the last of us have been confirmed as native.

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As HDR tv owner I am made up. Grateful they have not put the feature behind a paywall.

Also just watched the 4K HDR horizon video, it looks phenomenal

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Sony must not have faith in 4 blu Ray, which makes sense as streaming is growing way faster. HDR on all ps4s is massive as 4K TVs can do the upscale.

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