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"BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already"

The Real Reason Behind Making The Last Of Us Remastered

171d ago ... It may seem crazy that we are now getting a remake from a company like Naughty Dog. Especially when there was article after article about how Naughty Dog is not interested in doing a re-release of their game with updated graphics. Makes sense right, why work on a port of an old game that has already done it’s numbers, anything now is just going to be so small it may not be worth even doing it....

Is GTA V Coming to PS4 and XOne and would you buy it again?

185d ago ... Signs are pointing to it being very possible that we will indeed get this, especially since PS4 files were found in one of the DLC updates. So this seems more than likely but sadly it has not been announced so that kind of makes me a little worried that we may not see it. Rockstar is in a really tricky position. Of Course it seems like a no brainier to just bring this to nex-gen, I mean t...

TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son, the Real Battle Of PS4 vs XOne is Just Beginning

211d ago ... Wow I love battles like this, this is a good one, maybe not a fair one, but its the battle we have in front of us as the consoles start to really get ready to do battle. TitanFall Vs Infamous Second Son - Yes one is a FPS, and that does tend to be the favorite amongst a huge portion of gamers. But Second Son is holding it’s own, and that’s what makes this a really good battle, because gamers...

It’s 2014, What game are you waiting For? And Why? Is it really a good game, you sure about that?

272d ago ... You know, it’s funny but I’m really starting to wonder about games these days. I mean were finally here in the nex gen, but it’s really not even feeling as good as last gen. At least not yet. Maybe last gen spoiled me, but I have not played anything as good as the blockbusters I was playing at the end of last year - GTA V, The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Battlefield 3. I’m going to tel...

Does Amazon Confirmation E-Mail Indicate A Delay for The PS4? No! -and why the dates don't matter?

427d ago ... Ok you may have read the article that was posted here on about does the Amazon confirmation e-mail mean a delay? ( The answer is No! I was really surprised to see this story actually have such a high degree rating, I guess people don't know so let me break it down for you. The Amazon Date is an estimated delivery date, meaning if you l...

Clearing up the Confusion in the Latest WatchDogs Video

509d ago ... Ok, some people seem to be confused about the recent video of WatchDogs -Which was a Demo that was showed in Paris- This Demo that was shown was running on a PC with an Xbox controller.. Ubisoft has stated that the PC is comparable to next gen hardware, meaning PS4 and the next Xbox, will look like this PC version.. ---Update- Further explanation - On PC comparable When they say it's c...

Is this what Nex Gen Graphics will Look Like On PS4 & the Nex Xbox?

595d ago ... --Watch the video below and then come back up and start reading-- What are you really expecting from Nex Gen? Well that video below is were I hope we are going.. Because it looks like Graphics on the Next Gen Consoles are going to be a significant jump from current Gen game play. Just look at the FINAL FANTASY REALTIME TECH DEMO for proof. (

Why Used Games will Not Go-away on Next Gen Consoles

600d ago ... There is one very important reason why you don't do this. Why you don't kill the Used Games market. It will result in far less sales... Why? It may sound crazy but for every good guy like Batman, their must be a bad guy like the Joker.. Or else the superhero is pointless because he is not needed. -I say that just to say this, -"it's a necessary evil.." (Sometimes companies don't get th...

What if you had a chance to get a PS3 for $10 bucks? Would you?

2313d ago ... A PS3 for $10 dollars, No Seriously, A MGS4 Limited Edition PS3 bundle for $10 bucks.

We Need User Game Reviews? Because who better to review games then Us.

2502d ago ... I think it would be cool if we reviewed games ( users), So that way the people here would have a review they could actually trust.
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