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Is the Console War Over, Has PS4 Won, Is it Time for Xbox Two?

This is just a question, not a war, just a simply question I would like to ask out loud. Is the war over, how do you see the consoles future playing out. Have we the consumer already decided that PS4 is the winner?

And If so, then I’m writing this to ask you what do you think needs to be done, what does Xbox do now?

This is really interesting, it’s a clear battle of sales right now, and it’s starting to affect everything going forward. For example if you look at just what’s happening with games you can start to see PlayStation is starting to get promotional rights. You see it in some of the biggest games to date like Call of Duty -Black Ops 3, and Star Wars Battlefront.

Why is that even important, well it shows a big shift in power, and when a company that has all the money in the world, stops throwing money at something, it might be time to start looking at the writing on the wall.

I mean this never happens, Microsoft is always the lead and always the system being promoted in the commercials. Well not this time around. Sony is back on top of gaming in a major way with the PS4. It’s selling like hot cakes, and the momentum is only gaining traction. You might have thought that will Xbox One doing it’s slight price cut and added bundles it would slow down the freight train of PS4’s momentum. But this has not happened.So even if Xbox One takes the lead for one month PS4 sales are still strong.

And realistically you can’t win a race by taking the lead once or twice here and there, it’s about being in the lead near the end of the race. And were not at the end of the race by any means, but at this point the PS4 is so far ahead it’s going to be really hard to catch up.

So what does that mean for Xbox One. Has Microsoft already accepted defeat. I think so, I think they are already working on Xbox2 or the next system, that will follow Xboxone, whatever that will be called.. Why? Well I say that because I understand business and I understand that at this point they are facing a very uphill battle. And in business the best path to success is the path with less resistance. You don’t want to work harder, you want to work smarter.

(Again I am not saying they should discontinue anything as suggested in the comments, I am saying they are most likely looking at what went wrong this time around, they will of course continue supporting and selling Xbox One)

And in any real turnaround starts with reflection of what really went wrong.

Let’s face it, the press conference for the release of Xbox One was a disaster. They seem to be talking about doing all the things consumers didn’t want to happen to gaming. Hardcore gamers really didn’t seem to be a fan of kinect, and they really hated that it was a forced on option, which also made the system $499 instead of $399.

The end of used games, the forced add-on feature of must be connected online all the time / no offline mode, which was really just another way of trying to do DRM - Digital Rights Management. Otherwise known as checking on you, to see if your playing legal copies of games, and stop the system from playing a game, if you are not playing a legal copy. All of these things, backfired big time, as the backlash turned from just consumers upset to consumers against the product to finally consumers not buying the system.

But all of these policies were in the end cancelled and changed from, can't be made without kinect to now it can. I think Microsoft does need to get to an early start on the next Xbox system because this one is starting to really get away from them. In terms of sales.

So what now, well I'm glad you asked. I think they need to cut the price… it needs to come down to $249. Why, because at this point it’s the only way to get the numbers back up to PS4 and not lose your fan base, which is happening as the gap gets bigger and bigger.

Keep in mind the way they recoup money on the system is from games, both Microsoft and Sony make $20 dollars per game. So for the system to do well you need to sell a lot of units, so you can sell a lot of games. If a lot of people don’t have the system then there's a zero chance you sell them any games. And games is where the system makes it’s real money long term. (In the end they need a lot more gamers to own an Xbox One if they plan on staying competitive with PS4 and still relevant in the gaming space. And to be able to make the kind of money it needs to make to be near or at the top of the gaming space.

At this point they will be lucky if Nintendo doesn't pass them.

But what do you think they need to do? What would you do if you were in Microsoft's shoes right now? What do you think is holding back Xbox One from selling like PS4?

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Concertoine1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Im sorry, but you dont understand business if you think the Xbox One should be discontinued. MS has put billions into R&D and they have dozens of studios making games for it. To pull the plug on that would be financial suicide, and would kill their brand value and fanbase.

Im sure they are working on another Xbox, all three companies are working on successors. It's never too early to start planning. They wont just have their hardware guys sitting on their hands for 5 years.

Crazyglues1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

@ Concertoine


I am at a lost for words, where is the word discontinued in the entire blog?

I can only assume you thought that because I said they are most likely working on Xbox 2 -that does not mean discontinue anything. Of course Xbox one is going to still go on.

I'm sure PlayStation has already started to look at PS5 chips, it does not mean you stop selling PS4.

It's how the tech world works, AMD has already been working on a really advance new chip with far more power then what was used for Xbox and PS4, it's not coming out no time soon, but the point is, as a company you have to look at the new tech, to get a jump on the competition.

LG leaked that apple already has 8k TV's - are they going to come out now, no. They just put 5k in iMac's. -But the point is they have already been getting ready for when it's time to make these moves.

PS4 was in development years before it came out, same with Xbox One.

I'm just saying they are most likely going to try to get ahead of Sony the next time out. I said they should discount Xbox One, you know do a price cut.

But I'll try and put a comment in so other people don't think this is what I meant... Really not sure how you got that idea.

But thanks for the feedback..

Concertoine1317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

My apologies, i misconstrued the point of your blog. Keep in mind your title says "Is it time for Xbox Two?" That put a bit of a different twist on everything you said, even if you didn't say "discontinue". You should think about changing the title, unless you're shooting for that clickbait status :P

Also Nintendo has zero chance of passing the Xbone. All you have to do is look at weekly sales to see that. I say this as someone without an Xbone and i love my Wii U.

Also just for my two cents, i think they should keep the goal of pushing out more exclusives and buying more studios. I think the price is fine. Their goal should be to make their userbase happy and to make a profit this gen, not to just beat sony.

Felis_Rufus1316d ago

You use a lot of words for someone who's "lost for words" 😉

Crazyglues1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@ Felis_Rufus

LoL... bubble for you my friend, I read that and laughed and laughed, you made my day 😉

-yeah I do tend to go into a long explanation all the time... bad habit.

freshslicepizza1316d ago

why do people assume there can only be one successful system? this is not the ps2 era where sony sold over 100 million and the other two are fighting for scraps. the xbox one sold roughly 8-10 million after it's first year, how is that time to think the war is over?

your whole blog points out what keeps happening in the forums and that is everyone keeps all their focus on this fight between sony and microsoft because they go after pretty much the same consumer. so they think only one can survive.

put things into context. nintendo is whom you should be aiming your sights at with the wii u, not microsoft and the xbox one. the ps4 is a huge success and that needs to be put into perspective when talking about how the xbox one is doing. do i think the xbox one has a chance to surpass the ps4? no, they don't have any hopes unless they drop it to $199. sony has always had a better worldwide appeal to their brand and now that the ps4 is outselling them in strong xbox areas then they don't have a chance.

you should stop thinking of this as a war where there is only one victor and everyone else must lose and give up.

miyamoto1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

The PS4 will end this console wars once and for all.


"The Xbox one is selling well and doesn't need to be discounted"?
For who?
Maybe in your dreams but definitely NOT for Microsoft especially after a $150 discount throwing all the R&D investment for Kinect 2.0 and the millions spent on lobbying for cable companies before its reveal.

The Xbox One is dragged down by its own design and ambition.
It was designed with the mantra that the "US is the world"

Crazyglues1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

@ moldybread

Interesting, I really wasn't thinking of it as a war, just said that because that's how people look at the console competition, (hence why people are always saying console wars)

But I guess if I would have said System Competition, it would have worked out better, get people to actually read the blog and not just the title.

Anyway yeah, I really don't think anyone is losing, they are all making money.

It's more like this - if I own a coffee shop down the block from someone else, they sell coffee too, but there store is always packed- what should I be doing to do as well as they are doing?

That was my only real business question, what does Xbox One do to get more systems in peoples hands? To compete effectively.

-thanks for the feedback

donthate1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

This is one poorly researched blog piece with lots of mis-information.

"Well I say that because I understand business and I understand that at this point they are facing a very uphill battle. And in business the best path to success is the path with less resistance. You don’t want to work harder, you want to work smarter."

So tells us more about this "uphill", because you understand business.

"Well I say that because I understand business and I understand that at this point they are facing a very uphill battle. And in business the best path to success is the path with less resistance. You don’t want to work harder, you want to work smarter. "

So your answer is MS shouldn't invest into current business, because they simply is not number one?

Did you consider that business is about making MONEY i.e. profit. Should Burger King stop making burgers because McDonalds is bigger?

"So what now, well I'm glad you asked. I think they need to cut the price… it needs to come down to $249. Why, because at this point it’s the only way to get the numbers back up to PS4 and not lose your fan base, which is happening as the gap gets bigger and bigger."

I'm sure MS will have promotions, but why compete on price. That is a whole $100 below MSRP right now when MS console is still selling well and getting a healty clip of new customers.

"Keep in mind the way they recoup money on the system is from games, both Microsoft and Sony make $20 dollars per game. So for the system to do well you need to sell a lot of units, so you can sell a lot of games"

Yes, but you also need to make sure you aren't loosing money on each console sold that you cannot reap back. At $250 there is almost certainly a loss.

Your reasoning needs a lot more thought behind it.

Crazyglues1315d ago

@ donthate

Yeah ok, thanks for the feedback

I don't think you understood anything I was saying but that's ok, just a difference of opinion.

But let me comment on what you said at the end -

"Yes, but you also need to make sure you aren't loosing money on each console sold that you cannot reap back. At $250 there is almost certainly a loss." --

Ok did you know, PS3 sold at a loss when if first came out, (today PS3 is very profitable) but back then Sony was losing money on every console sold. The reason they did that is because they knew the cost (of the systems parts) would come down later, but you can't wait to gain consumers - so you sell at a lost to make sure you get the sales. Then make the money back later, off the games. The average consumer is going to buy 5 games a year. That's $100 dollars right there. (since they make $20 dollars per game sold)

This is a race, why, because when someone does not buy a system, you run the risk of them moving on. -Meaning Maybe they buy a Wii U or a PS4, or maybe not even buy a game system anymore. (about to start college, don't' have the money anymore.. etc, etc) -Will they buy an Xbox One later, maybe but maybe not, so a sale lost is a sale lost.

So I think getting the system in peoples hands is better then worrying about losing a little money on the system right now, especially when you will most likely get that money back later from games.. (In business they call that the cost of customer acquisition)

A friend of mine when he left college went off to start a small business, he said to me that one lesson he learned in business is that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, so if you want to be successful stay hungry, stay on top of your game. -So I just wondered what could Microsoft be doing that they are not?

That's really all the blog was about, but I guess some read it with a different view or bias. -they just assumed I was hating on Xbox or saying Xbox should be discontinued even though I never actually said that.

rainslacker1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )


When the PS3 first came out, it was reported that Sony was losing between $200-300 on each system sold. The expensive tech in the system was mostly new, the CELL processor and Blu-Ray laser alone was about $400-450 to put in the system. Integrated Wi-Fi was rather expensive at the time, and so were the small hard drives they were putting in, not to mention the hardware to drive backwards compatibility.

Over the first few years the system was sold, Sony dropped the price a couple times to remain competative, despite not really selling that poorly. Most of the profits that Sony made over two generations pretty much dried up in order to sell at a loss and keep the system competative. I don't think the system itself became profitable until late in it's 4th year. Even today, Sony isn't make a lot of profit on the system, and they're still selling for around $230 dollars.

Small losses can be made up rather quickly with subscription services and of course game liscensing fees. For instance, when the WiiU launched, Nintendo said they only had to sell one game with the system for it to be profitable. This is called the razor principal(or something like that), a metaphor that attributes razor companys giving you the handle for cheap or free to make the money off of the blades. Since someone is likely to buy at least one game with a new system, this means each system sold was profitable, even if indirectly.

In the case of the PS3, there were indirect benefits to taking a loss. The biggest was that Blu-Ray became the standard for HD discs, which benefits Sony as a whole since they have a stake in it being the standard, however, pushing that tech was a risk at the time due to there not being one standard.

So, while you are correct that taking a loss can ultimately be profitable, Sony itself is still recouperating from that loss. They in fact have not recuperated all the losses incurred with the PS3's early life, but the system today is profitable.

How does this relate to the Xbox brand? Well, MS has investors. These investors want to maximize their investment, and overall, the Xbox brand isn't a huge money maker compared to the other divisions that MS runs. There were some major investors pushing for MS to drop or spin-off the brand even before the X1 was released. While it was highly unlikely MS would do this as it has a part to play in their overall goals, the fact remains that if the XBox brand was taking a significant loss then the calls for dropping the brand would become more vocal. Even small losses can hurt the bottom line when added up over millions of units, and this is why dropping the price and taking even a small hit is bad for MS right now.

The X1 isn't doing terrible. Most of it's sales appear lackluster simply due to the fact that the PS4 is doing exceedingly well, beyond what anyone would have expected to be honest. X1 sales seem to be about what Sony was expecting the PS4 to sell at based off their original comments of wanting to sell I believe 10 million units in the first year.

So, no, the X1 doesn't need to drop the price(although as a consumer that'd be nice). It needs to find a way to keep on chugging and maintain it's status as a brand, and not worry about the competition to the degree that some people on these forums do. It'll be fine over the long run, and while it won't "win" the generation barring some huge turn around that has to happen very soon, it will maintain profitability and allow MS to justify it's next console where they can attempt to do better.

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Gamer7771316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

"At this point they will be lucky if Nintendo doesn't pass them. "What ? the Xbox One had a terrible reveal, high launch price and still had better launch and year one sales than The Wii u.The lifetimes sales are higher than the Wii u's also.The Xbox one is selling well and doesn't need to be discounted; it is just not selling exceptionally well like the Ps4.

Septic1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

Yeah no idea where the op got that from.

Sometimes its important to dwelve out of N4G to get a proper understanding of what's actually going on in the industry because if you solely peruse this site and let the comments section influence your thoughts on it, then you're just going to subscribe to extremes without getting the full picture.

What should MS do? Carry on doing what it's doing because believe it or not, success isn't contingent on solely beating Sony in sales.

MS is not in critical mode with the Xbox One like it was near launch. It's doing well with the Xbox One and the console is clearly evolving extremely well in a relatively short space of time. Consistent software support will increase its success in the long run.

gangsta_red1315d ago

Well Said Septic.

Reading most of the comments around here you would think the Xbox One is in dire straits. That it's doing so horribly bad that they are in danger of shutting down at a moments notice.

This couldn't be any further from the actual truth.

What should MS do? Continue to do what they are doing, making one eco-system, furthering game development with better tools like DX12, look foward to game development by trying new things like cloud computing, securing and making more 1st party IP's, listening to their users and giving them exactly what they asked for.

Sounds like they're winning to me.

Crazyglues1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

@ Gamer777

This is a very good point, I think the way I wrote it, it didn't come off how I meant it...

Yes Xbox is doing well I didn't mean to imply it's not, but Nintendo was at 6 million for a long time I thought they were dead in the water, and then some key titles came out that the CEO said would boost sales...

And it jumped to 9 million. Impressive, and surprising, they also have more key titles coming that lets say boost them again by 4 million. (so that could put them right on XboxOne's heals, they are already really close at 9 million.)

So I'm not hating on XboxOne I was just saying if you think about why that's important, it's because Bill Gates himself said he never expected the first Xbox to do so well, he thought it would be the next system that would do good and 360 would really be competition to Sony.

But because Halo became such a huge hit, they gained a huge part of the market with the first system and ran away with it on 360 because the install base was so huge. (so you get new and returning buyers)

If you think back to when Sony had PS2 out and they were saying PS3 will do well because they have a huge install base that will come to the system.

So what I was trying to say, but I guess it didn't come out right was if the install base is really important to help you sell the next system and sell games then you need to get the sales up, remember the system makes it real money off of selling games not systems, and it's really hard to sell games to people if they don't have the system. (your more likely to buy games if you have the system)

That's all I meant, so all I was saying is what do you think they should do to get the sales up? That's all / not that it's not selling, not that they should discontinue it /of course not. Just what do you think they could do that would boost the sales up.

That's all I was trying to say.

Gamer7771315d ago

I think MS can get their sales up by doing first party bundles. The Halo 5 bundle will be a big seller this Holiday. Microsoft could also have a Gears of War bundle this fall as well(if Gears 1 remastered releases this year). I also think all fall bundles should come with a download code for Ori and the Blind Forest since it's their most acclaimed game this year so far. A Quantum Break bundle next year (possibly spring or summer) will be good for building the IP.

For Microsoft to get sales (without price cuts); they need to just make quality games and bundle them with consoles. MS will likely never catch Sony in sale this gen. But they can stay competitive by producing quality games and building their first party ips.

1316d ago
PhoenixUp1316d ago

Xbox One is still the fastest selling Xbox platform ever. I don't see why they'd duck out now when they still have considerable success in the industry. Being 2nd for most of last hen didn't hinder their plans nor did it when PS2 wiped the floor with their first attempt. Now that they're doing better than they ever have there's no direction but going forward.

2cents1316d ago

I would like to see the real benefits of the environment that Xbox envisioned for themselves when at the planning phase.

Xbox one with DX12 and a little bit of that so called cloud computing. I am very interested to see what a game can look like when there is a perfect storm of effort, tech and magic. Although, I might be asking for too much.
We have been promised many things from team Xbox and honestly the initial fanfare has waned somewhat.

As it stands, the PS4 is a sweet games console which has a steady pace and presence of stability.
The Xbox is a bit of a bumbling fool, tripping over its own disc drive while it wishes on a cloud. There is so much theoretical potential but the wait has been unnecessarily long to justify the maintained excitement fro what is on the horizon.

End of the day, I have played great games on both platforms and I don't want either to go. it's healthy to have both slugging it out for our $$$.
Hopefully we will reap all the benefits.

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