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Black Ops 3 -Vs- Star Wars, If You Had to Pick One?

Both of these are going to be blockbusters, without question, but only one of these two titles is going to be able to be the runaways success that puts the title at the top of the sales charts.

Now to be fair this battle would be different if it was our normal battle of Battlefield vs Call of Duty. But, Interestingly enough DICE has moved to making Star Wars -(Mistake or genius move, hard to say right now. Will be a lot easier to tell once we see some in-game gameplay at E3.)

So which one do you get? Call of Duty is already the biggest blockbusters going into 2015 as is every Call of Duty coming out in the fall, (it’s never a fair fight) but this time it’s different. Black Ops is out of all the COD’s the most loved by gamers. It’s the series that people have really enjoyed the most when comparing all the Call of Dutys made by the other studios. Treyarch could be the best studio for making this type of game, as they were very close to the original Infinity Ward before the key guys left the company, and Treyarch has the most experience. Most likely only one of these juggernauts is about to completely control the end of the year, and own the holiday shopping season.

DICE has said they expect to sell as many as 9 million copies of Star Wars, and those numbers could be a little bit high. Considering, there are a lot of things I will admit I don’t like about the new game, no iron sights, no squads, no campaign. They might be getting ahead of themselves. I must admit the game so far sounds like nothing I would want to run out and buy, I have to wait to see some reviews.

Black Ops 3 on the other hand seems to be more of the same, but in a good way. I’m looking forward to getting back to the older style of call of duty as I’m sure a lot of gamers are probably tired of the jet pack suit, and just want to play a normal game again.

Not to mention Zombies, this is the series that has always done zombies the right way, and I think this will also be a plus, because at this point I just want to get back to how I use to kill zombies in the old Treyarch games. So I think with that being said, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 could do those super numbers the series is known for.

Sure, most gamers are going to get both, but the average gamer is only getting one, and the real question will come down to if you could only get one, which one is more likely your first pick?

That’s the only way we can see how this battle will play out. I personally am leaning towards Black Ops 3, and I’ll tell you why.

I actually like the story in Black Ops 1 & 2 and thought it was done really well, with Mason getting those numbers in his head and being a secret cell designed to try and kill the president. The whole thing played out really well and was pretty interesting. So if they can somehow do that again for Black Ops 3 then this is just another plus for the game. Of course Multi-player is the real bread and butter but don’t ever write off a good campaign.

When you start talking value, it’s one of the biggest factors as to why people pick of the game, even if they never even finish it, or in some cases never even play the campaign. Star Wars has no campaign at all, so on the bang for buck consumers it's already at a serious disadvantage.

It's going to be a good battle, but like in any battle there can only be one real winner, and in this case, we will let the sales be the deciding factor. So with that being said which one do you think get's more sales this year? End of 2015 is not even near and it's already looking like it's going to be packed with titles, some are going to be must haves. And in that list of must haves, I believe one of these titles will be coming home with you.

Now in recent years though, the Call of Duty games are selling less and less. Now this is not a big deal because it still sells far above the average game. So no alarms going off just yet. But if you're Activision I’m sure it’s starting to become concerning.

So if you could only get one, which one is the one you grab this holiday season? Have you already made up your mind? Who is it going to be Black Ops or Star Wars? And if you want my prediction I'm going to say Black Ops 3 hands down. (and I think it will do a little over 22 million copies when all the smoke clears)

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ChronoJoe1278d ago

Star Wars.

At the end of the day, Black Ops 3 isn't going to offer an experience that distinct from Advanced Warfare in respect to gameplay. In contrast, Battlefront is rather unique in what it aims to achieve.

mikeslemonade1278d ago

Black Ops, because they are still the king of shooters. As underwhelming the COD games have been, the EA shooters have been worst.

wakeNbake1277d ago

Battlefield 3/4/Hardline all have better gameplay than the past 4 CODs.

HammadTheBeast1277d ago

No way. Battlefield 4 blows any FPS out of the water as it stands now. Hardline was a mistake, but BF4 is easily the best shooter on the market right now.

Crazyglues1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

@ ChronoJoe

I'm going to have to go Black Ops even though I agree with everything you said. I think Star Wars is going to be new and fresh but I'm not sure yet if the new things are things I want, or will even like. -no squad - no iron sights, (like for example I hated the way they changed the driving mechanic's in BF4 from BF3 - it was perfect in BF3) When you start making design mistakes like that it doesn't look like the same people that made the awesome games before are still at the company) I guess I just need to see it.

@ Mikeslemonade

Yeah and as bad as it's been Treyach in my opinion does seem to be the studio that does COD better then the other studios these days.. So I hate to say it but I just want to go back to something that was good and turned out to be fun to play - Black ops 2, I was having fun there, so if 3 is more like that instead of like Advance Warfare I'll be really happy.

Baka-akaB1277d ago

Not only i'm biased against CoD and got nothing positive to say about any game in the serie post COD4 ... but come on it's Star Wars ...

Any underwhelming EA/Dice Battlefield are still arguably better when it comes to the gameplay and definitively better when it comes to graphics .

Should the fears of it being "Battlefield Star Wars Edition" prove to be true ... it will still be the superior game for me , and still have the extra edge of proposing a beloved franchise

Kavorklestein1277d ago

Star Wars! Advanced Warfare is all the COD I need for a few years.

NWOslave1275d ago

As much as I hate to say this but i think COD will outsell SW. This is coming from a gamer that played the original two SW games. I pick COD because every year there is some twelve year old and that release will be their first COD game.It caters the most casual gamer on the planet an It will also leave in the horrid QS function to allow youtubers to create their montage for click bait follow me videos. For the record i still play mw3 for my COD habit. ive tried battlefield games but just didnt have the same snap crackle pop action as COD.

For me though COD is a day one rental before I purchase it. BO2 burned me and since then i only rent them. Which is why SW is a must for me. I have been looking for an alternative to COD, which to be fair mw3 was the most fun for me out of all the most recent iterations. I have no desire to relive AW part deux from Treyarch. Future warfare via activision is just so meh. oh look at me i can double jump. whooopeeee.

SW will be a day one purchase regardless of no iron sights, or clans which could be added later by updates.

WizzroSupreme1275d ago

I'd go Star Wars! I've been waiting for a third console Battlefront for almost a decade. You get Call of Duty every year.

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