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Is this what Nex Gen Graphics will Look Like On PS4 & the Nex Xbox?

--Watch the video below and then come back up and start reading--

What are you really expecting from Nex Gen? Well that video below is were I hope we are going..

Because it looks like Graphics on the Next Gen Consoles are going to be a significant jump from current Gen game play. Just look at the FINAL FANTASY REALTIME TECH DEMO for proof.
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It also seems the new systems are going to have more Animation.. In-fact animation is going to be a big part of the bump up in next gen.

Crytek said, "I think that whatever they end up delivering there are a lot of things that we want, and as you said more power is originally at the core of what we want. We want to be able to deliver a similar experience graphically to console gamers as much as we do in pushing the PC"

-remember these guys have indeed already played around with the dev kits' and given their opinion's on the possible spec's. What's good what's bad...

It's very clear Sony has spoke with a ton of developers and is just getting closer and closer to the PC experience, this could be a good goal for these new systems... (which seems to be what the next Xbox is going to do, that would indeed be a huge jump from what we have now)

-But Sony has said, "They would not do a new console unless it was a significant jump from the current gen console" (the PS3)

I think Sony is very confident in their tech, why else would they decide to hold an event far ahead of E3.. on Feb 20th (Like in Poker, you only show your hand when your pretty sure no one else can top you)

My guess would be because PS4 is really amazing and considering how long it takes for these systems to be made - It won't matter if they show their hand first because it will still be too hard for the competition to catch up. -(just look at what happened to Sony last gen -Some people forget but Xbox 360 actually came out a year ahead of PS3 and Sony still had problems trying to beat 360 specs)

-Serious mistakes were made - PS3 was originally suppose to have dual HDMI ports..(was going to be a big part of 2 player gaming) Didn't happen the cost would be too high, they also missed the boat on the speed of the Blu-ray's drive thru-put. Forcing games to have to do huge installs, since reading from the Blu-ray would be too slow.. Another huge miss-step.

-But that was Last Gen, those mistakes will indeed not be present in the PS4, as in life just like people do, big companies tend to learn from their mistakes... Here's hoping that the PS4 has indeed made the best of their time and are prepared to really surprise the gaming market this time around.

So What are you expecting from Nex Gen?

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brave27heart1891d ago

In reference to the video: No steam train pulls away with that kind of acceleration.

Sounds nitpicking but my point is developers can make things as pretty as they like but if they fail to put in basic thought and research they'll simply break the immersion with basic errors like that one.

Does look pretty though.

1891d ago
akaakaaka1891d ago

Wow nice video you found..
hey I'm about to start a gamin new gaming webpage hmu if you want to help
nothing pro. just as a hobby for fun.. and se where it takes us.

OcelotRigz1891d ago

The video does look really nice and who wouldn't want games looking like that. But whats the point of having these beautiful worlds when the gameplay is poor.
I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed with the next-gen graphics. The jump from PS2 to PS3 was immense graphics wise, but it wont be like that this time around.
There will be a big improvement, but most of the improvement will come in the shape of processing power, things like AI, animations, the world will be more interactive and filled with more detail, things like this.

People stress about graphics as if it defines a great game, but at the end of the day good graphics dont make a good game. An ugly game can still be great if the gameplay is solid, perfect example of this is minecraft. But the reverse of that statement is not true.

cheetah1891d ago

Red Dead sequel that looks like that.........drools.

Crazyglues1891d ago

OMG! can you imagine how amazing that Sequel would be if it looked like that on Nex Gen consoles....

bigrob9041891d ago

i swear thats what i was thinking when i saw that train.

StrawHatPatriot1891d ago

I don't know why, I'm starting not to care about graphics anymore. I want more games that don't focus on high production values and always try to tell some epic story in a fantasy setting.

they usually end up having boring, repetitive gameplay.

They never even FEEL like games.

OcelotRigz1890d ago

Play the Souls' games, Demon and Dark Souls, if you haven't already.
They're what you'd call great "games".
No cutscenes, no quicktime, no explosions, no objective, no map, no handholding etc... Just a good old fashioned gaming adventure.
Best two games this generation and, even though they looked fine, its all down to solid and innovative gameplay. Thats what makes great games.

StrawHatPatriot1890d ago

Thanks. I actually just bought Demon's Souls.

What I also meant is that games that have stories should also try to make them feel more like games by giving more interactivity and nonlinearity (JRPG's for instance).

To many games with "kill or defeat multiple with weapons".

OcelotRigz1890d ago

Even more reason why i think you will love the Souls' games.
No mundane task like you said, no cliched story rammed down your throat, no bad guy etc...

Im also glad you got Demon's Souls, Dark Souls seems to be the most famed and a lot of guys play that and dont even know about Demon's Souls, which is a huge shame.

Hope you enjoy them.