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10 Short and Sweet Tips, and Tricks, for your PS4

Today I would like to give you a few tips that may or may not be really helpful for your PS4 experience. But hopefully you find some of these tips helpful and maybe even useful and maybe make this a MUST READ.!

I promise to try and keep it short and sweet.

Ok let’s get started. Here's some things you could do, that should help you in having a great PS4 experience. These are my Top Ten Tips*

1. Hard*Drive upgrade → Let’s talk about it, (todays games are huge, mostly 50 gigs) should you upgrade your hard-drive, yes, when? As Soon as possible. Why? Games are huge and the last thing you want is to have a ton of games and no space. (can you live without doing this, sure, long as you don’t mind deleting games, if you delete games or don’t have much games skip this part). Lucky for you everything is saved to the cloud so if you have not upgraded to a 1TB hard*drive it’s a great time to do it. I’m going to recommend a 1 TB drive ( ) only because this is the one I used and it’s been awesome. There are many options but I choose this one for 4 key reasons, *great performance, *good reliable drive, *great company with a proven track-record, and *great price/ good bang for the buck. It’s also pretty fast so it’s been an awesome buy. I bought mine a year ago for 74, & it’s now 54. And its been awesome, no problems ever, (knock on wood.) So just about the price of a game on PSN, pretty good deal and easy to fit in the budget.

2. System performance optimization → is it needed, sure, keeps your PS4 running sweet and helps with the overall performance. Here is 2 things you can do that you may not have done already.
1. Delete games- you don’t play anymore.(Simple right, but you would be surprised how important that is) More free space is always better for your hard-drive. Your hard-drive performs better when it has more free space, so try to never get your hard-drive to 75% full. So if you have a 500gig drive and you only have 125 gig’s left or less, you are at or over the 75 percent full ratio. Not good for best performance but will you hard-drive have problems, no probably not, but it may be working slower than it would if space was free. So something to think about.

3. Re-Activate your Licenses→ Is it needed, yes if menu bar seems to be loading, like when you scroll over to the next game it has that littles circle icon for just a second. Then go to your Settings and select (PSN) and then do a Re-Activate your Licenses. Why? Well ok first, do you have a lot of games? If yes, then the reason for this is because as you get more and more games PS4 saves the license in different places on the hard-drive, basically, whenever you bought the game it puts a license where it downloaded the game, the problem is it reads that license every time the PS4 starts up and as you go through the menu to start a game, so when you have a lot, it tends to slow down the menu bar a little in loading. → Quick Fix is to Re-Activate your Licenses, this way the PS4 erases them from all over the hard-drive and then re-downloads and writes them to one file in one place. You should see your menu bar now having no loading or slow down issues.

4. Use your power saving settings → Why, in this day and age having your PS4 go to standby mode, can be a nice energy saver, it is easy to get distracted, so wouldn’t it be better that if you stepped away or fell asleep that the PS4 powered down, instead of just stay on wasting power for no reason. Go into the PS4's settings menu, then scroll down until you find Power Save Settings. Inside, you can set your PS4 to automatically shut down or enter standby mode after certain intervals of inactivity.

5. Backup your saves → Use the Cloud, or USB for backup’s for crying out loud, you're already paying for it if you have Plus. And you need Plus to go online on PS4. So make sure you are set to upload to the cloud. To do so, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management. Here, you'll find self-explanatory menu options for uploading/downloading data to/from the cloud, or to a USB storage device (which will NOT require a PS+ subscription, so now you have both options).

6. Use the Playstation Button on the controller → A lot of people don’t do this but it comes in so handy, when you have two things open like a chat and a game, and you need to switch chat volume or go back to your game real quick, you can use the double tap of the playstation button to switch nice and quickly between the two. It works great and it’s an awesome feature that people hardly use.

7. Do yourself a favor and get some badass headphones → I know PS4 comes with the mono headset, but your ps4 controller lets you plug all types of headphones to it. I got some v-moda’s and OMG! the sound is amazing, you would be surprised how much sound you are missing when you just have the one side mono headphones. Trust me try some others borrow a friends or get your hands on the wireless Plus one’s. Just try some others because you would be surprised how good some of the other choices sound. I hear beats are a popular choice too, seem to have good bass and a mic, so there a nice choice to plug into the controller. Just whatever you do try some others, just to check it out. You won’t be sorry you did.

8. Hook up a Facebook to your PS4 → I don’t have a Facebook? Make one, it’s worth it for a few key things, one you can upload so easy to Facebook, video, pictures, and you can make them / Only Me / meaning you don’t have to share them there you can upload to yourself and download from there later. It’s an awesome option, and you can use you Facebook icon as your PS4 icon, which means you can make it whatever you want, how awesome is that. Didn’t we always want to do that on PS3

9. Look if you're a serious gamer Check Your Speeds → for some reason the PS4 has been known to be getting bad speed out the gate for some reason. This does not happen to everyone but if your downloading something and it seems to be going extra slow, you might want to look into this network fix, it’s worth doing if you have been getting slow speeds downloading -( I did it, it worked and My speeds are nice and fast the way they were suppose to be.

10. You can still GameShare on PS4 → most people don’t know this, but I just did it with my brother and it’s a great feature. So if you have two PS4’s in the house or you have a brother or sister, or best friend, this is a sweet option. My ex girlfriend was doing gameshare with her niece since she buys all the games anyway, but she lives far away, so now she can just go to the store buy the game, and then her niece and play it on her PS4. Awesome feature. Plenty of sites online showing how to set it up, here’s a nice one / Also only GameShare with someone you really know and trust, as this can be very dangerous -(

Plus check out this video below, if you didn't see this one it's a pretty cool one

Sorry if this came out a little long, didn't really mean to make it so long.

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lex-10201482d ago

Decent enough list I suppose but let me point out the problems with game sharing. If you want to allow someone else to use all your games than you activate their console as the "primary" console. This allows them to download and play your games without having to be signed into your account. You sign into your account on your PS4 (the one not activated as the Primary) and can play your games. The problem is that you (the console not primary) can only play your games when you are signed in to the console unless they're disc based and then you can't earn trophies unless you're signed in. So every time PSN goes down for maintenance you cannot play your games or earn trophies.

I have a trophy for completing acts 1,2,4,5 of WatchDogs but not act 2 because I was playing it when the network was down.

Gamesharing also prevents the secondary console from recieving automatic downloads of games purchased via app or website, remote play over wifi, and automatic updates.

Gamesharing is nice, but I can't recommend it unless someone is sharing back, and sharing enough to make it worth the hassle.

Crazyglues1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

@ lex-1020

yeah this is why I would only recommend you do GameShare with family or a really close friend.. but well said and very good points. (Love the way you explained some of the drawbacks of gameshare)

I tried to make a list that even if the person was a veteran to PlayStation, they might find at least 1 or 2 things that might be helpful, or have something on the list that they didn't know about before..

thanks for the feedback player -bubble for you-

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