BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already


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It’s 2014, What game are you waiting For? And Why? Is it really a good game, you sure about that?

You know, it’s funny but I’m really starting to wonder about games these days. I mean were finally here in the nex gen, but it’s really not even feeling as good as last gen. At least not yet.

Maybe last gen spoiled me, but I have not played anything as good as the blockbusters I was playing at the end of last year - GTA V, The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Battlefield 3.

I’m going to tell you a secret, if you didn’t get your PS4 yet, don’t worry, you're really not missing much, the games are just not here yet. Well the real Nex Gen titles or games that will define the system or show the true difference are not here yet.

Now don’t get me wrong there are some games to play, but nex gen they are not. Assassin Creed 4 - really doesn’t look much different from your PS3 version, yeah it’s in HD and has some extra effects, but it’s not a true Nex Gen title, it’s more like a Lame HD bump.

Nex Gen title, meaning designed from the ground up to really show off and run on a Nex Gen system.

Battlefield 4 -besides graphics update it’s the same exact game. Nothing special, hell I would even go as far as to say it played better on my PS3 then it does on my PS4. -but looks pretty if that’s all you care about then yeah HD graphics are finally here.. whoopie.!

Need for Speed, ha..ha… please don’t make me laugh, calling this a next gen title is just laughable. You mean to tell me they still can’t do cockpit view on Nex Gen.. LoL - this like many others is just a PC port, same old game, did you play N4S most wanted, then guess what, this is the same game released with a new title. Yeah they tweaked it here and there, but it's the same game.
-But whatever happen to making a really good game. These games don’t even feel good, these companies are so busy giving you a graphics HD patch, they don't even care about actually making the game more fun / or adding new features that actually matter to the game experience.

I mean wow, is this it, is it just going to be an HD upgrade of the game you were playing on your PS3.

For example: the Definitive Version? Really (tomb raider), don’t you mean HD bump. That’s really all it is. And you expect to sell the same 8 month old game on nex gen consoles for 60 bucks, and we all know it’s just the PC version downgraded to run on nex gen consoles… LoL (i'm sorry I don't mean to hate on your game right now if that's what your waiting for)

-But they can’t be serious right now. - It’s the same exact game, They didn’t even go in and add new story to the game.

(trust me wait two weeks and you can get that game for 40 bucks off ebay or at Gamestop)

I’m waiting for real Nex Gen titles like - Infamous -Second Son. I think they should really show off what the PS4 can do. Games like The Division, that’s looking like a true Nex Gen title. Or DriveClub, at least it looks like it will be a true next gen game.. Games like Destiny look like they are really building from the ground up to really shine on Nex Gen.

So don't get me wrong I'm sure the games will get much better, there just not really that amazing right now.

-But what games are you waiting for? What's your 2014 Game List anything your really excited about?

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Crazyglues1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

My List for Games I'm getting in 2014 is--

Infamous Second Son
Dying Light
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Evil Within
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
Watch Dogs
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

--- Maybe List ---

The Order -- Need to see more
Mad Max -- Need to see more

||.........___||............ ||

s45gr321780d ago

Good list I am waiting for the games I funded on kickstarter which are :

Among the sleep

I am also waiting for Asylum, Dread Out, Constantine, Hawken to get out of bloody beta is been a year already why is it on beta.

MAULxx1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

This year...
The Witcher 3 The wild Hunt
The Order 1886
Alien Isolation
Mad Max
MGSV Groound Zeroes
Hyper Light Drifter
Galak-Z The Dimensional

Next Year...
Wolfenstein The New Order
Mighty No.9
The Division (maybe)

staticdash221782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Why would I want to stay on ps3? Lol

Inferior online service to PS4, buggy and slow Playstation store. No game chat, internet broswer still takes a while to load. Xmb at this point is outdated, multiplats are inferior to 360. I've beaten pretty much all the ps3 games that I've wanted to. I have ther next gen version of most multiplatform games,plus kilzone and knack. I'm good, and I'm not missing anything on ps3, all those games are beaten and traded in by now. I got TLOU digital, traded in GTA V(online is buggy and boring imo), and I play my ps vita more than my ps3 since the summer. I jumped ship to PS4 based off the sole fact that the onlin service is way superior to current gen.

Do you see how fast loading times are on PS4? Background downloading, heck even killzone loads to the main screen in under 10 seconds. I bought ps4 now, so I don't have to worry about trying to get one later, I'm satisfied with the current offerings.

e-p-ayeaH1782d ago

have fun with knack and kill of duty lmao

staticdash221782d ago

I don't play call of duty, try again lol.
I have more fun with knack,than many of your favorite generic games. So yes, I will have fun with knack :p

s45gr321780d ago

I am sticking with PC gaming skipping on next generation due to PC has exclusive genres meaning exclusive game libraries like survival horror. The consoles are only getting "the evil within" in contrast PC gamers are getting Asylum, Dread Out, Constantine, Among the sleep, Enola, etc. Now yes the PS4 is better than the PS3 faster loading times, automatic patches/updates but all in all is a small improvement from the PS3.

e-p-ayeaH1782d ago

Really hyped to see the next Far Cry.

Crazyglues1782d ago

Yeah actually that might be really good, especially on Nex Gen...

mydyingparadiselost1782d ago

I'm looking forward to Bayo 2, Uncharted and Quantum Break. These look to be the most fun or groundbreaking for the next gen and will hopefully show off some of the next gen power.

s45gr321780d ago

Watch Dogs is the one that truly looks next generation in terms of visuals /gameplay. Among The Sleep is also a game I funded and promoted on Facebook about being a 2 year old kid trying to escape from the nightmare he got into.

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