Zelda Games: The Phenomenal

ZD writes: Over a dozen canon Zelda titles have been introduced to the gaming populace over the past twenty-five years, each unique in their own ways. Last week, I listed which games I believe were run-of-the-mill Zeldas that didn’t exactly mesmerize the world. Of course, that’s not the mindset that Nintendo has when jumping into a new Zelda, but that is why the finished products were not outright phenomenal.

From the legendary Ocarina of Time to the recent release of Skyward Sword, these are, in my opinion, the best of the best. Brace yourselves for the awesomeness that is The Legend of Zelda. My body is ready for this – is yours?

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Fylus2254d ago

Majora's Mask is #1 IMO. It was manic, it was disturbing, it was f**king fun. I also feel like it has the most replay-ability of all the Zelda games.

dark-hollow2254d ago

so THIS!
majora is my all time favorite, even better than ocarina of time dare i say!

OOT got the praising over MM because it was the first to jump into the 3d era, like the praising of FFVII above FFVIII/FFIX.

twilight princess in the other hand is the black sheep of the series in my opinion. winds waker were much better but people skipped over it because of it art style (which looks stupidly good even by todays standards)

finally skyward sword is hand down the best zelda tittle second only to majoras mask in my opinion, while some people hated the motion gameplay, i kinda loved it. it makes combat more strategic and more interesting.

Fylus2254d ago

Completely agreed. When it comes down to it though, ALL Zelda games are amazing:)