PAX East 12: Fable Heroes Hands-On Preview (GameHounds)

GameHounds' Edie Sellers writes:

You know, it’s easy for a developer to piss off fans of an RPG franchise. All you need do is suggest — merely suggest — that you’ll be releasing a side-scrolling, hack-and-slash adventure version of the game, and your forums will light up like a Christmas tree.

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Psychonaughty2358d ago

I initially wrote this game off but every single preview has said it's excellent fun and at 800msp I'll defo be picking this up for some old school fun.

GamerEdie2357d ago

It will most definitely be better if you get some good friends to also get it. This is an extremely social game, and you'll enjoy it much, much more if you know the people you're playing with. Not just old school, but old school social.