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Brutal Gamer's Zeth writes:

The past few years have been more than a little sketchy in Silent Hill history. To be frank the series has struggled to put out something of note since Silent Hill 3. The only middling high notes being the motion-centric Silent Hill Shattered Memories (although the PSP version was also reasonable enough).

In comes Vatra games, a division of Kuju set up with ex 2K Czech staff, to take on a franchise in desperate need of grabbing a foothold as we look towards the next generation of consoles.

The time around we follow the exploits of prisoner Murphy Pendleton. A criminal on the run from a bus crash that killed most passengers during a routine prison transfer, Murphy finds his way through the wilderness top the safety of a local town. Shame that town was Silent Hill though huh!

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moosehound2445d ago

It's had such mixed reviews but I just loved it for sticking to what Silent Hill always did best :)

n4gisatroll2445d ago

Ya, truthfully, this score is pretty on point. It's a great game.