Sony PlayStation Vita: Powerful Handheld Gaming

PC World: If you're serious about portable gaming, the Sony PlayStation Vita is a must-have device. Coupled with a gorgeous 5-inch OLED gameplay is superb, thanks to the dual analog sticks and very responsive face buttons. The handheld's touch-only UI is a breeze to manage but the use of proprietary memory cards is a blemish on an otherwise outstanding product.

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Rowland2435d ago

This does look good, especially for travel - is it launching with any RPG's ?

jeseth2435d ago

The closer it gets, the better Vita keeps looking.

I may actually get one. I thought I was done with handhelds but Vita looks awesome.

Larry L2435d ago

There are 25 or so launch titles, so there could be more than one launch RPG, but the only one I can think of day 1 is Dungeon Hunter Alliance. And while it's a pretty OK game, the price point makes it impossible to suggest. If it were the same price as the PS3 version ($8-15 depending on sales), it would be worth it all day. But $40?! I don't know WTF they were thinking with that price. You can't even rotate the camera, which is key imo with these games.

thedude442435d ago

its the best handheld there is.

MasterCornholio2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I agree. Sony has proven to everyone that they are capable of creating a better handheld than their competitor. I'm only talking about hardware though because software is all down to preference.


deep_fried_bum_cake2435d ago

Tried it out a few weeks ago at store where they were demoing it and must say that it was pretty damn good and the games were also good.

ThanatosDMC2435d ago

I would like to see White Knight 2 on Vita.

josephayal2435d ago

Beautiful sexy and Poweful portable BUT... will microsoft ever make a handheld console to compete in the handheld market? ... Hope all goes well

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