Sony’s Perfect Playstation Plus Trifecta

It’s abundantly clear that Playstaion Plus offers ridiculously good value to the consumer but generally speaking; a gain on the one hand is a loss on another. In this article we take a look at who, if anyone, is taking the knock for Playstation Plus. Is it possible that Sony has created a win-win-win scenario?

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Sharius1746d ago

back then, i bought ps+ just because im too lazy to update my ps+ by myself

but now, just look at how awesome ps+ become

shivvy241746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

i got ps+(EU) for the first time with my ps4 and its been amazing, this month i got Bioshock Infinite and MetroLL on PS3 and Outlast on PS4! THIS MONTH ! JUST 1 MONTH ! in australia both metro and bioshock are like $30 bucks each, and outlast is probz 10-20$ ! 1 month just pays itself and i cant forget last month i got DMC and Borderlands 2 !
EDIT : also got Rezogun, Contrast and some other game last month too

MRMagoo1231746d ago

That was my reaction when i got ps+ for the first time prob about 7 months ago now , i signed up for a year because of the news about ps4 needing it for online mostly, and from the first day it has paid for itself and probably paid for itself about 5 or 6 times now lol. It is by far the best pay service i have ever used.

You dont even need to buy another game again with the ones they give you on the network.

ZodTheRipper1746d ago

I got it since release and every month there is a war between games where the winner will earn the free hdd space. Not only on PS3 but PSVita, too.

BigFnHooters1746d ago

It certainly has grown in the number of things you get for the price. However, from the very start PS+ has been awesome even if it never grew beyond its initial state.

From the very start you got more out of PS+ than you payed in every year in discounts and free games.

ExtoVert1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I have been PS+ for over a year now. At the start I got it for the same reason, the automatic updating, instead of waiting for that long intall. I set my ps3 to update at 2am, i turn off the ps3 and when I wake up in the morning every thing was updated and all my games saved in the cloud. Also now all the games they have put up. discounts on games, dlc, themes and exclusive access to betas. I have enjoyed what PS+ has to offer n will keep on doing so for the foreseeable future.

DualWielding1746d ago

I just hope this continues onto the PS4 era.... I mean, they can copy Microsoft's model of just charging for online with no added value and it's likely to make more money than plus... sad but true..... I hope I'm wrong since I don't care about multiplayer and would only pay for plus if the games keep on coming with the same quality they did on PS3/Vita

MarioAna1746d ago

I think they have started off pretty well for the PS4. Resogun is high quality and most people seem to be enjoying Outlast quite a bit. We also know that at some point we will get a truncated version of Driveclub on launch.

ZodTheRipper1746d ago

Resogun, Contrast, Don't Starve & Outlast ...I enjoyed 3/4 from those so I think it's great so far.

GribbleGrunger1746d ago

They'll keep on coming. Eventually we'll get more than one PS4 game a month too. The only reason they can't offer more at the moment is because it's only just released and there isn't a substantial back catalogue. Don't be surprised if we also get one or two free PSNow games a month too eventually.

DualWielding1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

hope you are right, is just that I wonder if they'll bother to make more than a token effort with games, knowing people are willing to happily pay just for multiplayer (millions and millions of Xbox Live subscribers)...

I'm still shocked less than 20% of PS3 owners have PS+ when its such an amazing value......when xbox live is like 80% subscription rate... If everybody had gotten PS + and really can't think of a single reason any PS3 owner should't then things would be different. But at this point just charging for online and offering just token games seems more lucrative than the awesomeness PS+ is on PS3/Vita

MightyNoX1746d ago

If I'm correct, there should be a 'Dying Light' beta coming to the PS+ subscribers on Feb 11th.

corvusmd1746d ago

Since this is an opinion article, and I have a PSN account I must say that PS+ is actually the worst value in gaming today. It's essentially the same thing as free PSN, but now they charge for it. True, there are "free" games now but rarely do they mean anything. You pay $50 a year for games that are typically very old/not worth it...or when the rare gem comes along it's over a year old, and chances are that if you are interested in it, you've already played and beaten it. Other than that, there really isn't anything special about PS+ at all, it hasn't been upgraded at all.

DualWielding1746d ago

PS+ the worst value? not even Michael Pachter would dare say something so crazy.... You can argue its not value if you only have a PS4.... but on PS3/Vita is the greatest value ever in the history of console gaming.... I don't see how can anyone think otherwise

BigFnHooters1746d ago

Yes, it is a bizarre thing to try to claim.

The value of PS+ isn't something up for debate. It's simple math:

The value of the discounts and free games >>> the yearly fee.

End of story. There is nothing to debate.

My_precious1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

PS+, once was a worst value, back then (before PSN got hack) all PS+ did is give you the option to auto update your PS3 and 10Mb of cloud store for you to keep your save file

but after PSN got hack, sony begin to give away game monthly and PS+ value slowly change till it become godly service like today

bobtheimpaler1746d ago

ROFL. There's a clear reason you only have one bubble, troll. PS+ is tremendous value. I've been able to play games I otherwise wouldn't have tried and will now purchased subsequent entries in franchises, or even buy physically so that it will be part of my collection. The ps3 alone is tremendous value with PS+ I have a ps4 and vita as well. And the indie games that have been released on PS+ on the ps4 are fun and addictive.

GarrusVakarian1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

I really have to question if you know what you are talking about.....

" It's essentially the same thing as free PSN"

No, it really isn't.

"True, there are "free" games now but rarely do they mean anything. You pay $50 a year for games that are typically very old/not worth it.."

Yeah, i mean who wants to play Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light, Borderlands 2 and Outlast ( and that's only a few from this month alone)? No one. /S.

I don't even know how you honestly think PS plus is the worst value in gaming.....I don't even understand how your mind must work to come to that conclusion. The value from the games you get for "free" easily outweighs the sub fee. You are just plain wrong.

TheGrimReaper00111746d ago

And fuck Gravity Rush, Uncharted 3 and Uncharted Golden Abyss
fuck far cry 3 and motorstorm
Fuck little big planet 2 and wipeout on both systems and fuck DMC
Also fuck okami, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Infamous 2, metal gear rising, demon's souls


I almost feel like a criminal
Just look at these games! and even more I haven't mentioned yet :D

ravinash1746d ago

Not everyone is going to get every single game when it first comes out. So this encourages people to try games they would probably not have bothered to try.
Plus there are a load of games I was thinking of getting but hadn't gotten round to playing yet, so when they turn up and I can play it for free, then that's great.
It'll take time for PS4 to grow the same library that PS3 has at the moment, but after a year it will be even better value.
Until then, I'm enjoying all the games I'm getting on my PS3, and just marking the games I will play once I get my PS4.

If your spending all that money getting all the games as soon as they come out, I'm sure the cost of PSN+ will not make much difference to you.

Why o why1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Yeah murda dolls. We believe you. You were quite happy to pay just to play online with the bi yearly freebie yaris car type game yet now, you get games less than year old but still find issue. Great impersonation of a tool if you as me. M's fledgling attempt just can't compete yet. Luckily they have spokespeople who will downplay PS+'s obvious value whilst lauding 4 and 5 year old games that you probably already sold.

badz1491746d ago


LOL if you think PS+ is the worst value in gaming today, I wonder what that make XBL Gold to you? worst scam in gaming since the dawn of gaming itself, right?

RandomDude6551746d ago

How is his comment marked interesting? It's insane...and people complain about this site being playstation yeah right.

MarioAna1746d ago

@cchum insanity is interesting.

NeoTribe1746d ago

Free games that barepy mean anything? Old games that nobody wants to play? You realise were talkin about ps plus, not xbox live gold right? Your opinion is absurdely backwards from the truth. You are either a massive troll, or a.... well, massive troll.

johndoe112111746d ago

Ok Hyrb, this has got to stop. Stop trolling the ps4 articles.

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BBBQ_BYOBB1746d ago

I've had ps plus for a couple of years now, for both US and EU and I have literally hundreds of games as a result. Initially it was a lot of PSone games (which I was happy with), now many more new titles. It's funny how people only realize how good it is after they are forced to use it.

MarioAna1746d ago

Do you think it would be plausible to become a developer solely for PS+.

Meaning Sony would pay developers a set fee for a game to be release day 1 for free on PS+. This is basically what happened with Resogun.

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