Half-Life Easter Eggs Discovered in CS:GO Beta Textures

Half-Life easter eggs have been found in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive closed beta vpk files in the form of several textures intended for whiteboards (presumably in the popular map cs_office) that joke about the game development process and make several references to the Half-Life series. There are also several game development jokes about game testers’ lack of sleep, Valve’s notorious delays, and the abundance of crates found throughout Valve’s FPS titles.

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omi25p2046d ago

Stop teasing and just announce the damn thing VALVE

da_2pacalypse2046d ago

I swear if HL3 is not the next game they work on, I will literally poop on somebody's chest!!!!

ThirstyforFanta2046d ago

I'm glad I don't know you in real life..

Detoxx2046d ago

LOL! Please record it..

KillerPwned2046d ago

Yes please record it and put it on Reddit.

Clayman2046d ago

Record it and send it to Valve and then threaten them that if they don't release Half-Life 3 soon you will send them another video only much much worse. That would show them.

BillytheAlien2046d ago

Do you really have to poop on someones chest, can't you just film yourself chucking a dollop of chocolate icecream onto someones chest instead.

inveni02046d ago

I thought this was just a joke between my wife and I. Anytime we make each other mad, we say, "Poop on yer chest."

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ninjahunter2046d ago


Zephol2045d ago

i cant wait to e3 2012 to see half life 3

Antholex2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

I think Valve might be brave enough to do something like "Here is Half-Life 3. It's out tomorrow.". Cue the explosion of the Internet.

louist442045d ago

Hahaha that would be awesome. Unless it was not our idea of tomorrow but Valve time tomorrow. not so awesome.

mttrackmaster382045d ago

That would be an awesome marketing tactic.

Ascalon942045d ago

Ive always thought about that happening for any game actually. I walk into a gamestore, browsing the PS3 section, and then MGS5 is sitting right there. That would be the craziest stuff.