Sony, Pepsi, Dell, Support Gamespot

Not all advertisers are headed out the door, over the Gamespot controversy. Several companies, like Mountain Dew (Pepsi), Dell, and Sony are devouring the now available inventory left by the exodus of game ads.

From the article: "Despite boycotts and canceled subscriptions, it seems at least some companies recognize a hot topic when they see one. Unfortunately for those companies, many gamers are taking mental notes."

"If they want to support Gamespot's total breakdown in editorial credibility, then they have to understand that there are consequences involved," said 'HulleyToe', a gamer from San Mateo, CA. "It may not hurt them now, but just as advertisers use their dollars to influence companies like Gamespot and CNET, I can use my money to influence the advertisers."

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gamesblow3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Dell is Sony, basically... They're one in the same. they both sell eachothers products in their stores and they both share stock quotes. Dell and Sony are probably one in the same.

As for this goes... I do't care. A company isn't going to pull banner support from a site just because some dude gets fired. Why should Sony stop conducting business with one of the biggest "albeit biased" sites there is because some idiot got fired? They shouldn't. It's like why should BP stop selling gas cause Americans are killing thousands of their realatives a day over in Iraq? They shouldn't. See how that works?

ben hates you3948d ago

I've found Sony's hardware to be good quality(except their PCs), on the other hand I hate dells quality control never buy from them ever!

YoMeViet3948d ago

business as usual, like one guy being fired spells disaster for an entire company...really now.

goldenxbox3948d ago

I never buy the other product, but anyone who still buys DELL needs to get the message!!!


Fellow gamers, we do not tolerate biased shady game reviews in our industry!!!!!!!

Dell is god awful, I hope people wake up and realize this, regardless of what system they own!!!

It is time to send a message and get them thrown off !!!

beoulve3948d ago

you can try but Gamers don't buy dell anyway. We built our own. With deal cheap price and fairly well customer service, good luck try to convince mainstream.

Marceles3948d ago

It's the 2nd top selling computer company in the world (barely overtaken by HP) and they agreed to add blu-ray drives to their computers. There's no way people will stop buying Dell.

YoMeViet3948d ago

If you want to stop gamespot then just don't visit them anymore, once their site visits goes down that's when the sponsors pull out.

Chriswsm3948d ago

Dell is overpriced IMO and it is more rewarding (and usually better quality) to build your own PC from components.

The equilivent of my PC from dell would cost around £800.00 I built it for £550.00. It doesnt look as pretty as a Dell but it works just fine.

barom3948d ago

dell once in a while have some really good deals. you gotta pay me the difference if you want me to avoid those and plus their pc's is pretty stable too.

besides gamespot gave out bad reviews anyway. i'm glad they fired that guy. I hope they actually fire all of them and rehire some new folkz and do a total makeover

EZCheez3948d ago

I had to contact the BBB and file a claim against Dell. They are the devil. I don't know why everyone disagrees with you but I know exactly what you are talking about. And whoever says they have good customer service has NEVER called the Dell customer service number before. That has got to be a new Chinese torture method.

And if anyone doesn't believe this guy, just google it, or go to the BBB website. Dell is in the top 10 when is comes to complaints and grievances and there are a ton of websites dedicated to getting the word out about how bad Dell is with customer satisfaction.

tuaamin133947d ago

Honestly people, a repeat of Eidos with K&L is not going to happen with Pepsi or Dell. They don't make games, so they have almost 0 influence unless somebody pays them off to try to influence GS.

Dell's customer service is great, at least in my experience. The integrated sound card on my laptop motherboard went, so they had a technician out the NEXT DAY to repair my system, and they replaced the speakers too at the same time.

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DrWan3948d ago

Stop making crappy games.

gunnerforlife3948d ago

nope in gamespot case its stop doing biased reviews.

solar3948d ago

never really liked mountain dew anyways ::shrug::

Bonsai12143948d ago

haha.. i live off that stuff. (kinda. haven't had any in a few weeks because i forgot to bring a few cases to school with me)

montavious3948d ago

There's no risk for them, millions will not stop drinking dew cause gamespot is whacked. I knew something was up with them, first the R&C was way under-reviewed (and i'm a xbox loyal and i thought it was way low) and then Mass least the community stood by and is calling them on it.

solar3948d ago

i dunno maybe its too sweet. plus i took some classes in school for auto tech, and this guy with no teeth, horrible mullet and body odor always drank Mountain Dew Code Red straight from a two liter. case closed.

Demorus3948d ago

Pepsi is better than coke, but i didn't know if pepsi follow this story or not and i will not stop drinking pepsi because a man was fired, it is a good opportunity for this company because people go on gamespot see what is this story

Chriswsm3948d ago

Coke is better IMO. Pepsi is so sweet and acidic that you can actually feel your tooth enamel dissolve.

EZCheez3948d ago


Dr. Pepper is obviously the best.

solar3948d ago

but does diet dr. pepper really taste more like regular dr. pepper?

PS3n3603948d ago

drink carrot juice you will live longer .

Dr Pepper3947d ago

Hm? What?

Did someone say my name?

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