Good idea, Shame about the game - Kane & Lynch

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men was only ever remembered for one thing, the firing of Gamespot’s Jeff Gerstmann. On the whole, we tend to dismiss bad games into oblivion.

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Wotbot708d ago

I liked the game, it wasn't perfect but it was a great co-op rollercoaster ride of a game.

PixelGateUk708d ago

I liked Dog Days as well, it's just a shame the games always felt rather under cooked

InMyOpinion708d ago

Especially the sequel. I loved it!

morganfell708d ago

I loved both and the coop in the second was really well done.

Garethvk708d ago

Remember the plannned Hollywood film series?

PixelGateUk708d ago

Aye, they even had scripts in development before the game bombed. The game was nominated for a BAFTA before it was even released...

freshslicepizza708d ago

wasnt bruce willis attached to it at one time?

PixelGateUk708d ago

Yep! I believe he was the desired choice to play Kane. The whole film project just fizzled out

SolidGear3708d ago

This is what I wish IO was still working on.. never enjoyed Hitman.. too difficult for my tastes.. but I love Kane & Lynch.. especially Dog Days!!

BenRC01708d ago

Loved dog days. Brilliant story and solid shooting.

RebDomine708d ago

Both game are really good!

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The story is too old to be commented.