Notch to Indie Game Developers: "Don't Listen to Advice"

GP Editor, Jason Clement writes, "If anyone has good advice to spare when it comes to making a successful game, it's Markus 'Notch' Persson, the brains behind Mahjong's incredibly successful indie title, Minecraft. So what's the greatest advice Notch can give to a budding developer?"

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dark-hollow2321d ago

And that's why basically every recent valve game is innovative.
Hope notch and his team get as big as valve someday...

Swiggins2320d ago

If Mojang becomes as big as valve, I will make it my life's ambition to somehow work for them.

*raises a glass* Here's to Notch!

theonlylolking2320d ago

Except valve's games are not overrated.

dangert122320d ago

Ok I've taken his advice and now I will not listen to It XD joking but yes well said this guy actually seems like a pretty stand up guy its not getting to his head like the angry bird devs or anything I wish there was more like him

Semir2320d ago

I think he's a good guy.

yog-sothot2320d ago

Here is my advise : "Don't Listen to Advice"

This has to be some kind of awesome paradox, well done notch !

*head explodes*

blaktek2320d ago

How did they manage to spell Mojang Mahjong ?

SixZeroFour2320d ago

they were creating the article using an iphone and autocorrect did its magic?

GamePodunk2320d ago

Nice catch! I must've been thinking about the Chinese game, Mahjong, when writing this up. In any case, it's corrected on the main article. :/

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