Sic Burn! Notch and Minecraft Get Mad Dissed, Yo!

Beloved indie-gaming darling Notch seems to have spawn a Bizarro-world adversary. A tumblr has recently popped up entitled THE WORD OF KROTCH. Some things to notice about the parody blog: The gigantic donation button, the references to the vacation, and…a download link? Yep, that’s right. LineCraft is real and available to download!

Enjoy your satire.

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fatstarr2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

why would someone do this o.o

notch is a cool guy
he took his idea to millions

id love to see it on my phone and 3ds and psv

no ipad crap tho

evrfighter12745d ago

his company is only like less than 10 people.

People have been wondering why updates to minecraft were rushed and untested. If you've been around since Alpha you'd know Notch was extremely picky about how Minecraft was coming along.

He even turned down working with Valve when minecraft got big.

PC gamers are an extremely finnicky bunch. hard to please and very vocal but have deep pockets and extremely loyal to developers and not hardware.

They are also very smart and know what it means to speak with your wallet.

He's now under M$'s thumb. tell me when that was ever a good thing for pc gamers.

fatstarr2745d ago

well i think what he did was smart business wise.
and will bring about the expansion of his franchise to new places

i have a minecraft account since alpha i play from time to time and i love the wolf addition a while back.

his ip was going to be stolen last i remember some guy made a bs minecraft and launched it and it took on quite a disillusioned fanbase.

i dont keep up with minecraft news like that but what else is going on?

evrfighter12745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

ah ya FortressCraft that's probably the xfactor here I overlooked.

It becomes painfully blatant as to why he decided to work with M$ of all people.

I'm gonna do a 180 here and not hold anything against him for going to a company where we hear has no love for Indie Dev's.

ElementX2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Well MS does have the most supported OS for gaming and hardware, I think that's good for PC gamers. It unifies things. I took a Linux course and tried installing hardware drivers and such and it was a pain in the @ss. Windows has much better driver support.

I don't think Notch is all he's cracked up to be. I believe that money/power changes people. He's a multimillionaire now and can do things the way he wants.

evrfighter12745d ago

I take it you havn't seen Microsofts vision for pc gaming.

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Jack-Pyro2745d ago

I'll wait for you to come up with a multimillion dollar idea and then NOT sell it.....

No seriously...I'm waiting....get on with it....

El_Colombiano2745d ago

I'd take my fans into consideration with every action I take. My fans would be the sole reason my business would be thriving anyway, why do them wrong?

Lucreto2745d ago

Notch is not working on the 360 version. A Microsoft developer is doing the work and Notch might have final say but he said he is not involved directly.