New Challenger: PS(N) I Love You

Default Prime: "There are two things I’m sick of hearing about this week. One is the royal wedding, which was, admittedly, delightful and is now, thankfully, over. The other is how the PSN being down is Sony’s fault and that we are somehow entitled to something in return. Initially I did not want to add to the endless discussions but every time I read something about this it makes me think about John Malkovich in Burn After Reading in that I feel like shouting “what the f**k?!” over and over again at the internet."

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Blad3star2790d ago

I must admit that I miss playing games with some of my online buddies and just killing time in Home.

I have not been having a nervous break down about PSN being down but if it does last more than a 3 weeks me and a few of friends have decided that we will give Live a go until PSN is back up.

Baccra2790d ago

Waste of time. The voting system of N4g is a joke.