Fable 2 E3 Demo Video

IGN reveals Molyneux's demonstration of the game Fable 2, which he calls "The Greatest Role-Playing Game of All Time." In the video he shows some of the new features in the game, and gives a rundown of the ambitious title, and the revamped combat system.

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iceice1234022d ago

again? Well it does look good, though.

Bloodmask4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

looks good, but that video quality wasn't very high. Hopefully they will release some HD vids.

DJ4022d ago

But nothing on the Xbox really impressed me this E3. I watched the entire video, and the fact that he had to do a 3 minute disclaimer didn't sit well with me. He's trying to do some interesting things with the concept of combat, but it's obviously not coming together well. I think he should just ditch this title and focus on The Room. Now the Room is one of the best things I've ever seen. If you haven't seen the Developer's Conference video of that title, do it now!

BIadestarX4022d ago

I agree that microsoft didnt impressed many people with their show since they focused on titles that we aready know about...
but are you sure you, "hate to say it"? I'm sure you enjoyed it... we all know you DJ..


yes DJ, we are all in shock that you were not impressed with the xbox this E3.

None of us would have ever guessed it.....

we were all expecting you to convert to the green side

Hayabusa 1174022d ago

Oh DJ, how could you, of all people, knowing your reputation, as everybody on this site does, not be impressed by Microsoft's conference? It's almost as if you usually are...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4021d ago

Damn DJ everytime you make a comment you end up getting pwned.

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ALIEN4022d ago

That dude talk alot of [email protected]#. anyway, FF13 will kick FABLE [email protected]@.

Mr VideoGames4022d ago

i will Definetly buy FABLE 2 at full Price when it comes out

psycho3604022d ago

I would prefer version 2 over version 13 of the same rehased weird kids running around, same turn based combat POS game.

unbiased4022d ago

Is this game going to PC? I sure hope it is, then I wont have to get a 360. I wonder if all these PC ports are a good idea because the only reason I not getting a 360 is because Bioshock, lost planet and this game are going PC.

Jdoki4022d ago

You make a good point there unbiased (I dunno who would hit disagree!) I wonder how many PC owners are closet 360 lovers!!

Personally I pick and choose games based on the spec of my PC vs my console(s) and the type of game (i.e. FPS, for control reasons etc), lead development platform and so on.

However I don't normally have a cutting edge PC, so I don't feel I need to feed it with games I can get on 360 just to justify it's cost.

Recently I played GRAW on 360 and PC. I actually prefered the Xbox version, which a couple of years ago I would have gouged my own eye's out for saying I prefer a game of this type on a console!

Then there's something like Overlord. It's obviously a game that fits a console better because of the control method, but I was tempted to get it on PC as it was almost half the price (damn the console tax!!!) and probably would have looked just as good.

Hayabusa 1174022d ago

Remember as well, that Microsft are promoting games for windows, so if you want to stick with PC, it's still good for them.

On the topic of PC conversions, I'm really chuffed that PC Gears is getting all that extra crap, and all we get are a couple of rubbish maps. I'm definately going mail that disc back to Epic in two distinct pieces when Halo 3 comes out.

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