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7 Weirdest Foods in RPGs

120d ago - The 7 Weirdest Foods in RPGs from Final Fantasy to Earthbound to Suikoden 2 and Fallout 3. | Culture

Continue-Play's Suikoden 2 Retrospective Review

126d ago - Continue Play's Brian Kale takes a look back at Suikoden 2 RPG, developer Konami's second game in... | Retro

New Suikoden II ESRB Rating Indicates Upcoming Relaunch on the PSN

133d ago - Fans of the Suikoden series have a reason to celebrate today, as the Electronic Software Rating B... | PS3

Do you own the most expensive game ever made?

173d ago - From Darius Alpha to Tetris Mega Drive, these are the most valuable video games on the planet. | Retro

Need Cash? (US Only)

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Games in Asia’s favorite JRPGs

174d ago - Games in Asia: "It’s hard to pick one favorite JRPG, so we chose our favorites from five differen... | Culture

Five Classic RPG Franchises that Deserve New Games

216d ago - Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Role playing games, as genres go, have seen many of... | PS4

RPG Spotlight: Suikoden

254d ago - GI - "One of the questions readers ask me most is if they would like a particular series. As a wa... | PS2

Operation Blinking Mirror: A Suikoden Success Story

270d ago - With the campaign just days away, CalmDownTom took the opportunity to speak to co-founder of the... | Culture

The Five Saddest Video Game Deaths

285d ago - Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "This level of immersion has the ability to create fo... | PC

The Five Most Criminally Underrated Video Games

298d ago - All too often, the ever-changing taste of the gaming masses has led to plenty of truly amazing ga... | GameCube

Five of the Best Video Game World Maps

368d ago - Below are five maps that are beloved by gamers the world over. Each map is exceptional in design,... | Nintendo DS

The most expensive PlayStation games around – PS1, 2 & 3 games that can cost as much as a PS4

370d ago - OPM: How much do you think people are willing to play for an old PlayStation game or a rare colle... | PS2

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGM - Four RPGs and Halo 4 Walk Into A Bar... Edition

393d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "...So Halo 4 says to the four RPGs, "Monopoly?! I thought we were p... | PS2

10 Best JRPG Villains

393d ago - ArcadeSushi: Without a proper villain, there isn’t that much of a yearning to see an extremely lo... | PS2

Remembering Five of Gaming’s Greatest Villains

404d ago - Behind almost every great game is a great villain. Sure, these villains almost always get ousted... | Culture

Kotaku: Today is Suikoden Day

417d ago - Really, every day should be Suikoden day, but this is the actual one. Allow me to explain: th... | PS2

It's Time For Konami To Bring Suikoden II To PSN

417d ago - Kotaku - How much do you think a copy of Suikoden II costs on Amazon? $60? $150? $300? If you... | Culture

Top five video game stories

450d ago - A stroll through some of the more memorable and engaging yarns in gaming. | PS2

Top 5 Video Game Stories

489d ago - Dan takes a stroll through some of the more memorable and engaging yarns in gaming and picks his... | Tech

The Top 25 Greatest RPGs of All Time

557d ago - | From Earthbound to Final Fantasy, we count down the top 25 greatest Role-Playing... | Culture

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Most Desired PlayStation Classics

606d ago - By Sam Marchello: "The PlayStation Network is home to many unique titles, from indie games... | Retro

Pixelitis Picks: Dream anniversary collections

691d ago - We gamers are a very reverent bunch. Get us talking about our favorite games, consoles or charact... | PSP

Revisiting the Classics – Suikoden II

691d ago - GO Critic, "The last few weeks have given rise to various articles highlighting the birth of a pe... | Retro

Suikoden II – Spoiled by Greatness

696d ago - John of - "A game is a game is a game until you play one that brings both limitles... | Culture
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