Natal's Biggest Weakness

From XE:

"At Microsoft's 2009 E3 press conference, they showed off some pretty impressive looking technology allowing for the ability to control video games using no controller at all, Project Natal. Some demos also highlighted Natal's biggest weakness."

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fr0sty3398d ago

Though we didn't get to play it, the lag was rather apparent just by seeing the demonstration. couple that with the reports of Milo being fake, and this tech seems to be more vaporware than anything.

ChozenWoan3398d ago

Natal will work, but without the accuracy and ability to track small movements all without lag, this product is definitely not for the hardcore market at this time.

Also, from what I'm gathering of various reports, it seems like Natal will be a full blown attachment for the 360. Not just a cam but a major piece of equipment, I could be wrong but that's the subtle impression I'm picking up. When reports tell of the "closed doors" setup, seems Natal is farther from the showroom than MS is saying.

Kakkoii3397d ago

It is a full blown attachment ChozenWoan. And it isn't just 1 cam, it's 2 cameras. 1 Color camera, like what the Eyetoy uses, and another camera that can see things in a 3D way. Natal has it's own processor also. So it is definitely a huge addon.

Kakkoii3397d ago

People need to remember that this is the first time Natal has ever been shown to the public. It's not even being released anytime this year, It still has a lot of software development to go through. I highly doubt Microsoft would release it before reducing the lag to an acceptable level. Because that would spell almost certain doom for the product.

Early versions of software always have bugs and perform poorly. For example, the first versions of Firefox were horrible, but look at what it has become today. Software development takes a long time to create a great and efficient product. And with Natal having it's own processor for the data, I have high hopes for those kinks being straightened out.