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I started out a Sega fan... but when I saw Sega releasing consoles on a yearly basis, I switched to PS1. Sony has always had a good reputation for quality hardware, and when they introduced the pricing tiers I was hooked. I've owned the PS1 - PS3 and will soon get a PSP. I wanted to back MS (being Pro-American and all) when they came out with the XBox, but MS has a history of "XYZ of death" showing up in their products. So I waited and to my surprise, XB1 was rock solid. Just when I was on the verge of getting one when they announced the XB360 and that they where killing support for the XB1. When it comes to consoles, I never get the first batch as a general precaution. So during the summer of 07 I was looking into getting one and was simply just waiting for the rumored price drop to hit. That's when the first reports of RRoD came in, and my desire for an XB360 vanished... well until Mass Effect came along.

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