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Will the NSA use the Xbox One to spy on your family?

Not unlike Kinect, Skype had assured its users that "wiretaps were technically impossible" the company told CNET in 2008. And four years later, when hackers accused Skype owner Microsoft of changing the service's backend to facilitate government eavesdropping, the company categorically denied the accusations. Now, it seems like the company could have been lying, or at least had quietly changed its mind. Mind you, Microsoft is also denying last Thursday's Guardian report, but the denial is a lot less clear-cut. The company disavows having providing "blanket or direct access" to Skype, but doesn't deny that it provides Skype video or audio to the government upon request.

So even if we(consumers) take Microsoft's word that the Kinect doesn't currently upload private conversations to remote servers, can anyone trust that Microsoft won't change that in a future software update? (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox One)

pwnsause_returns  +   862d ago
well, they're part of prism...so yea....
ala_767  +   862d ago
Hell yeah They will spy on us! Thanks to the Patriot Act!
Roper316  +   862d ago
not me because the XB1 is not allowed in my house.
Colzer01  +   862d ago
if they want to watch me jerk off, have at it
zebramocha  +   862d ago
You know they did it so they could "jump in".
Cueil  +   862d ago
poor @Roper316 why would they use your Xbox One when they can just use your cell phone
mewhy32  +   861d ago
I've been saying this over and over in here. I will not be having a spy camera in my living room.
Kanzes  +   862d ago
The fact is, The same moment the Verge has a story about whether Kinect will be used to spy, the Microsoft section reports about how Microsoft is urging the Attorney General to uphold the constitution regarding privacy.

Meaning, Microsoft isn't willingly handing the NSA access to its servers, but rather under political duress.

To see them making public statements like this shows they're incredibly pissed at the PR damage its causing them and that they're not colluding in some kinda New World Order conspiracy scenario.

jmc8888  +   862d ago
But they STILL are making Kinect2 mandatory.

You'd think since they KNOW this is happening, they'd take that mandatory requirement and throw it out the window.

They are telling US they aren't willing, but by virtue of their actions with Kinect, they very much ARE willing.

Otherwise they wouldn't put themselves in such a position.

Think about it.
JokesOnYou  +   862d ago
Kanzes actually awhile back micro was fighting against the govt opposing countless requests for info about its customers long before X1 or ps4 were even thought of.

This site that tracks online companies who fight for you shows a break down and dhows micro is one of the better companies who fight for privacy rights:

Also again the govt doesn't pay for info, they request it or supeona it so whats in it for micro to give the govt video or taped conversations of everyday citizens, while you're at it can you imagine the wasted resources for eavesdropping/spying? lol, I've never heard a rational response to all this. If you guys are truly worried you should stay off the internet, never use Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or download or send a email again.

-lol, The in a digital age the govt has access to anything with servers. For those so scared why do they never complain about the thousands of other ways the govt can spy on you...fortunately the truth is nobody gives a damm about you and me yhe avg joe, hell they aren't even concerned with petty crimes like drugs, they are looking for National Security threats...lol hurry up get off the internet all you secret agents.
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Ray186  +   862d ago
They get no props at all. Twitter outright refused when they were served, and guess what nothing happened. Which I surmise was due to the fact that Twitter would have been screaming to anyone who would listen all the way to the courthouse about what was going on.
georgeenoob  +   862d ago
Simple question: Why would they do that? Are they trying to find families in trailers manufacturing meth?
FITgamer  +   862d ago
So only trailer trash play xbox?
Kanzes  +   862d ago
Because MS reaally loves to see a bunch out-of-shape boys wearing only boxer on a dark room /s
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JunioRS101  +   862d ago
Any person naive enough to say "no they won't spy on me that's just blown out of proportion" doesn't deserve freedom or privacy.
Cueil  +   862d ago
the government doesn't give a rats behind about you or 99.99 percent of the people on this site... and if they asked for user info from N4G... guess what N4G would give it to them
JunioRS101  +   862d ago
No shit @ Cueil

I'm saying it's naive to trust primarily the NSA not so much Microsoft because I know they're just being compliant to the Gov's demands, but the NSA is still completely wrong for what they're doing.

"Oh but we need to sacrifice privacy for security" right?


The reason we have enemies is because we earned our enemies through shady business and war-like culture. It is the Gov's fault that we should feel threatened by anyone in the first place. The constitution was set up not only to keep Americans safe but also to mind our own business and focus on leading by example not by leading through force.
thekhurg  +   862d ago
Not my family since I won't be buying one.
onyoursistersback  +   862d ago
Microsoft already said that its gana hit you with ads that reflex on your search/purchases/Bling. yes there watching to some extent.

And when ever FBI needs to find someone, it wont hurt them give a name to XboxLive's serves, and let them search accounts. if similar names pop up, they will then surveillance after....not before.
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yeahokchief  +   861d ago
it is true. they will.

human beings are the worst. greedy, manipulative, self centered.

they'll use it against you in one way or another.
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Nicholasgliss  +   862d ago
I'm be fresh as hell if da Feds watchin. But they won't see me through a bone. X that is.
Starbucks_Fan  +   862d ago
Drop top, head bobbing

I feel embarrassed I know this song -_-
Major_FitZZ   862d ago | Spam
jc48573  +   862d ago
most likely yea. They want to know if you go crazy if you play too much shooters.
Nexus38  +   862d ago
yea sure im sure they have enough employees to sit around and watch millions of people all day everyday play video games.. Christ is our society really this gullible
Roper316  +   862d ago
it's not that they will sit there all day watching you but if they ever decide to look into you MS will have a nice big data file on you readily available for them.
Nexus38  +   862d ago
a data file ? what does that even mean.. microsoft will have huge files on every person who ever bought an xbox one, what would microsoft have on those files the persons gamerscore? also if the nsa decides to look into you im pretty sure your doing illegal activity's anyway
Foxgod  +   862d ago
Do you know how much it costs to host a big datafile for everybody?

It already costs 10ns of millions to just hold on to all that email.
It would cost billions to host everybody's videofeed, and even hundreds of millions if you only store snapshots and audio samples.

Do you really think they will waste all that money, if all they have to do by law, is save emails?
Kanzes  +   862d ago
What have you done to make them watch you? You sounds like an escaped convict.

On different perspective, A Laptop got a mandatory camera too. But it seems people didn't care about it. This Kinect spy thing are just some story that haters created to bash the company even more.
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dc1  +   862d ago
It's all about (in simple terms) trigger based outputs. Primarily this is driven through software that monitors sound inputs.
I won't explain further. ..because you guys should be sound and upstanding in all your activities. But if you're not, then the big K is listening. ..and watching.
Cueil  +   862d ago
if you're cooking up crap to be the next boston bomber they may have issue with you... but if you're just banging your chick they could care less
Rai  +   862d ago
your pretty gullible yourself if you think people actually sit and watch people..

They use the devices to record and send information.
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Nexus38  +   862d ago
jesus... do you honestly think they have the time, people and resources to record everyone playing?70% of those recordings will be 12 year olds harassing people. the fact is if they decide to look into what your doing, your most likely already doing something illegal.
Colzer01  +   862d ago
Only a criminals and terrorists who will have a though at this. Or..... a fanboys
DiRtY  +   862d ago
"As far as Kinect watching you, yes- you uncovered our master plan to watch overweight twenty-somethings play Skyrim for 8 hours straight."

Colzer01  +   862d ago
MS loves 12-year old boys to swearing on Kinect
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jmc8888  +   862d ago
Actually your position is gullible.

It doesn't work like that. DO you visit every website to find one, or do you use a search function like google?

They literally have their own google. After all google was originally the NSA voice to text program, then applied to websites.

I'm sorry, but YOU ARE THE GULLIBLE one.

Oh and yes, webcams are used to spy on people, even kids in umcompromising positions.


Oh and they are doing this to everyone, regardless of whether they are a criminal.

But if you want to know our gov't track record with people they actually suspect is a criminal...Here.


So even when they try the more traditional way of spying, and actually try to go through actual legal channels, they still are mostly wrong and are spying on innocent people.

Now what do you think the percentage is when they are literally trying to record everything and have big data centers built?

Hell through their contract with just ONE private party, Narus, they have the capability to record 100 gb/s at 18 different spots in the U.S.

The costs and logistics are not an issue. If Microsoft doesn't want to be FORCED to be a part of it, don't make such unnecessary requirements....necessary to use the console.

How hard is it for people to understand that. If you are designing something new, and you know the gov't will force you turn over your customers data you have two choices.

1. Alter your plans so they aren't compromised (which would be say...allowing Kinect to be unplugged)

2. Use the bully pulpit and make a big fuss and never stop doing so.

So many arguments on this thread where people have their heads in the sand or look to blame someone else. When your data through Microsoft is compromised, it is the fault of BOTH Microsoft AND the gov't.

Again targeting ads = spying on you...because by what metric are they targeting those ads?

So Microsoft wants to spy on you, and is building a camera that allows the gov't to force them to give them that information. Corporations want that data, gov'ts want that data. But the camera isn't just a camera, it's not just audio or video. That's like 5 percent of what they capture. It's a super camera, so it's far beyond any other spy camera out there.

Meanwhile all this time, they have been lying through their teeth. Again, MS through ALL of their products are handing over data to the gov't. What Kinect2 will be the first that won't?
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cleft5  +   862d ago
Information can be categorized and set so that only key phrase or expressions followed by key phrase draws their attention. Also, it doesn't need to be a case of active monitoring, but simply having that information on file to cross reference in case they need to know more about a person. Information gathering technique have been greatly refined for a very long time now. The fact that you don't understand how this stuff works shows your gullibility.

Don't take my word, do a quick search on information related to how Federal agencies sort through the information they gather. Also, the government doesn't solely sort the information themselves. They partner with many different agencies to sort through this sort of information. I really suggest you read up on the PRISM program, even if you don't believe it, it does give you a decent idea of how information is being collected and sorted.
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Campy da Camper  +   862d ago
OK forget ms corporate. What about a criminal with WiFi skills that wants to case your home to see if its empty? What about that perv in IT who makes a few Vids of you in compromising positions then spams them to your friends list?

Sure the NSA can find u with or without ms but I'm not letting douche bag per vs and criminals into my living room.
Software_Lover  +   862d ago
They'll probably use the new google Motorola phone also since it has always on voice commands. Better stay away from them. The feds also wrote some of the security for the Android O.S. Then there's apple........

So basically if you have anything but a dumb phone, please dont turn this into Sony vs Microsoft. The NSA is more than Microsoft.

Now, should Microsoft make the Kinect optional, IMHO yes. But that is a totally different argument for another day.
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cleft5  +   862d ago
The federal government has been capturing information from cell phones for a long time now. The reality is that a lot of our right to privacy has been great eroded, thanks in large part to stuff like the Patriot Act.
Software_Lover  +   862d ago
I hate the Patriot Act. I remember people rejoicing over it. I think something should be implemented where the people get a vote/say so when it comes to new laws like that.
Foxgod  +   862d ago
Yep, the Usa is going to waste its entire military budget on watching people play games.

Those poor people around the world living in captivity will have to free themselves now, because Uncle Sam is busy spying on gamers.

And they didnt come up with this brilliant idea before to do it on phone's, laptops, tv's, handheld consoles, webcams and what more.
Nope, it appears that only the camera in Kinect is suitable to the job.

(This message was brought to you by sarcasm)
Ray186  +   862d ago
The NSA is just waiting for that facility in Utah to open. Then every means of communication will be cataloged and saved.


It's not that their going to use the data collected today or tomorrow. It's that there will be a record of all of your communications "Just in case."

Think about it. They don't suspect you of doing anything or have a warrant today, but can get one in the future to go back and look through the files that they have collected on you years before.
If that isn't the definition of a police state.

Next thing you know they will be prosecuting us for thought crimes. Oh wait they tried http://www.govtrack.us/cong...
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tiffac008  +   862d ago
Bro, Governments waste money on just about anything. Do not trust them to make a sound judgement when it comes to taxpayers money.
Summons75  +   862d ago
I'm not getting an Xbox one but this is just as ridiculous as the "the government is watching us threw our computers" conspiracy crap that started when laptops got webcams built into them regularly. Conspiracy nuts are the most stupid yet hilarious but of paranoid people I've ever seen.
Zodiac  +   862d ago
The civilian sheep goes baaaaaaaaa.

I believe it was back in 2005 when there was a huge scandal regarding home phone wire tapping and video bugging. This was allowed under the "patriot" act.

This means people went into your homes and set up cameras and phone taps without you knowing.

I love it when people attack conspiracy theorists like it is some new fad created by Millennials.

Conspiracy,corruption,deceit, and law breaking by higher forms of government is as old as the system of government.

Conspiracy bashers lost any kind of standing after the patriot act.
JokesOnYou  +   862d ago
Zodiac thats the whole point it does exist but its everywhere. 99% of this "spying" is harmless data collection if not then where are these hundreds? thousands? millions? who have been jailed/exposed in their undies because they are victims of these spying attacks? As much as Americans like to sue I'd expect a new one everyday. YES, thats why *MOST* conspiracy theory folks are nuts. Do you hear how you sound its like "they are spying on us, no teally they are spying on us" yet the consequences/results show very few people indicating this with tragic results done to them out of millions who are potential targets every day.

I talk alot to a friend in the military who does basic COMM for a living and you literally either have to forgo most electronic-wifi-internet connected devices an services like email, google research, youtube and even cell phones or guess what you cannot avoid the potential of being monitored. Now even the govt doesn't have the resources to monitor that amount of data, which is why they rely on a combination of keywords, foreign contacts/local affiliate groups, eell known criminal organizations and yes privste business's along with how often you visit certain sites, and a host of other data to build a profile of potential National Security threats, do they ever use their power illegally for things like snooping on political figures or building a case against some high profile investor etc of course they do, besides the govt the most micro wants to know is what your buying habits are so they can try to sell you more crap but YOU ARE DELUSIONAL IF YOU THINK MICRO OR THE GOVT CARES WHAT AN EVERYDAY JOE LIKE ME OR YOU ARE DOING.
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Summons75  +   862d ago
Good points Jokesonyou

Yeah the patriot act scandal which was put into place for security and they even state it scanned for keywords. If you have nothing to hide then you should be afraid of anyone monitoring you. Sure if you do things or say things even as a joke they will notify officials because how would they know your joking or not. Look at that LoL idiot who was arrested for "jokingly" threatening the lives of school kids in a public forum. You don't joke like that because there are real people who will and have done horrible things like that, you don't know if someone's joking. A kid in my high school "joked" joked about killing himself and nobody took it seriously and he hung himself tht night after claiming he was joking. I didn't know him or hear it until after. It's hilarious how you call me a sheep when I just don't care because I have nothing to hide nor am I buying an Xbox one.
Zodiac  +   862d ago

My replay to summons was a reply to the bash on conspiracy theorists. The text in the comment had a very insulting tone behind it, like everyone who rejects the crap out of capital hill is a tinfoil hat person.

I doubt the kinnect will be used to spy, but Microsoft is not innocent when it comes to handing over info. You remember the inciden with microsoft and skype?

Also, you talk about how a little basic spying here and there is harmless or very few people have been affected. It is still very important and it leads to greater things down the road.

Here is a quote by Bejamin Franklin.
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

This harmless spying could possibly turn into something bigger.

We already had gov walking into homes and tapping our phones and putting up cameras, even if it was just a few people. Who knows whats next? I don't.

A little spying still goes against my basic rights and people should not stand for it.
JokesOnYou  +   862d ago
zodiac I would take you seriously qoutes and all if you can honestly tell me you participate in demonstrations on Capitol Hill against privacy invasions,(you taking a stand where it matters) along with you dont use google, yahoo email, online social sites like Facebook etc and please explain to me what security software/precautions you have taken while online right now so that you can prevent private company's and hackers from knowing what sites you visit, what vids you downloaded, what purchases you've recently made?????

Like I said you are either worried like my Grandma and you do everything old school or you live with the FACT that you are susceptible to monitoring fortunately 99% of the time its harmless but make no mistake these sites/companies/govt all want and gather your data, so its kind of silly to ONLY cherry pick kinect as the evil spy toy out to ruin your life while you actively use so many other forms of data gathering tools.
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no_more_heroes  +   862d ago
Who knows. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do need to know more about how this thing will function.

I'm a little uncomfortable about the Moto X from Google as well as that's another "always on" and listening device.

What I would like is if they can make the X1 be able to function without the K2. Still keep it bundled with every X1 so that devs are more likely to take advantage of it's features (imagine what being able to see you in the dark and monitoring your heart rate can do for horror games!), but make it so that I can plug the camera out and still use my X1 to play games.
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cleft5  +   862d ago
When this device is hacked and it will be hacked, everyone is going to know how much of their private information is being gathered. Personally, I like my privacy so I am not interested in this device but I wish everyone well who buys a X1. Maybe it's a bit paranoid, but until their is a 100 percent disclosure of how the Kinect is gathering data and where it is being sent I am not willing to purchase one of these things.
CrimsonDragon90  +   862d ago
This whole thing reminds me of that South Park episode. Where the towns people had security cameras in their bathroom, and then their was this perv employee watching people as they did their buisness. That's why I'm not getting the xbone, I wont feel comfortable playing games knowing one of Microsoft employee is spying on me lol
Software_Lover  +   862d ago
Turn it off, or just turn it around. Unfortunately it has to be connected (at this point in time), but fortunately you dont have to use it.
Campy da Camper  +   862d ago
Mmm I thought kinect has to have direct line of sight for console to work. Reads body temp etc to verify who's in the room.
Godz Kastro  +   862d ago
No, couldve just emailed me the question instead of writing an article.
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Shellcase  +   862d ago
If the government wants to spy on you do you really think they need a xbox to do this.. Yall killing with this BS....
jmc8888  +   862d ago

"Your priavcy is our priority"

No really, the above is their ACTUAL slogan.

Of course it will be used by the NSA. Of course they'll also be collecting your information to sell and trade amongst thousands of other corporations. Corporations that WANT that data because they make money off it.

If your insurance company wants a list of people who have life or health insurance policies with them and compare what they are charging you compared to say....how big your body is...or whether or not you drink a lot of soda...or eat fast food...or drink beer...or smoke..whatever is it, the Kinect2 can recognize it.

Remember it can read your moods and tell what your heart rate is in complete darkness.

Here is a far less sophisticated camera and how in its PATENT.


The sad thing is that it's far worse than this, as we are only seeing a small fraction of what is really going on.

They not only do this but are jacking into the backbone of the internet and reading packets.

Their plan is to record EVERYTHING.

Do you have something encrypted? Guess what they are storing encrypted files until they can crack them. Hell they even have access to early quantum computers.

Oh and guess what, the NSA doesn't even own its computers. Meaning you have corporations who actually have more control over your data then the NSA. So who is watching the watchers?

Microsoft has given the gov't backdoors to it's software since at least Windows 95 OSR2. Which if you check, is BEFORE 9/11.

Of course this spying is big news, if it wasn't why did a bunch of European nations risk the life of the Bolivian president and deny his plane in their airspace and forced them to land in Austria to inspect their plane for Edward Snowden? You do realize that it violated every bit of diplomatic immunity don't you?

Here's also a great little article about how our gov't is absolutely breaking just about every law to get a hold of snowden.


Oh and just remember, Bradley Manning is still being forced to lie naked in his cell.

Oh and here's some more information you should read





Here's Microsoft's latest response.


When Microsoft says 'trust us'...you run for the hills.
no_more_heroes  +   862d ago
Well, I'm not THAT paranoid to run for the hills just yet, but my perception of all the companies on that list - Google and Apple included - has changed somewhat.

At least I now have another reason to not get an iPhone :P
Thomper  +   862d ago
Copied and pasted from my earlier post, ad I can't be arsed to re-write my opinion....

I have absolutely no issue with those who have objections to their privacy being infringed, and their data being collected and used, so long as they are consistent.

I get kind of sick of the trolls who point to Microsofts "spy cam" (aka -Kinect 2) waving their arms around in protest, when, actually they know nothing about privacy law and data-mining.

How many of these fan-boys/bots/droids/trolls are up in arms over k2 when they happily use their smart phones and play such apps as angry birds??

Check Rovio's T&C's or googles, or facebooks. Maybe even check how your mobile/cell provider knows your exact location every time you access your phone.

If you shun all of the above, then more power to you, I completely respect your view, but if you partake in the above, but spent your valuable time chastising Microsoft for doing no worse, then.... Grow the f**k up and smell the coffee!

This is how things work these days. I am 38 and accept it. I don't behead hookers in my games room, and am not part of a jihadist movement, so I really don't care.

The question is... Why do some people on here care so much.

<climbs down from soap box to feed the bloody cats>
4logpc  +   862d ago
If you really think Microsoft is just going to say, "yea sure, spy on people" then you are just ignorant.

Simply because Microsoft made the Kinect mandatory, does in no way elude to them wanting to spy on you.

Microsoft is doing the same thing and Nintendo with Wii U gamepad and Sony with the touch pad on the dual shock 4. They are trying to make their product unique so that their experience is different from the competition. It just happens to be their technology involves high end skeletal tracking through a camera and microphone for voice commands

And just a side note...The Wii U gamepad has a built in camera and microphone as well, which is mandatory, yet no one is jumping on their case.

The "enemy" is the government for making things such as the patriot act.

the government requires companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and google to abide by certain laws, and Microsoft is the line of fire because they have many more products such as windows and Skype.

If Nintendo or Sony owned Skype, which is installed on over 100 million devices, they would be taking the heat instead.

Bottom line, unless you cut yourself off from the internet, dont have a cell phone, and never leave the house, somebody some how could spy on you.

Chances are you already own some device that has a microphone or camera on it, and guess what, its law that whoever made that product, let the government use it as a way to collect data.

Stop trying to point the finger at Microsoft.
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Geezus  +   862d ago
well said but reason doesnt translate well around here your just gunna get a bunch of " lol the spybox is done, Ps4eva" comments.it common sense that the whole kinect thing is overblown like somebody above said if the governent really wants to spy on you there is nothing stoping them, and they could do so without you ever knowing. The only people that seem to be running with the Kinect is used to spy on u and arrests terrorists theory are the fanboys whose self-esteem and sense of self worth is tied to their console of choice ( mostly hardcore ps4 guys) and sites looking for hits.
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blackmanone  +   862d ago
Whether MS willingly or unwillingly lets NSA and other organizations spy isn't the issue. The fact is that anyone buying the Xbox is giving the NSA a camera in their living room that they COULD use if they wanted.

If that doesn't bother you, that's okay, you don't value privacy rights. That's not a knock against anyone, you just feel differently about something. That being said, I do value my privacy rights and as such I'll miss out on some good exclusives. I'm okay with that, too.
4logpc  +   862d ago
Problem with that theory...

by commenting on this there is a high probability that you are using a device that can be used to "spy" on you.

So wouldn't that make you guilty of giving the NSA a way to track you?
Funantic1  +   862d ago
How can they if its not hooked to the Internet?
LogicStomper  +   861d ago
This is the major flaw in the pro-Sony views. For this spying stuff, they assume that EVERYONE is connected to the internet at all times. BUT, for this one-time Xbox One patch they all assume that the majority DON'T have ANY internet whatsoever.

And yeah, totally agree. No internet = no connection = no data transfer.
KillrateOmega  +   862d ago
Good 'ol mandatory Kinect. You truly are an ever-flowing source of positive articles... /sarcasm
#18 (Edited 862d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
UnHoly_One  +   862d ago
The amount of insane people on this website is mind boggling.

How anyone can seriously believe that one single person at MS or in the Government will ever look at their Kinect video feed is beyond me.

Seriously, you people need help.
Funantic1  +   862d ago
You're right it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. I'm a celebrity if somebody wants to watch me 24 hours a day. It's impossible. How can they watch a potential 50 million people play a game along with all the cell phone recordings, drone spying, internet searches, satellite views.etc? Whew they got a job on their hands. They can't even keep up with the last 10 years of recordings.
#19.1 (Edited 862d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jdawg222  +   862d ago
you really dont think that one, just one, out of the hundreds of thousdands employee's of both MS and the U.S. govt would not abuse power? you must be under 21 still.
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UnHoly_One  +   861d ago
I'm 36, for whatever that has to do with anything.

And I don't believe anyone will abuse power because I don't believe it will be there for them to abuse.

Do you really think this thing is going to be recording everything and sending it to them? Don't you think people with bandwidth caps on their Internet would notice when they get their bill and find out that they were uploading a video feed 24/7 for the entire month?

It's just not feasible for all of this information to be sent to MS constantly, and it's even less feasible that they would waste the money to store all of it somehow.
gpturbo81  +   862d ago
nsa will use anything to spy on us. crooked cunts!
Funantic1  +   862d ago
You're stupid if you think Sony isn't part of this. I've done my research and have found credible things about Sony that I have already posted before. No one could prove me wrong...just a bunch of Sony fanboys disagreeing in denial. This is my last bubble so I can't respond to the fanboys. But you Phony fanboys continue your X1 petitions.
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Ben12  +   862d ago
yes because they are real interested to see how good you are at forza 5. its sooooo important to spy on us playing video games. get over it. you better get rid of all those built in cameras on those lap tops to. and oh yah your pc cameras. oh wait don't forget about those pesky cell phones they will see you through your pocket. aaahhhhhhhhh!
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