Will the NSA use the Xbox One to spy on your family?

Not unlike Kinect, Skype had assured its users that "wiretaps were technically impossible" the company told CNET in 2008. And four years later, when hackers accused Skype owner Microsoft of changing the service's backend to facilitate government eavesdropping, the company categorically denied the accusations. Now, it seems like the company could have been lying, or at least had quietly changed its mind. Mind you, Microsoft is also denying last Thursday's Guardian report, but the denial is a lot less clear-cut. The company disavows having providing "blanket or direct access" to Skype, but doesn't deny that it provides Skype video or audio to the government upon request.

So even if we(consumers) take Microsoft's word that the Kinect doesn't currently upload private conversations to remote servers, can anyone trust that Microsoft won't change that in a future software update?

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pwnsause_returns1493d ago

well, they're part of yea....

ala_7671493d ago

Hell yeah They will spy on us! Thanks to the Patriot Act!

Roper3161493d ago

not me because the XB1 is not allowed in my house.

Colzer011493d ago

if they want to watch me jerk off, have at it

zebramocha1493d ago

You know they did it so they could "jump in".

Cueil1492d ago

poor @Roper316 why would they use your Xbox One when they can just use your cell phone

mewhy321492d ago

I've been saying this over and over in here. I will not be having a spy camera in my living room.

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Kanzes1493d ago

The fact is, The same moment the Verge has a story about whether Kinect will be used to spy, the Microsoft section reports about how Microsoft is urging the Attorney General to uphold the constitution regarding privacy.

Meaning, Microsoft isn't willingly handing the NSA access to its servers, but rather under political duress.

To see them making public statements like this shows they're incredibly pissed at the PR damage its causing them and that they're not colluding in some kinda New World Order conspiracy scenario.

jmc88881493d ago

But they STILL are making Kinect2 mandatory.

You'd think since they KNOW this is happening, they'd take that mandatory requirement and throw it out the window.

They are telling US they aren't willing, but by virtue of their actions with Kinect, they very much ARE willing.

Otherwise they wouldn't put themselves in such a position.

Think about it.

JokesOnYou1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Kanzes actually awhile back micro was fighting against the govt opposing countless requests for info about its customers long before X1 or ps4 were even thought of.

This site that tracks online companies who fight for you shows a break down and dhows micro is one of the better companies who fight for privacy rights:

Also again the govt doesn't pay for info, they request it or supeona it so whats in it for micro to give the govt video or taped conversations of everyday citizens, while you're at it can you imagine the wasted resources for eavesdropping/spying? lol, I've never heard a rational response to all this. If you guys are truly worried you should stay off the internet, never use Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter or download or send a email again.

-lol, The in a digital age the govt has access to anything with servers. For those so scared why do they never complain about the thousands of other ways the govt can spy on you...fortunately the truth is nobody gives a damm about you and me yhe avg joe, hell they aren't even concerned with petty crimes like drugs, they are looking for National Security hurry up get off the internet all you secret agents.

Ray1861493d ago

They get no props at all. Twitter outright refused when they were served, and guess what nothing happened. Which I surmise was due to the fact that Twitter would have been screaming to anyone who would listen all the way to the courthouse about what was going on.

georgeenoob1493d ago

Simple question: Why would they do that? Are they trying to find families in trailers manufacturing meth?

FITgamer1493d ago

So only trailer trash play xbox?

Kanzes1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Because MS reaally loves to see a bunch out-of-shape boys wearing only boxer on a dark room /s

JunioRS1011493d ago

Any person naive enough to say "no they won't spy on me that's just blown out of proportion" doesn't deserve freedom or privacy.

Cueil1492d ago

the government doesn't give a rats behind about you or 99.99 percent of the people on this site... and if they asked for user info from N4G... guess what N4G would give it to them

JunioRS1011492d ago

No shit @ Cueil

I'm saying it's naive to trust primarily the NSA not so much Microsoft because I know they're just being compliant to the Gov's demands, but the NSA is still completely wrong for what they're doing.

"Oh but we need to sacrifice privacy for security" right?


The reason we have enemies is because we earned our enemies through shady business and war-like culture. It is the Gov's fault that we should feel threatened by anyone in the first place. The constitution was set up not only to keep Americans safe but also to mind our own business and focus on leading by example not by leading through force.

thekhurg1493d ago

Not my family since I won't be buying one.

LackTrue4K1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Microsoft already said that its gana hit you with ads that reflex on your search/purchases/Bling. yes there watching to some extent.

And when ever FBI needs to find someone, it wont hurt them give a name to XboxLive's serves, and let them search accounts. if similar names pop up, they will then surveillance after....not before.

yeahokchief1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

it is true. they will.

human beings are the worst. greedy, manipulative, self centered.

they'll use it against you in one way or another.

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Nicholasgliss1493d ago

I'm be fresh as hell if da Feds watchin. But they won't see me through a bone. X that is.

Starbucks_Fan1493d ago

Drop top, head bobbing

I feel embarrassed I know this song -_-

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jc485731493d ago

most likely yea. They want to know if you go crazy if you play too much shooters.

Nexus381493d ago

yea sure im sure they have enough employees to sit around and watch millions of people all day everyday play video games.. Christ is our society really this gullible

Roper3161493d ago

it's not that they will sit there all day watching you but if they ever decide to look into you MS will have a nice big data file on you readily available for them.

Nexus381493d ago

a data file ? what does that even mean.. microsoft will have huge files on every person who ever bought an xbox one, what would microsoft have on those files the persons gamerscore? also if the nsa decides to look into you im pretty sure your doing illegal activity's anyway

Foxgod1493d ago

Do you know how much it costs to host a big datafile for everybody?

It already costs 10ns of millions to just hold on to all that email.
It would cost billions to host everybody's videofeed, and even hundreds of millions if you only store snapshots and audio samples.

Do you really think they will waste all that money, if all they have to do by law, is save emails?

Kanzes1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

What have you done to make them watch you? You sounds like an escaped convict.

On different perspective, A Laptop got a mandatory camera too. But it seems people didn't care about it. This Kinect spy thing are just some story that haters created to bash the company even more.

dc11493d ago

It's all about (in simple terms) trigger based outputs. Primarily this is driven through software that monitors sound inputs.
I won't explain further. ..because you guys should be sound and upstanding in all your activities. But if you're not, then the big K is listening. ..and watching.

Cueil1492d ago

if you're cooking up crap to be the next boston bomber they may have issue with you... but if you're just banging your chick they could care less

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Rai1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

your pretty gullible yourself if you think people actually sit and watch people..

They use the devices to record and send information.

Nexus381493d ago

jesus... do you honestly think they have the time, people and resources to record everyone playing?70% of those recordings will be 12 year olds harassing people. the fact is if they decide to look into what your doing, your most likely already doing something illegal.

Colzer011493d ago

Only a criminals and terrorists who will have a though at this. Or..... a fanboys

DiRtY1493d ago

"As far as Kinect watching you, yes- you uncovered our master plan to watch overweight twenty-somethings play Skyrim for 8 hours straight."