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GameXplain: E3 2010: Sonic Free Riders Eyes-On

GameXplain writes: "While this game wasn't playable on the showfloor, the media were allowed to watch two exhibitors flail around in a glass box in front of a Kinect unit as they played it." (Kinect, Sonic Free Riders, Xbox 360)

Credit url: gamexplain.com
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mushroomwig  +   1765d ago
Here's the gif. :]

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Dr-ZOOM  +   1765d ago
RedDevils  +   1765d ago
Look like
it a must buy lol
wissam  +   1765d ago
me too.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1765d ago
Haha, you have to see the video Muted!
dr_chicago  +   1765d ago
This really isn't how I plan to play my games.
erathaol  +   1765d ago
I usually play my games with more hip thrust.
taxidermia   1765d ago | Spam
A change in the wind  +   1765d ago
ROFL. Kinect certainly won`t see the light of day in my household.
D4RkNIKON  +   1765d ago
you need an absurd amount of space too, I am not removing my coffee table and couch to play this crap. In all of the demos of Kinect that I have seen, they have a huge open space or living rooms that cater to the device.
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negative   1765d ago | Personal attack | show
T9X69  +   1765d ago
I bet they are having a blast playing that, but they sure do look stupid as hell lol.

Only way I would buy Kinect is if there's a lazy option, where I can sit down and barely move my hands to do shit. None of that jumping around flapping my arms like a bird crap lol
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1765d ago
i really need to know who's gonna be doing this? i mean, say you live in an apartment building, do you know how much noise this is going to do? it could even get you kicked out of your apartment, plus you need space to do this....
karlowma  +   1765d ago
What are you, 300lbs? I can jump around without making any noise at all.
LinuxGuru  +   1765d ago
Some people aren't gifted with light-on-their-feetness. I've seen little girls who can't even walk without nearly stomping. Can you imagine a birthday party of girls playing this? It would sound like a herd of elephants!
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D4RkNIKON  +   1765d ago
what about the rest of his complaint. Who has an apartment living room that could fit this without removing of furniture.
karlowma  +   1765d ago
If you can stand up, put your arms out horizontally, and turn around 360°, then you have space. If you don't, then move out of the refrigerator box you live in and find more suitable accomodations.

@Pope below:
I've lived in a bachelor apt in downtown Toronto, which I'm sure is quite comparable. Really, you don't need a lot of space. Is there less than 4 feet between your couch and your TV? Come on.

@Linux below:
If your apartment is really that small, chances are you don't have a large family, or often entertain multiple guests. Take it to a buddy's house.
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LinuxGuru  +   1765d ago
What about the other 3 people that wanna play karlowma? Not everyone has space for 4 full-size individuals to prance around in front of the television.
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saint_john_paul_ii  +   1765d ago
i guess you never lived in an apartment building in NYC before, have you?

you dont have to be 300lbs to jump and almost break the floor with it. not all apartment buildings have a strong sound proof floor...

EDIT: this isnt trolling. This is serious.

remember the Rock Band Fiasco were people were getting kicked out of their apartments because their drumset was too loud. same thing will happen here.
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negative   1765d ago | Trolling | show
Orange Juice  +   1765d ago
Man I cant believe people want this crap to succeed. If it fails, MS will probably fall back on their hardcore roots, putting all that advertising money back into game development. Gamers should stop conforming to how ms tells you to play their games and demand some love for the core crowd.
Imalwaysright  +   1765d ago
baraka007  +   1765d ago
yeah not for me... I can take the WII and Move for games like tennis but this is just silly IMO
Megahurtz1986  +   1765d ago
The chick on the left instantly got tired after the cat Scratch move she did. I smoke so I know I won't be playing this shit. I'll be on the couch chillin wit my move playing Socom 4 or something
karlowma  +   1765d ago
That's some fuzzy logic right there...

"I can't exert myself physically because I smoke, so I'll just sit here and smoke."
OlvaR  +   1765d ago
the irony here is that they are having fun and you are here hating haha
LinuxGuru  +   1765d ago
And how do you know it wasn't acting, just like the On-stage Kinect fake demo?
Imalwaysright  +   1765d ago
Yes you can really see their smiles in the back of their heads.
PLAYstar  +   1765d ago
That's what I been saying all along. Kinect is for lunatics! Nobody believe... OPEN YOUR EYES! WITNESS THE TRUTH!

They having fun? After all the smoke and mirror, anything can be M$ lies. This could be just an act of fun, while they make themselves looks like fools!

EDIT: @hellraiserpop
Wow!! Is that for real!? MOVE sold me! !!!!!!!
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hellraiserpop  +   1765d ago
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-MD-  +   1765d ago
Because we all know we play video games to look cool.

Quick someone link that gif again. It's already in the thread 12 times but we need it again.
Johnny Rotten  +   1765d ago
I don't have a gif but this should do!

Corepred4  +   1765d ago
we don't play them to look cool. but we don't play them to look stupid. thats exactly what ddr does, lol and now kinect.
peeps  +   1765d ago
So we don't use correct titles anymore?
Doc Sony   1765d ago | Trolling | show
HINDERIZATION   1765d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
boysenberry  +   1765d ago
LMFAO. Kinect = Eye Toy.
mittwaffen   1765d ago | Trolling | show
The Maxx  +   1765d ago
They may look ridiculous playing, but in some time they will get leaner, more in shape, stronger and find themselves with more energy.

It's called a Cardiovascular workout and most of you fat bastards that have a hard time rolling off the couch should think about getting this peripheral.
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LinuxGuru  +   1765d ago
There is no evidence that any of that brings on a proper cardiovascular workout. Did you measure their heart rates? I can guarantee that maybe 5 people in the whole world will actually use this for some sort of actual training regimen and weight loss.
blodulv  +   1765d ago

If I'm going to work out at home it's going to be done via a REAL workout like P90X.

Let's not confuse videogames with actual workouts here. Wii fit included.
NiteX   1765d ago | Trolling | show
TheAwesomessMan   1765d ago | Trolling | show
RAM MAGNUMS  +   1765d ago
No This IS not Right!
I really thought this was the greatest use for connect with the hardcore. You know what? Just take a look and take of those Sony 3D glasses for once in your life.


your Welcome.
DelbertGrady   1765d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
00  +   1765d ago
lol that does look funny
But I doubt people would care what others think of them when they're having fun.
tiamat5  +   1765d ago
No. They cannot be serious. Microsoft is this some sort of early April fools joke for next year? Take a look at any person playing the Move. Do you see them flailing wildly around? Leaping around like a mental patient? Looking like they want to go to the bathroom? No. Because the Move is subtle in it's movements. Good luck selling this to the tired house wife or the hard working buisness man or the skeptical self conscious teenager or the easily bored child or the people 50 and above. In fact Microsoft tell me who is this for again? Do you even know anymore?
Berzf  +   1765d ago
Oh boy, it's definetly is eyetoy all over again.
And at least Playstation Eye had some better use than Kinect.
Eye of judgment is still a great game.
kydrice   1765d ago | Trolling | show
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1765d ago
Obviously this game works because of the rails, but what about just walking or running?

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