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Could EA buy 2k Sports?

Electronic Arts would be wise to buy 2K Sports, or so says industry analyst Michael Pachter for Wedbush Morgan Securities. The suggestion came amid the move from Wedbush downgrading Take-Two Interactive's stock from "hold" to "sell" Friday. Take-Two Interactive owns 2K Sports as a subsiderary.

"It is clear to us that Take-Two's sports business would have tremendous value to EA, as it would give EA a monopoly on football, basketball, baseball, and hockey," Pachter said. His analysis concluded that EA might purchase 2K Sports for as much as $200 million dollars, but he noted, "It is arguable that EA would benefit by as much as $1 billion if it were to obtain an exclusive; this does not mean that it is willing to pay $1 billion." (Industry, Madden NFL 07, NBA Live 07, NHL 07)

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Maddens Raiders  +   3115d ago
Just the thought of it reinforces in my mind just what a travesty this would be. EA is turning out to be the absolute Wal-Mart of video games. Not like I don't shop at Wal-Mart myself, but when I'm, looking for something special and unique unto itself or brand I don't go to Wal-Mart, but if it's something cheap and made for 'the masses' then I do. Get my point? Please EA, just move along and don't touch anything on your way out of the door.
MoonDust  +   3114d ago
For EA to buy 2k sport TTWO would have to sell it.
Wich i don't see happening. Nice try tho.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   3114d ago
to quote eddie murphy from the movie life
if ea takes my cornbread, there will be consequences and repercussions.

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specialguest  +   3114d ago
If EA buys out 2K sports, then I'LL COMMIT SUICIDE!
(in gta, not real life)
THAMMER1  +   3114d ago
2K is not for sale.
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3114d ago
I would be pissed only because that means no more 2k basketball. I hate NBA live, its straight garbage. All hell is going to break loose if this happens.
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SPAWN  +   3114d ago
Then their games will suck too! NO to EA, they make the most sucking basketball games! But, if they let the same 2K team make the games, then it would be great!
Monchichi025  +   3114d ago
Like Spawn said...
WTF  +   3114d ago
Please God no,please.
Black Republican  +   3114d ago
ea i admit looks nicer (graphics) but holy crap i cant stand looking at the games when the gameplay sucks soo badly
2ksports has always made great gameplay for sports, i would very hate to see this happen
Syko  +   3114d ago
Please NO
Please Dear god, Don't let this happen... What did I do to possibly deserve this ?!
sabbath420  +   3114d ago
no ea no!
I am so sick of ea lately. I used to love them and the games they made.(Madden,road rash). When they stole the nfl rights from everyone else I thought to myselfe, selfe... I guess I will be waiting 10 years before I play another good football game. They better not buy 2k also. They are so scared of competition. I hate you ea scum.
WTF  +   3114d ago
This could be classified as terroris gaming act on behalf of EA to us the gamers, not that they have done it in the past anyway.Im not a sport fan,but I know for other gamers is inhuman,God help us.
BIadestarX  +   3114d ago
You guys should be happy if it's EA who buys 2K Sports. Imagine if Microsoft is the one doing so? The games would be better obviously; but also exclusive to microsoft platforms; which would make a huge dent to the industry.
Covenant  +   3114d ago
God forbid
I don't think it would happen, but if it did, imagine having nothing but EA for your sports games *shudder.* As the most recent editions of Madden (no 2K football to compete against) and 2K Baseball (no MVP) have proven, giving someone exclusive licenses and/or a monopoly leads to lazy development and a tendency to take your audience for granted.
giovonni  +   3114d ago
Well you know what they say, " If you can't beat um Buy um out." As of late I really dislike E.A's sports line ups. 2K sports is one of the most innovative sports companies out. E.A should be ashamed of the job they did with NBALIVE 07 industrial strength trash
WhEeLz  +   3114d ago
ive got one thing to say...
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3113d ago
Could EA buy 2k Sports?...............
Let us PRAY to all the gods of all the religions in the world that this does not come to fruition! 8~(
Steakface  +   2165d ago
Bad news for everybody...
One things for sure: if this happened you could officially say goodbye to pretty much any and all sports games for the PC.

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