Den of Geek: Fable II review

Kevin Pocock writes:

"Choice is the premium value of this game and even at its core this is reflected in the decisions which help make your hero lovable and chivalrous, scary, monstrous and rogue-like or anywhere in between. After all, your main objective is to purge Albion of evil. That you might do it by being evil yourself seems merely something the world's citizens will have to learn to live with. And live with you they do; reacting to your appearance, actions and reputation, AI is rarely ever so attentive. Likewise, battling hordes of enemies with melee, ranged and spell attacks is rarely so fun, and – slightly negatively – managing to ignore where the story would have you go next, rarely so easy. And this is perhaps the one downside. With almost too much content available, it's easy to get lost in periphery quests and challenges and lose track of what can be an anti-climactic primary thread. But then, luckily, Fable II's well-crafted world weaves plenty of others as well."

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