Microsoft Is Doing A Complete 180 With Xbox Scorpio

For years, Microsoft chased an elusive dream. The Xbox was always meant to be a Trojan horse, the company said, a machine that enticed gamers in with titles like Halo before gradually convincing everyone else of the wisdom behind having a fairly powerful internet-connected computer sitting beneath their television screens. The company tried to straddle a line between attracting core gamers and a broader public, all the while expanding the entertainment options of its machines so that they less resembled dedicated gaming devices and looked more like the nerve center for an entertainment system. With Xbox Scorpio, it's trying something different.

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Septic381d ago

Scorpio is a result of Microsoft realising all it's missteps with the Xbox One and the complex it's had as a result of its defeat against Sony and the PS4.

BUT this shows how much Microsoft and Xbox are willing to fight back.

For all the cries of gloom and doom, the way Xbox is attempting to fight back is admirable and shows that they are in the game seriously.

Now they need to do the hard bit and deliver on the games. Good to see the competition fighting back so hard and being determined.

Now to unleash the BEAST!

Nyxus381d ago

Yeah, if at E3 they show off some great new games (new IPs preferably) then they certainly are on the right path.

LoveSpuds380d ago

I bought my XB1 on the strength of their E3 showing 3 years ago when they had that awesome conference with loads of games, cloud and Hololense. Since then their implementation of the Cloud is non-existent, Hololense will never see a commercial release and half the games they showed were scrapped and the rest were relatively disappointing and all of them are now on PC. Just like the 360 days, it's Halo, Gears and Forza on repeat.

I just don't know that I can afford to trust MS at their word any more, they just spin and outright lie and as a result, I see me waiting for a few years until there is a back catalogue that is tempting enough.

Z501380d ago

Haven't MS already been showing games at multiple E3's years past? Why will this E3 be different?

GTgamer380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Great ips take time I really don't think MS has any really big games to announce but if they do, I'm pretty sure it's very far from release.

donthate380d ago (Edited 380d ago )


You are about to get some love from MS, and get rewarded for buying an XB1 at this E3. Phil Spencer's got a gift with your name on it. It says, From Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox To LoveSpuds with lots of love.

aconnellan380d ago

I completely agree that they need a better flow of games, but I'm pretty certain they've showed new IP at every E3 since 2013. What would your benchmark be?

NatFanBoyRestricted380d ago

Love Spuds lives in some kind of alternate world. The hololens plans for xbox aren't set until 2018. And the hololens were shown at GDC not E3. The cloud is being used, like game saves, just logging in on your profile, and not needing to walk around with a hard drive with your game saves. These so called xbox owners are getting desperate with false information. GTFO

chris235379d ago

i will be very reluctant with their new ips. i once almost bought an xbox for maximum overdrive. in the end i'm glad i could withstand. the same with dead rising 1. terrible game but back then if i had the money i would have gotten sucked in to the boxverse. their ips seem always to be the next best thing but after a short while they are really not worth getting a machine for.

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nevarDcirE380d ago

Ye I'm confident E3 will be packed with game demos and new announcements, with a decent portion releasing this year, and early 2018.

ShadowKnight380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

From Rare and 343? Sea of thieves does look interesting. Halo 6 should be at E3

380d ago
CyberSentinel380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I'm sure Microsoft will promise great things at E3 to sell scorpio's, but what will they actually deliver? What if anything will be exclusive to Scorpio? Why should I invest in this, if all it does is play Xbox One games? (Granted at better resolutions and speeds, but I'm still gaming on 1080p) I would totally preorder this, if I had a really enticing reason too. 4K/60 fps, for me, isn't enough.

slate91380d ago

Agreed, they arent playing around and this investment shows it. Now deliver on the games. Lets allow 343, coalition, and rare work on some new IP

Kingthrash360380d ago

Don't expect any new announcment from rare....Sea of theives is their new game. If anything else ...probably a banjo remaster.

ShadowKnight380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

A little to late next gen starts in two years btw.

Obscure_Observer380d ago


Yeah. I´m sure the PS5 will be out before ND releases The Last of Us Part II for the PS4. :p

NatFanBoyRestricted380d ago

That ps4 pro is quite a waste then. I'm sure Sony will go bankrupt from RnD or just keep selling half step systems from now on

stefan_771379d ago (Edited 379d ago )


What makes you think that?

BlackOni380d ago

Agreed. I encourage the competition. Means better options for consumers. Very interested to see how the approach exclusive content moving forward.

Rude-ro380d ago

That is the part that is not good with competition. Microsoft is going hard after the third party content.
Monopolizing is not competition. They stay clear of monopolies and dirty marketing and news... then we can say they are turning over a new leaf.

Aenea380d ago

Yup, with all the custom stuff they added into the APU of this thing and the cooling system tells me they mean business!

Am sadly sure it won't but it would be awesome if Sony would be shaking in their boots right about now, we'll see what happens!

jmetalhead77812380d ago

Lol at the disagrees. You're spot on with your comment. XB made mistakes and are paying for it with "losing" the console war to PS. The Scorpio proves they're dedicated to console gaming and aren't just throwing in the towel.

About six months until the BEAST is released!!

Bronxs15380d ago

you're right it's admirable microsoft isn't content with being second best. they want to be first. much better than say what nintendo does and bows out when the competition becomes too much. similar how sony did when ps3 was a fiasco, they didn't give up they really fought back and changed their systems design.. however instead of adding things like ms did xbox one like adding backward compatibility sony removed ps2 compatibility from ps3. both ms and sony did strip away features tho like sony removed unnecessary usb and memory card readers, and ms removed kinect.

it just shows that both companies are competitive and the consumer benefits as both companies vie for our dollar.

SirBradders380d ago

Scorpio is more a result of the cloud not being fully realised.

Nodoze380d ago

No, Scorpio is a result of them fixing poorly designed hardware from the get go. Anyone who believed that cloud nonsense is just too easily persuaded. Where is Crackdown? Where are the other 'Power of the cloud' titles?

They don't exist. More marketing BS from MS.

SirBradders379d ago

That's exactly my point, can't give my money to a company that completely bs's everyone.

380d ago
SpaceRanger380d ago

Pfft...the TRUE BEAST is coming with PS5!

Scorpio is a death sentence to any consumer who actually want support for this expensive console, beyond the yearly shovelware that studios having been putting out.

I can already hear you praising Call of Duty this year just because Scorpio is coming out 😂

Septic380d ago

"Scorpio is a death sentence to any consumer "

😂 Lol wtf

gangsta_red380d ago

Even though Sony Playstation is the new home of CoD eh?

And are we now hyping the PS5 with the arrival of Scorpio? Wow...too funny.

Obscure_Observer380d ago


PS5? See you in about 4 years.

NatFanBoyRestricted379d ago

Bringing up the PS5 shows desperation. Sony can keep COD. Those solo, single play through exclusives don't seem to last long enough, that's why multiplats see more play time in that platform.

UltraNova379d ago (Edited 379d ago )


As if you MS boys werent mentioning scorpio since the ps4 pro got announced almost in all pro related know for a whole year now!

Thats some next level hypocricy...

gangsta_red379d ago


"As if you MS boys werent mentioning scorpio since the ps4 pro got announced..."

You mean a system that was actually announced by real human beings as a mid gen upgrade complete with the base specs shown on stage?

Compared to...

Mentioning the PS5 which hasn't even been conceived, revealed as coming or no where near releasing anytime soon?

Yea, next level hypocrisy indeed.

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TXIDarkAvenger380d ago

I don't see the appeal. Yeah it will be the most powerful console yet but that's it. The main issue with Xbox One is not having a lot of variety of exclusives. A more powerful console won't change anything. It's too early to say MS is doing a 180 with Scorpio.

Silly gameAr380d ago

Unleash the beast? That's a bit cringy.

xX-oldboy-Xx380d ago

couldn't agree more - and whenever 'release the beast' is said in any other medium, said 'beast' ends up dying. Is that a omen?

NatFanBoyRestricted379d ago

So is claiming 4k and not clarifying is checkerboard, yet doesn't support 4k bluray

trooper_379d ago

Lol @ Fanboy.

Clarify what? What does Sony need to clarify? You guys still going on and on about no 4k games on the Pro?

UKmilitia380d ago

they need to ditch the xb one UI its horrible

DarXyde380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I don't know about all that. I like the Xbox one and think it's a cool piece of technology as is. I think its only misstep against PS4 is software, but so far, their solution appears to involve throwing power at the issue.

Godmars290380d ago

Until they loose the obsessive focus on online multi, cause it gives them XBL subs, they will never "Unleash the BEAST!"

NatFanBoyRestricted379d ago

The online multi is what PS lacks. But I don't see you fan boys going around talking about building pcs and having free online for xbox games calling the online experience obsessive. You fan boys can never make your minds up. Just keep spewing whatever you can come up with to look like your right.

Godmars290379d ago

What are you talking about? How does the PS lack online multi titles when its had them since the PS2? My issue has been the decline of SP gaming since then. That now, as a consumer and gamer, I have to consider if not worry about frame rates and other crap.

Utalkin2me379d ago

Ms forte is doing 180's.....Nothing new here, lets move along.

Retroman379d ago

MS remind us the children story "little boy cried wolf " each cry led to Nothing but smoke an mirror .
they cried with Xbox, they cried with 360, they cried with X1 , now they Crying Hard with Scorpio .
each time Xbox open their mouth Sony Slap it shut Ka-Bamm ps3, Ka-Bamm ps4, Ka-Bamm ps4 pro .
by time Scorpio release Ka-Bamm ps5 ........... keep crying wolf MS Sony ready.

Uken12379d ago


I disagree. MS is not taking the right steps in fighting back. XB1 has no games, no reason to buy an XB1, it's less power with the same games and no interesting exclusives. CoD and Madden can only be played so much.
They have relied on Halo too much and have turned the series into the E-Sports, Under Armor-looking mess that has steered away from everything that made Halo great in the first place.

If MS were to actually fight back, they would start spending the money on actual games. Because this gen is abysmal when it comes to games. Good games and not the Indie crap that only 10,000 people like.

gedden7379d ago

the best thng they can do is make games exclusively for the XB Scorpio... But they can't which do you want?

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FallenAngel1984381d ago

Microsoft has been doing nothing but 180s this generation

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aconnellan380d ago

What else do you want them to do? Stick to their old path and release their 24-hour checkin vision of a console?

What I can't get over is the amount of shit people hang on MS for everything they do.

They got shit for their initial reveal (so much backlash), so they changed it completely to be in line with what consumers wanted.

That's so unheard of, especially from a massive company like MS, and what's the reaction? "Lol Xbox 180 lolololol"

Fucking ridiculous if you ask me, and just goes to show the ridiculous bias against MS across this site

Lukejrl380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

The problem is not the 180. The problem was their attitude that they new better.

MS was arrogant at the immediate backlash and overall they lacked detailed information people required with these new changes in policy. When they saw by lack of preorders the majority of people agreed with the initial issues, they did the 180.

NatFanBoyRestricted379d ago

Don't worry about these fanboys. These are the so called gamers that are salty and dissatisfied with the plastic boxes. So they have to circle jerk and bash MS and xbox to feel better. Go to the Ps4 reddit and look at how happy they are with the Scorpio. The DF reveal was pleasing to them while the Downplay Platoon was marching on this site. Funny thing is, some these fanboys here try so hard, that they'll post console war shit on the xbox and ps4 reddit, and barely get a comment, even negative xbox stuff on the ps4 reddit. So they come back here and copy and paste their reddit comments and hop right in with their circle buddies.

Retroman379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

If you haven't figure it out yet............MS only Good making computer software !!! they proved it without a doubt. they're noooooooooooooooooooooo at making gaming console simple as that. Millions of ps4 gamers see it why can't you? some had their 360 fix 5 times, will it take 5-6 x1's to be repaired or 3 repaired Scorpio's? to finally get it?.
Halo,Gears,Forza not enough for me to buy MS product .
if i had X1 with 3 games i'd be Bored as Hell , trade it in for console with variety of games .

aconnellan379d ago


Try harder mate, your response was childish and had nothing to do with my question.

360 fucked up with RROD, but Xbox One hasn't had any hardware issues that I know of (at least none on that scale).

If YOU haven't figured it out yet, different people have different tastes. Just because mine are different to yours doesn't mean I'm wrong, and your comment isn't going to suddenly make me 'get it' and sell my Xbox.

Also, Digital Foundry seem to think they're pretty good at making hardware. But I guess if you're saying that they aren't, so I should just believe you, right? The random fanboy in the forums, instead of the tech analyst that gets paid to analyse tech

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hahaha381d ago

The Scorpio has given us and the developers great starting point, now all we need are games to demonstrate the hardware capability.

Rude-ro380d ago

It's capabilities is making this gg's Xbox one games look and perform better... not a huge leap.

psuedo380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

But dont forget they have to be able to run on the original xbox one too, so....

380d ago
FinalFantasyFanatic379d ago

I just hope they didn't go too crazy with Scorpio's specs since it's a refresh and not a new console. They really need some new games to push with Scorpio.

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uth11380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Another 180? I'm getting dizzy

nevarDcirE380d ago

That's your fault for spinning in the same direction. If you alternate clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations you'd be fine.

ShadowKnight380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I feel like I'm in an alternative universe. What year is it? The 180 is strong with the Xbox

NatFanBoyRestricted379d ago

Cant wait for the pspro checker board, eyes bleeding reviews

S2Killinit380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

They are doing so badly that the best PR slogan is "MS is doing a 180". At this point no one knows which direction the 180 is facing.

Septic380d ago

"At this point no one knows which direction the 180 is facing."


The new hardware unveiled has impressed many. I know you were at the forefront of the failed Gamingbolt article citing a Ready at Dawn dev, quick to downplay it rather desperately.

The direction is obviously clear. They have the impressive hardware, no matter how hard you try to squint and desperately downplay it on here all day.

S2Killinit380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

uha. I was referring to the number of "180"s. At this point 180, when referring to xbox means anything you want it to be. They just repeat the "180" PR slogan, and it roughly translates to: "whatever you thought sucked about what we were doing before, its going to be the opposite now" and we are all supposed to accept that its true and move on.

what does hardware have to do with it? They are coming out with a console after this many years, if its not "impressive" then I would start to worry, OF COURSE its impressive, but that wasn't MS's main problem now was it? I thought it was that they keep launching new consoles and stop supporting them halfway. The question a person should ask themselves is, "should I believe that it will be different this time".