WTFGamersCast - Ep.2: Reboots, Remasters & Remakes, Worth It?

This week on WTFGamersCast, the gang takes a stab at what Hollywood and the gaming world have been promoting recently. Reboots, HD Remasters and Remakes in gaming and film have either been great ideas, or decisions that were better left on the drawing board. Should we be worried that video games will follow the path of failed movie franchises? Or are video games stronger than ever? Stick around to hear us talk about Beastiality in Sonic 2006, Omega Roofies, and how female assassins, turns out, are very easy to code.

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greysun123636d ago

Love this podcast! Especially Greysun, he's so smart and brings the best to the podcast

jitrel636d ago

He is pretty brilliant!

dannyphenton636d ago

Definitely tunning in next week.