Qore Issue 2 out today, features Resistance 2

PS3Fanboy writes: "Love it or hate it, the second issue of Qore hits the PLAYSTATION Network today. Here's what you can expect:

* Resistance 2 - The big cover story for this issue is Insomniac's upcoming PS3-exclusive FPS. Bonus! You get to see host Veronica Belmont don a mo-cap suit just for this game.
* Silent Hill: Homecoming - A look at Konami's upcoming horror game.
* Madden Twenty Year Retrospective
* Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - Exclusive first playable demo."

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chaosatom3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

enough said.

GiantEnemyCrab3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Yes, definately a skip. That chick is fugly and her fake enthusiasm is sickening.

Kalie Lewis @ GeekBreif FTW!!

chaosatom3734d ago

Are u jealous that you won't get to watch her in HD GLORY! huh mr crab?

fenderputty3734d ago

but she ain't fugly at all. I have no idea who she is though so I couldn't say one way or another about her personality which could have an affect on your physical views of her.

The gaming GOD3734d ago

I doubt you even have a ps3 to begin with. The way you talk, everything ps3 related is a "skip".

Nothing like an xbox fan WITHOUT a ps3 commenting on stuff he doesn't even have (and probably never touched).

Anyway, unlike MANY here, I have a ps3 AND a 360. I can comment on both with facts. And before someone asks, no I'm not giving my xbox live or psn names to anybody for the sake of "proving" I have.

Elimin83734d ago

She's just not necessary...

fusionboxer3733d ago

They had an interview with her and she's actually a huge tech geek. She'd probably kick all your asses in a who can put that computer jig-a-ma-bobber together faster contest.

They said something like she's the second in command of the largest guild in World of Warcraft and has worked for Cnet and other computer sites before hand writing a bunch of articles.

She ain't my type, but she's more then qualified for the job of a host on a playstation show. It's actually refreshing to see sony choose someone more down to earth then a super model. I'd hate for her to lose her job to someone that knows less, but looks better.

Anyway she hinted in the interview that resistance would be in the next issue and that she makes a great alien from outer space or something.

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Fishy Fingers3734d ago

Come on bro, at least use constructive criticism if you have nothing good to say.

hunter213734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

i really feel so bad to this dude... or should i say to bad his so called proud console dont have this stuff.

Doppy3734d ago

Resistance news great
Naruto demo looks great
Silent Hill great
Madden retro. umm pretty good.

Overall great.

Cocozero3734d ago

i wonder if this stuff will come out for free in the uk since we dont have qore

jkhan3734d ago

:| does anybody knows if Qore will be available in Australia?
Guess I have to wait a little longer:(

micro_invader3734d ago

I don't think it's available in the UK as well, so we AUS/NZ'ers aren't alone. Hopefully we do get something soon, though.

SeanScythe3734d ago

Can't wait for the Naruto Demo!

Luca Blight3734d ago

The Naruto demo is worth the price of admission alone this month!

PS360WII3734d ago

yup that's what I'm looking forward to as well

InMyOpinion3734d ago

You have to pay for demos?

Pornlord3734d ago

Yes, I shall get the Naruto demo. I've been curious as to the mechanics of that game since I watched the videos.

INehalemEXI3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

You pay for a digital magazine that happens to have early access to a demo. $25 bucks a year is chump change cmon.

The spin stops here. -Bill O`Riley Why must you make me quots this guy Jenzo.

CaptainHowdy3734d ago

this may be something new to you but ,in-store, many gaming magazines include a demo disc. Now, pay CLOSE attention here cuz it gets tricky. Qore is an ONLINE magazine, which means it TOO includes demos. Now this is even ZANIEr!!!! Videogame magazines are NOT free!!! "what" you say "insanity!" This is the crazy world we live in...But fear not, just like the XBOX in-store magazines, the demo will be available on-line for free in the near furture. Hope that clears everything up.

InMyOpinion3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Online magazine lol! Every gaming site on the net is like an online magazine. Who needs magazines when you have free access to N4G. C'mon!

Qore is PSN's version of Oblivions Horse Armor, and you are buying it without hesitation. Just shows to what lengths PS3 fanboys are willing to go. If it's EA you feel cheated, if it's Sony you feel loved.

If you want to refer to it as a magazine cause it makes you feel better, go ahead. I know it's impossible for you to be critical against anything that concerns Sony, the PS3 and PSN.

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