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Submitted by Digital_Anomaly 481d ago | opinion piece

Fanboys Beware: It's Starting to Look Like the Consoles are More on Par Than You Think

It's undeniable that the Xbox One console is an underpowered machine when compared to the PS4. With more and more games reaching that all-important 1080p resolution on the console though is it possible that fanboys of the future aren't going to have anything to yell and scream about anymore? (Culture, Destiny, Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition, PS4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Xbox One)

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Mikelarry  +   481d ago
Yeah but my 1080 is better than your 1080.. theres levels to this RECOGNIZE :)

OT: it was bound to happen, it is no longer that important now that the consoles cost the same
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bintarok  +   481d ago
Still, both current gen consoles are not powerful enough for future 4K gaming.
JeffGUNZ  +   481d ago
True, but with the price of 4K/Ultra HD televisions and the lack of support (mainstream) support of 4K, that isn't an issue. I could see this gen. ending a little earlier once 4K becomes more common.
xHeavYx  +   481d ago
One game makes it to 1080p and now the consoles are more on par?
Yeah right, wake me up when console sales are on par
Volkama  +   481d ago | Funny
Shhhh.... don't... make... a sound....

You might wake the fanboy.
afterMoth  +   481d ago | Well said
Hilarious, so when a game that isn't pushing the hardware makes 1080p on both systems it means both systems are equally powerful. Microsoft loves the way the die hard Xbox fans think.
pastysmash  +   481d ago
4K gaming will never catch on. Not even on PC. Considering you need a decent 770 or 780 Sli setup for good performance most people avoid it because the whole premise is too pricey for PC gamers to conform to.

@Volkama I disagree, I didn't say anything about the costs of the Monitors/TV's. I know they're coming down in price.

It's the price of GPU's that facilitate 4K performance that turn people off. 500 pounds for a 780Ti, 400 for a 780, 290x etc, both GPU's still struggling to perform at 4K then you have to take into consideration building the rest of the PC, Cpu, PSU, Mobo, SSD etc. How do i know?

I've been running 4K for 4 months on a samsung U28D590DS...
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Volkama  +   481d ago
I think this canadianonlinegamers site have put up a few questionable articles.

Destiny and Diablo are relatively high profile games that both made the last-ditch jump from 900p to 1080p. It's a good thing for the Xbox version, but it doesn't say much about the hardware difference between the consoles.

@Pantysmash 4k gaming will catch on. nVidia, AMD, and more importantly the likes of Samsung/LG/Asus are all steering the industry towards it. The costs won't be so steep forever.
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ABizzel1  +   481d ago
This is so silly, Diablo 3 running in 1080p should have never been a question to begin with, and if it was it really goes to show that the XBO was vastly underperforming from it's base model GPU.

It runs at 1080p @ 50 fps on a HD 7750, so that meant the XBO (based on a 7790) was performing worse than that if they couldn't get it up. So currently the XBO is an easy port for games running on the level of an HD 7770.
CuddlyREDRUM  +   481d ago
Neither are 99% of PC rigs.
Patrick_pk44  +   481d ago
@JeffGunZ You know 4K monitors are cheaper then Television by a land slide, right?
brich233  +   481d ago
4k? yeah because 99% of the population has 4k tvs.
Scatpants  +   481d ago
Most people's PCs aren't powerful enough for it either.
Volkama  +   481d ago
@pastysmash bully for you, I have a 4k TV and crossfire 290s myself.

Graphics cards advance, 4k will not require multiple high end cards forever. So the cost of 4k gaming will drop significantly.
jackdaddy  +   481d ago
I would rather have a few more years of quality 1080p gaming on my ps4 than sub standard 4k right now.
That's what Pc's are for.
higgins78  +   481d ago
Both? Sorry, but unless you have been living under a rock you will find 3 current gen consoles...a little known console manufacturer called Nintendo is also in the picture. Bloody ignorant jocks. Don't think for a second that missing out on 'next gen' cough* games such as Watch Dogs and TLOU make it less relevant.
SilentNegotiator  +   481d ago
Neither are 99.9% of PC rigs.
souga_houjou_jin   481d ago | Bad language | show
Cueil  +   481d ago
hoping this generation is short
Docknoss  +   481d ago
The One's hardware had never been the issue. It was the rushed Dev tools Microsoft put out. Now that new and improved SKU has dropped, nothing but 1080p from Developers. Nay say all you want but it's the truth.
700p  +   481d ago
All i see is people crying.
ZombieKiller  +   481d ago
I'll believe that when I see it.

If the xbox is struggling now with 1080p, what happens when the games get better looking/require more power?

Sorry but I'm sticking to my PS4. Actually, no I'm not sorry.
Prime157  +   481d ago
@pastysmash, "4K gaming will never catch on. "

Well, people said that about 720/1080... technology grows fast. So never? Not never.

Right now, yes, it's for those with cash to burn. However, a few years will tell.
masterfox  +   481d ago
lol 4k, good luck with that.
Boody-Bandit  +   481d ago
"4K gaming is the future"

Yes, I agree. It's the future.
The future for the PC and some day console gaming. But those that pretend PC gaming is already there are either lying their @zz off or don't know WTF they're talking about.

I have a PC (check my profile n click on my facebook link for pics) with dual GTX 780 Ti Classifieds and my rig can't hit 4k resolutions at reasonable frame rates.

My rig struggles (which I just upgraded this week), although I thought it wouldn't, to hit 60 FPS with BF4 and Crysis 3 max settings, 60fps on 3 x 1080p displays at 60hz.

It takes about 1 minute to google and hear the tech experts tell you we are roughly 2 years away from 60fps, 60hz, max settings in 4k on a single display. Even than the cost will be more than most are willing to spend unless you have uber deep pockets.

Do some research on 4k you will also find that most games out today have issues, regardless of how powerful your hardware, with scaling, dithering, panning, scope, etc... while running games in 4k. Most people running 4k displays do it at 30hz. Not 60,120,144, etc, but 30hz just to get reasonable frame rates in 4k.

So don't believe the drivel being spewed by the misinformed. Oh and BTW those 4k displays have input lag worse or on par with standard LED TVs. Any hardcore PC gamer, or hardcore gamer in general, worth their salt, want as low a input lag monitor as possible. Not screen response time but input lag. 2 entirely different beast.

That is why 1080p is still the best monitor to game on competitively.
I have a PC monitor with 7ms input lag and a 55 Sony w802a for console gaming in my media room (it has 17ms input lag / lowest on big screen displays today).
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memots  +   481d ago
but 1080p didn't matter a month ago ? it does now?
4Sh0w  +   481d ago
Oh here we go, show me anyone who says 1080p/higher specs does NOT matter and I'll show you a fool.

That's why we buy new consoles.

What your mis-characterization of the general topic is missing is that while there are some who now and continue to make 1080p a main priority, there are many that don't think it is paramount; especially if we are talking more ambitious games from a design perspective. For example if a developers VISION/GAME DESIGN is to make a huge open world game with, tons of effects, tons of NPC's, tons of weapons, scope, depth, weapons, modes, features, etc AND ALSO he targeted it all to be running at 1080p 60fps and mid development cycle he found that his vision is too ambitious, my hope is the first thing he sacrificed is 1080p, I'd gladly take all the above at 900p while you can have the lifeless 1080p game because the dev thinks the label on the box is more important to gamers.
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Bobby Kotex  +   481d ago
It's ridiculously sad you comment is downvoted. The ignorance here is amazing.
Wizard_King  +   481d ago

Yes 4k will catch on and sooner than you might ever think. You fail to see that next years GPU's are all targeting above 1080 as the high end GPU market has hit a wall at 1080p. 3 years from now even mid range GPUS will push 4k at a reasonable rate and we will shift forwards while PS games are stuck at 1080 and xbones will be stuck with even less.

We can already see the next wave of 4k screens supporting 60 hertz and above and with HDMI2.0 all the issues will be ironed out.

You can choose to deny this for what ever reason you feel but it's the truth. Most decent PC gamers already have more that 1 1080p monitor (I have 3, that's 5760x1080) or a 1440p or a 2k screen.

So yeah I am more than confident that next years 880GTX and the following years 980GTX will prove you wrong. Console only gamers will still have around 6-7 years of static tech ahead of you at that point, while PC gamers leap ahead. I'm not knocking what the PS4 is and can do but lets not piss in the wind about things you obviously don't understand.

And I bet if that actually is your screen you where dumb for buying a first gen, locked at 30 hertz 4k screen..... DUMB
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andibandit  +   480d ago

"4K gaming will never catch on"

ok so in 30 years we will still be gaming in 1080P?

you problably meant:

"It's gonna be a long time before 4K gaming catches on.
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Giul_Xainx  +   480d ago
Lack of support and adoption of 4k rez TV's?

Boy doesn't that sound so much like 2007 with the hdtv hdmi fanboy war over the 360 vs ps3?

Next in line was blu ray disc apparently not being needed.

Don't ever say something has a lack of support or not enough peolle buying it. What you should be saying is this:

I can't wait to see 4k gaming.

That is the problem with this fanboy war. Progress gets stunned and shot in the knee because of silly, stupid, and downright trollish comments to put down another fan base.

We pick on the opposite console to show its bad side that needs improvement. But all of these 00 kids think of it as some sort of a personal diss to their image.

Seriously those people on youtube don't care about your opinion on them. They don't care if you put up something against the console they chose. They all see that as a means to improve their system.

It is the ones who do take the dissing of their console so personal that they have to make personal insults towards the opposition. When really you should be focusing on the negatives of JUST THE CONSOLE. Not the person. Who ever throws out a personal insult against another persons opinion needs to have their head checked.

This is why we keep saying "dance fanboys dance!!!"

Why? Because we want you to point out something that is wrong with our system to make it better.

If you really want a fanboy to get mad just ignore their comment completely. Don't even make a relly. Most of all if you even send a pm that means you are truly disturbed and should avoid even owning a console. Your constant perception of acception needs to tone down. No one really cares about the brand names you support.
Berezau  +   479d ago
4K may or may not catch on. The truth is though, we're starting to stretch the line where the difference in visual fidelity is not really going to be noticed by a heck of a lot of people.
Enemy  +   481d ago | Well said
I like how they're coming to the conclusion that they're on par based on Diablo 3, which can run at 1080p on even the weakest laptop. If the Xbox One couldn't output this game at 1080p, I actually would have felt even more sorry for Microsoft here.

It's also funny that only games "on par" are cross gen games, games which are basically designed with parity in mind (see Destiny).

Current gen games are what the Xbone is struggling with, not last gen.

Anyone with a pair of eyes can see that Diablo 3 is an ugly game. Why wouldn't it run at 1080p on Xbone is the question?

Atrocious article trying too hard to achieve actual traffic on their website for once.
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Artista  +   481d ago
What will your excuse be when current-gen games also do 1080p on the ONE?
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Enemy  +   481d ago | Well said
They won't, and if they do, it'll come at a cost (sacrificed graphics on Xbone in exchange for higher resolution).

It's really delusional for you guys to keep telling yourselves the Xbone is as powerful as the PS4. It never will be. Learn a thing or two about set specs and you'll understand that it's not magic. It's simply working with what's there.

Destiny, again, is a fine example of what parity means. They're aiming for the same vision across all platforms, and not taking complete advantage of the extra power on PS4. Ask yourself: does that mean the PS4 is just as powerful as the Xbone, PS3, and 360? Use your head.
creatchee  +   481d ago

"It's really delusional for you guys to keep telling yourselves the Xbone is as powerful as the PS4."

Yes, but no less delusional than you and others who seem to think that the PS4 is some crazy amount more capable than the Bone. The fact is, whether games are the same resolution or different, they basically look and play the same in practice. Sure, you can zoom in on screenshots and spot the differences or see a few jaggies here or crushed blacks there, but it is nitpicking by definition.

The bottom line is yes, the PS4 is and always will be more powerful than Xbox One, but not to a degree where anybody who is truly being honest to everyone (including themselves) can say is significant.
MysticStrummer   481d ago | Trolling | show
Artista  +   481d ago
^_^ You made use of a cross-gen game as an example, again.

So, what you're saying is, the PS4 has unlimited resources, yet it couldn't run some cross-gens games at 1080P. Battlefield 4, Watch_Dogs.

The PS4 is till only a console. Stop exaggerating its capabilites.

Killzone SF multiplayer (Which Sony is being sued over) isn't 1080P either

The differences between PS4 and Xbox ONE are marginal. PS4 has an edge, yes, but it's not enough to make me a gullible fanboy, ahah.
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SilentNegotiator  +   481d ago | Well said
~90% of Ps4 games are 1080p, ~50% Xbone.

Marginal difference my ass.
Enemy  +   481d ago
@ creatchee: Is the difference between 720p and 1080p only noticeable by nitpicking now? It's not my problem if your eyes need a checkup. It's downright laughable that you would even bring up the word "nitpick", which is just a sad way on your part to dismiss the extra power advantage for your convenience.

Seems you're on the boat of denial instead of acceptance. Let me know when your boat of delusion crashes so I could take you a bit more seriously.

@ Artista: No platform has unlimited resources, not even the most powerful PC. If you feel that the only way you could get your "point" across is by putting your own words in my mouth so that you may respond to something I never said, don't bother responding me, as you are clearly having weird discussions with yourself.

@ SilentNegotiator: Funnily enough, that 40% in between is the PS4's power advantage over Xbone.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   481d ago
@Aitista That's what I'm wondering.

If a game is 1080p on the X1 what will be the next goal post? Diablo, Destiny, The Crew maybe the new COD or the new Assassin's Creed.

Save the "oh its parity" "The game isn't that demanding"

Now that I took away that logic what does it ultimately come down to then?

@Enemy "not taking complete advantage of the extra power on PS4."

That right there. Explain some supposed extra power that the PS4 would take advantage if you didn't have parity. 14K 4K, 120 frames or more somewhere around there?
SilentNegotiator  +   481d ago
What's funnier:
1920x1080 is about 2.1 million pixels.
1600x900 is about 1.5 million pixels.

1080p is about 50% more pixels than 900p. And any Pc gamer can tell you that performance scales pretty linearly with pixel count (assuming effects and other details aren't being altered).
creatchee  +   481d ago

"Is the difference between 720p and 1080p only noticeable by nitpicking now?"

There are only two multiplatform games with the 1080p VS 720p disparity - COD: Ghosts and MGS:GZ. Two. Games. Everything else is either 1080p vs 900p or 900p vs 720p (or even 792p). Basing an entire generation of games thus far on those two instances is asinine and misleading.

And, to answer your... accusation I guess? I (as well as many others) can tell the difference between 1080p and 720p. It's just not that big of a difference. Sorry if that isn't convenient for you.
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Why o why  +   481d ago
Queue up all the apologists who were oddly quiet during last gens comparison articles.

Ask any pc guy if 900p vs 1080p is classed as marginal. After that explain why the comparison articles last gen generated so much heat. Where did the notion of multiplats generally being better on one platform come from.

You guys kill me. .Don't get me wrong. Enjoy your gaming regardless but cut the crap. .

If it mattered to you last gen then you're a hypocrite if you scream from the moral high ground now. If this didn't bother you then I apologise for some of the more over zealous comments. Some of them are just giving back what was thrown at them so it's not directed at your type. N4G doesn't have an option to filter comments so only the hypocrites, goalpost shifters and butt hurt can read. When they do, you'll be free of the torment
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gootimes  +   481d ago

There is no goal post moving, there was no claim that 1080p was all that mattered, it was only ONE example of the disparity, there were others, like FPS and textures, shaders... which generally played the PS4's advantage.

People aren't saying that the PS4 is the most powerful machine ever, and it crushed the Xbox one in every way. In fact they are very similar in power and performance. All people are saying is that there IS a power advantage in the PS4's favor, it is a fact. If that matters then great! People sit here trying to change the subject and call hypocrisy on those that care about resolution (like it didn't matter to 360 fanboys... sure) but the ONLY thing that matters in this argument are machine specs, that tells you what a machine can do. The PS4 is in fact capable of more, whatever that more is.
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1nsaint  +   481d ago
@enemy its not a 720 vs 1080 thing tho, its 900 vs 1080
ZombieKiller  +   481d ago
@Artista: Let's actually GET to that point first then we'll talk.

"The differences between PS4 and Xbox ONE are marginal. PS4 has an edge, yes, but it's not enough to make me a gullible fanboy, ahah."

-But Microsoft and the bullshit they spew at you is?
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4Sh0w  +   481d ago
"I like how they're coming to the conclusion that they're on par based on Diablo 3"

-Yeah while X1 may not be as powerful as ps4 it was just as silly to say sub 1080p launch games were indicative of what X1 was capable of, with late changes, late dev tools and harder to use eSRAM its only logical that those were negative factors that will get fixed going forward.

"The obvious conclusion would be that the PS4 version is being held back in some way"

-So devs who have been so far developing games with higher spec's on ps4 because its EASIER TO DO SO, while putting out a lower spec'd X1 version are NOW all of a sudden going to "hold ps4 back"? lmfao, Yeah, right that's some more baseless ps conspiracy theory BS. Truth is ps4 is more powerful but its CEILING is not on the level of a good pc. X1 can reach *nearly the same identical specs its just takes more effort to learn and use the hardware/esRAM to achieve it.

@Why o Why
"Ask any pc guy if 900p vs 1080p is classed as marginal."

-Yes there is a technical difference and on some levels you can SEE a difference but you make it sound as if its a huge gap that folks can actually notice easily. Take all these *forum posters with this keen vision put them in a room with 2 high end HDTV's, consoles covered, button labels/prompts removed and you and I know that most here could NOT say which is running at which res, lets not even mention, normal gamers who don't follow gaming news= IT IS MARGINAL in terms of visuals to the naked eye and we all know it.

"After that explain why the comparison articles last gen generated so much heat. Where did the notion of multiplats generally being better on one platform come from."

-How convenient you forgot a whole year+ PRIOR TO PS3 LAUNCH where ps loyal fans swarmed almost every positive xbox news thread with comments about how ps3 WOULD sell 10mil and past 360 in 6 months, how every xbox game sucked and ps3 WOULD have Pixar graphics, and much worst comments born out of sony's arrogance and the mentatlity that "next gen doesn't start until we say so".= Uhm, of course the media and xbox fans were quick to do comparisons and ask where is this "Hype Machine 3" that was made by a highly evolved alien race? Seriously despite my sarcasm, YES the media and xbox fanboys laughed when ps3 stumbled, and xbox fans had a right to question ps3 post launch and so on. NOW you portray ps fans as some innocent fanbase looking for retribution after years of torment. pfft Neither fanboys are victims. In the past I've owned all consoles and I don't care which is more powerful, NOT because I'm not a graphics whore or a guy who loves to see new tech pushed, Hell Yeah I do love for my games to push tech but its delusional or just a one sided view to pretend its this drastic difference in the technical capabilities between 360/ps3 and now X1/ps4. I mean even the latest pc vids I'm looking at running this gen games aren't some huge leap over X1/ps4 games. To each his own but its just not that significant enough to sway me, the games themselves are more different because of their type, genre and vision, that's it nothing where I say to myself "OMG _game can never be done on _". I mean again like last gen if you need Digital Foundry to take freeze frame screenshots and slow games down side by side on a test bench to see a difference, then for me theres really no difference= marginal..still if I really was that nitpicky about only having the best specs possible on earth then I probably would go with PC gaming.
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Firebird360  +   481d ago
Show me a single game on ps4 that looks and plays as good as Forza 5.
kenshiro100  +   481d ago
@ Fire

Killzone: SF and Infamous: Second Son. Please, don't embarrass yourselves further. A more expensive console should be demonstrating raw power with actual exclusives.
Why o why  +   481d ago
Type all you want 4show... the differences are greater than last gen. You may attribute that to hype or what the ps fans did for that 1 year but I saw 7 years of the ps fulfilling its potential without falling off. Ive stated on numerous occasions that there are NO innocents so try not to imply I'm playing any victim card.

Clearly.....NOBODY IS INNOCENT. ....I wrote that because I believe and know that. Its funny looking at 7 years of x verses your 1. Digital foundry and lens of truth were rife with vitriol over smaller differences than this gen.......yeah I get ya...sonys arrogance/fans/whatever was the reason right Lol. At least I can show you hypocritical commenters who are on this very same site...can you show me those sony trolls from 7, 8 years ago.....

If you cant take it.....dont give it.....I'm 100 percent sure we can agree on that wholeheartedly.
#1.2.18 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
4Sh0w  +   480d ago
Why o Why
"ps fans did for that 1 year but I saw 7 years of the ps fulfilling its potential without falling off."

lmfao, your link is to a Titanfall sales thread where the first and many comments are downplaying it's value= what exactly does that prove? ps fans have been in the mud long after ps3 realease right along with 360 fans, the 1 year to 7 is laughable I could easily show soooooo much trolling from ps fans all last gen just as easily as you could show some from Xbox fans so just stop the BS, especially when this very site by any rational person would be admittedly skewed positively towards ps, which is fine because maybe that's just how popular the brand is but it also bleeds over to there being way more fanatical, irrational fanboys of the ps type on this site. Sony is more humble but they've also started slow this gen AGAIN while that's fine its fair to criticize just the same as how you are quick to critique micro slowing down last gen. Those same digital foundry articles are filled with just as many ps fansboys swearing "mine is better than yours" no matter the digital foundry conclusion.

You are simply looking for excuses to continue the petty BS that ALL fanboys love to wallow in. I get that some on both sides can get angry when the brand they prefer is *attacked unfairly but damm the key difference is that more often than not ps fans are provoked simpy if X1 does well. It's the common trend from those who hate Xbox/microsoft as you'll notice this thread is not about bashing ps4, its intent is to simply imply that X1 is addressing early flaws and improving, whether that's true or not WHY exactly does that bother the folks who should care the least? ps4 doesn't get any worst regardless of improvements on X1 but the behavior here ironically points out how much more vitriolic the xbox haters are. Truth is its almost always a disproportionate response when it comes to xbox related news vs the exact same type of ps news. Again games like COD Ghosts that clearly suffered from early launch time constraints were held as the true capability of X1 but at the same time much better games like starting with as far back as Forza5 all the way to games like Destiny now hitting 1080p and looks better, plays better and has way more content, features etc at 1080p but now its like "meh, whatever". Then back again with non-demanding games like Trials Fusion being lowered spec'd than ps4 so it's automatically because X1 is underpowered and nothing to do with the dev not using the hardware properly. Also theres plenty of goal post moving from ps fans too, it happens with sells, graphics vs game design, calling out companies for misleading consumers or for being greedy/bad for consumers like with ps now beta prices. I mean it goes on and on but I don't personally go to ps threads to bash ps fans, I sort of hate to use labels and be boxed into being a xbox fan as if I hate ps. No but when you actually like xbox and can't ever have a decent conversation about what's going on with xbox I see it as my right to speak out on the totally skewed BS that's going on.

I apologize for the length but couldn't express my opinion without going on a bit so this is my final comment on the matter.
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Why o why  +   480d ago
You missed my point or misinterpreted what I said 4show

I didnt say there was only one year of sony fans trolling.... I said I saw 7 years of sony being trolled but still producing more and crushing the fud. From 'no games' to 'best graphics' to 'the sales' so yeah there IS a lot of goalpost shifting because from where I was sitting here on n4g 'exclusives didnt matter' and neither did 'sales in na'. Achievements were downplayed as was ps plus. It goes BOTH ways. You calling out one side shows myopia. If you don't venture into specific ps articles how on earth can you be judge and jury to spout what you spout.

Like I stated before....if you wasn't the type to revel in LOT or digital foundry articles then IGNORE the retaliation. Its as simple as that. Don't bicker with me over who did what first or worst when you've stated how you avoid such articles...makes zero sense because it means you only see one sides vitriol. I'm telling you that there are commenters here on n4g who used to laud the differences between the multiplats that are now crying morality. Differences that were smaller than the ones we can see now... Really, what is there to argue with? Those are the guys who are targeted. You giving excuses doesnt change the fact. Was there special parle given to the ps3 because it was harder to develop on? Ok den and I'd also like to remind you this is n4g and isn't to be taken too seriously. This whole site is built of bickering. It would be very sterile without it as well as less profitable.

Again...dont give it if you cant take it but I'll add that you cannot defend the undefendable. I'm not going to defend ps trolls or be blinkered to their existence. If you have something to say to them then say it just cut with the 'its them its them its them' crap or say im making excuses to continue the nonsense when I'm just stating facts.


Just re read your 'starting slow''re kidding me right. Are you comparing sonys start this gen to microsofts 3 years of drought...... smh. Ok jokes aside, are you aware sony has released more games, both core and indie than microsoft has this gen. I'm trying to work out what you're saying or implying but you've said you're done with the topic so I can only assume you weren't aware of the facts and needed filler. Until next time dude
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denawayne  +   481d ago
I've said it before and I'll say it again. The PS4 is selling like hotcakes because of pure hype. There is nothing that separates the two systems put raw power. If raw power is what people are looking for then why don't they go the PC route? It's been almost a year since the systems were released and I've yet to see why the PS4 is so musc better than the Xbox One. Games for both systems are lacking at the moment. And if you ask me, I would argue that the Xbox One has the better, more unique features. I'm not saying everybody should have bought the Xbox One but I do believe a lot of PS4's sales were do to one big flock of sheep.
#1.3 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(59) | Report | Reply
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   481d ago | Well said
I'll never ever ever understand this type of argument. All of PS4's sales are because of pure hype, but all of XB1 sales are because it deserves them right? Can't someone say the same thing the other way around? Why is it hard to believe that people like what the current offering the PS4 has? How about the upcoming games? People aren't allowed to buy the system for that as well? People should only by a console for what it has at the moment? But I guess thinking that way makes me sheep? But your way of thinking is how the levelheaded ones think right?
#1.3.1 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(40) | Disagree(9) | Report
hiawa23  +   481d ago
I own both consoles, and although I see the difference, it is not that big of deal for as far as my eyes can see. There has always been console differences. The PS2 surely wasn't equal to the Xbox. It is funny, now it is an issue this gen. I hope devs get over this and just make the best games they can make for each platform. I will determine which version to get. That is all I ask.
#1.3.2 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(4) | Report
denawayne  +   481d ago
@Outside_ofthe_Box - I would definitely argue that the PS4 is selling because of it's games or features if there was any proof of it. I haven't read any articles that say the the PS4 is selling like hotcakes because of a certain game or feature. A lot of people are buying the PS4 because it is popular and people like to be a part of it. Ever hear of trhe expression "Jumping on the bandwagon"?
#1.3.3 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(35) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   481d ago | Well said
"I do believe a lot of PS4's sales were do to one big flock of sheep."

Interesting theory, since it was XB1 sales that mostly happened in one big block during the holidays last year. It's August, and more than half of XB1 sales still happened in 2013.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   481d ago

List every game that is currently on a the PS4 and every game that will be available on the PS4 in the future and that's your answer. Any one of those games can be and/or will be a reason why someone would pick up a PS4. There are probably people who picked up a PS4 for Uncharted 4 alone. Or probably they were waiting for UC4 and decided to pick up a PS4 early after lets say another game that released that may not of been a high priority like UC4, but was a game that they were still planned on playing like InFamous or Watch Dogs.

Just because nothing interests you at the moment doesn't mean everyone feels the same way and it doesn't make them sheep just because they don't feel the same way you do.
#1.3.5 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(1) | Report
xDHAV0K24x  +   481d ago
go peep how many ppl are trying to sell of the extra ps4's they bought for profit!
Biggest  +   481d ago
Go peep how many people (Microsoft) are trying to sell off extra XB1's they made for profit!
denawayne  +   481d ago
@Outside_ofthe_Box - Apparently if you bought the PS4 because of a future game, then you're not the sheep I'm referring to. Of course there are many people who bought the PS4 knowing that was the system for them from the beginning. With your logic, all of the PS4 sales were in the bag before the Xbox One reveal. I feel a of of people heard the bad press about the Xbox One and flocked over to the PS4 without really knowing that the PS4 really isn't that much better. I have a few friends who swore off the Xbox One, bought a PS4, and are now regretting the decision because they used to play with other friends on Xbox LIve and those friends are still there.

I could really care less which system sells the most. I made my decision based on what I like not what the media tells me to like.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   481d ago

***"I could really care less which system sells the most. I made my decision based on what I like not what the media tells me to like."***

Okay, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that all, but WHY is it hard for you to believe that others did the same?

Your few friends doesn't represent anything. You don't think that there are a few people out there that bought an XB1 and regretted it?

And I wasn't trying to say that all of the PS4 sales were in the bag from the get go. I was just stating one of many examples on why someone could pick up a PS4 since you have a hard time believing why one would. If the PS4 had bad press and it was still selling the same amount as it is now would the people you are referring to no longer be sheep then? Or would they be blind sheep? The main deciding factor for most people when buying a console especially early adopters are the games/revolve around the games period.

Also, can't one argue that buying a system because it's popular among your friends is "jumping on the bandwagon"? Just saying.
#1.3.9 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(1) | Report
Why o why  +   481d ago
pure hype

What a simpleton

Ok so last gens performance of each company didn't have anything to do with it nah?

Microsoft's fall off or casual switch had zero to do with people not wanting their fingers burnt again nah?

Sony's 'broke' ass managed to produce quality for the WHOLE gen whilst the 'loadsa moolah' Microsoft adopted the minimalistic drip feed strategy. . . . .nah. . . . people didn't notice that . . . . Nah. . . .joker
denawayne  +   481d ago
@Outside_ofthe_Box - I think what it comes down to for me is the fact that the PS4 has outsold Xbox Oneb by 3X and there really isn't any reason other than hype as to why that is. I'm basing it on the fact that the Xbox 360 sold just as much as the PS3 last gen. So basically, a lot of people have jumped ship. And why is that? Is the PS4 really that much better that someone would abandon the Xbox brand?

@Why o why - What's funny is I agree with you but calling names really degrades your point.
#1.3.11 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(18) | Report
Why o why  +   481d ago
I'll apologise for that...

I just thought saying its 'pure hype' was borderline trolling or a very simplistic way of accessing the current situation at least.
#1.3.12 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(1) | Report
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   481d ago

Well to answer why one would switch over, Why o Why brought up a good point about how last gen played out(which you seem to agree with). Another reason could be because of the initial DRM fiasco which might have led some to no longer trust MS despite them reversing their policies because it left a bad taste in their mouths. Another reason could be because the PS4 was initially cheaper. Since both consoles are more or less the same might as well go for the cheaper one right? And another reason could be because some made as an objective observation as possible and actually came to the conclusion that the PS4 is the better of the two(Shocker, I know). There are a slew of reason why one would switch. Not everybody just automatically upgrades to the successor of the system they currently own. This "PS4 is all hype" has been played out since before both consoles were even released to be honest. The hype was suppose die back in March according to armchair analysts here on N4G.

Also, just because people switched doesn't mean that they abandoned the brand. They might by the other system at a later date.
#1.3.13 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report
twdll  +   481d ago
Wow... People are sheep. Guided by unseen things..
twdll  +   481d ago
A shame really.. Humanity had so much hope..:(
#1.3.15 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
kenshiro100  +   481d ago
It's not selling on hype. It's selling because it's the better console and Microsoft screwed up.

Cut the nonsense.
denawayne  +   481d ago
@Outside_ofthe_Box - It's easy to be on the side of PS4 right now. It's clearly winning. The only thing I'm trying to point out is that people who have switched from Xbox to PS really aren't seeing the benefits like I believe they had hoped for.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   481d ago

***"The only thing I'm trying to point out is that people who have switched from Xbox to PS really aren't seeing the benefits like I believe they had hoped for"***

Outside of the few people that you know how do you figure? You don't know if the majority of people who switch are not satisfied. You are also assuming that most people would be happy had they stayed with the XB1. You, yourself even said that both systems are lacking at the games department right now so how do you know that people wouldn't be just as unsatisfied had they stayed with the XB1?
#1.3.18 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
madpuppy  +   480d ago
Frankly, What Ms tried to pull at the beginning of this generation hurt initial sales more than anything else, and deservedly so, Personally,I wouldn't buy a console from Ms just out of principal. Anybody with half a brain that has to ACTUALLY work for their money Should understand why Ms deserves the poor sales they are getting. Karma for trying to take over the gaming industry through Consumer hostile tactics such as taking away consumer ownership rights and treating customers like criminals with their draconian DRM scheme.

For me, the power of the console pales in comparison to my consumer rights as well as my right to privacy.
avengers1978  +   481d ago
I guess we will find out for sure in 2015, Witcher, division, dying light, should all run the same on both consoles... If they are indeed on par with each other.
gfk342  +   481d ago
Before talking, I would first wait the release of 1080p games on Xbone and read the Digital Foundry analysis. A game is more than the resolution... I'm specifically referring to textures, fps and others, which in my opinion are more important.
3-4-5  +   481d ago
1080 Schmeneighty.....I want good, fun games, packed with content.

I don't care what console those games are on.

Well...except ios games.....those are mostly beyond shovelware.
#1.6 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Gamer1982  +   481d ago
Diablo seriously?? I'm sorry but anybody who knows anything about game design knows its alot harder to process something like an open world 3rd person game because of things like draw distance those things are just more grpahically intense. Honestly I was suprised this wasn't 1080p when announced as it runs 1080p 60fps on pretty similar graphics on lesser PC hardware. The consoles are not on par and probably won't be this entire generation. Not to mention just like last generation ps exclusives will blow ms exclusives out the water when it comes to graphical fidelity.

Thats not being a fanboy thats just stating thae facts here.. I am a PC gamer foremost not a console gamer.
#1.7 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Fatal-Aim  +   481d ago
3rd party = lowest common denominator

notice all the new features in the DualShock 4, which these guys have yet to truely put to any use. just like VR or even the Wii, a new input can breathe a completely different experience into any game if used correctly regardless of how on "par" you may think any two games are. and that's just the controller, let alone everything else under the hood of the actual console.

we haven't even crossed the first year. 3rd party is the last i would expect to really show us what this console can truely put out.

like PS3 and PS2, i'll wait for 2nd and 1st party before making my judgement. i have a pretty good feeling a lot of people are going to be eating their words.
#1.8 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Pogmathoin  +   481d ago
I read the article and not the headline only, and he is not saying just because one game reached it, he is saying more games are achieving it, but also saying PS4 is still more powerful. Its just that soon it will be down to simple preference. Its not hard, but to some, if X1 ever became as good as PS4, people here would be suicidal.
PS4OUR  +   481d ago
The article reads like an MS fanboy happy that Xbox One is reaching 1080p on games that are an old ass pc game (Diablo 3), a cross gen game (Destiny) and places hope on an upcoming multiplat (Witcher 3) that it would hit 1080p since its currently sitting at 900p.

If you ask me, these three games are bad examples to use when trying to push the point that Xbox One will effectively hit 1080p standard across its library of games.

Diablo 3 - This can run on a mid level laptop.

Destiny - Cross platform game and not an example i would use in a hardware comparison sense.

The Witcher 3 - These guys have been singing the praises of Xbox 360 when they released Witcher 2 on that platform. The fact that they are at 900p on Xbox One and not 1080p (yet) is telling. They stated that DX12 wont solve the Xbox One resolution problems despite some on here that think it will.

Which brings me to the point that this article is badly constructed and executed. In fact its not worthy of a click because the above mentioned games are bad examples of comparing the hardware differences between the two next gen consoles.

Pogmathoin wrote: "if X1 ever became as good as PS4, people here would be suicidal"
No, just no. Hardware is fixed. PS4 has more grunt under the hood. FACT
showtimefolks  +   481d ago
so ports running 1080P is on par with newer games that run in 900P? Please let this argument die down. Its over and done with. Xbox one will be an amazing console so we don't need this well its on par with ps4 when its really not

majority of 3rd party games will look/rub better on ps4. That's not an opinion
user367272  +   481d ago
Great article. the gap is closing.
Skate-AK  +   481d ago
I bet I am the only one that understood what you meant in your first line. Levels.
IceKoldKilla  +   481d ago
I understood it was a joke yet so many jumped fast to disagree with you. Someone elaborating on why one 1080p is better than other is the level of stupidity we can expect but as simple as "My 1080p is better than your 1080p" is just plain child-like. That simple of a sentence on such a complex subject is what I would have said as a 6 year old child desperate to prove I was right.
#1.13 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AshleeEmerson  +   480d ago

I really don't see what the price problem is. I'm an early adapter of most technology and truthfully their not that expensive. We just got a Sony 4k for a couple grand and it's MUCH worth it, it's like the d**n picture's in your house.

Trust me, there is no lack of support I know 13 people in my neighborhood who has them. I do agree with you on one thing and that's from what I'm seeing with the quality and that's, that next gen will come sooner than we imagined.
Visiblemarc  +   480d ago

I hate console wars as much as the next guy, but your comment is right on the money.

I couldn't care less which console is more powerful, but what does bother me is when transparent tactics are used by companies to exploit loyalties and spread misinformation.

All consoles have a ton to offer, own as many as you can afford or have time for, because exclusives are pretty much always worth the cost of admission...and stop arguing.
Insomnia_84  +   481d ago | Well said
If anything, Xbox One will hold back this gen's multiplatform games and the Playstation exclusives will prove this just like last gen.
whoyouwit04  +   481d ago
Then why hasn't they (Sony) put out a exclusives that shows it yet?
antbolton89  +   481d ago
Im guessing you didn't play Infamous SS
johndoe11211  +   481d ago

or killzone or have seen driveclub, the order, bloodbourne or uncharted 4.
mochachino  +   481d ago
Infamous looks stunning.
#2.1.3 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(5) | Report
mrpsychoticstalker  +   481d ago
Ryse is the best looking game of this generation. And that's a fact. It's funny for a console that supposedly can not reach 1080
#2.1.4 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(39) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   481d ago
@Psycho - Several games have already surpassed Ryse, and that's a fact.
kurruptor  +   481d ago
Not that I agree with your question.

But you can't just spit out beautiful games. Games take years to develop, especially the worthy ones.
LonDonE  +   481d ago
LMFAO!!! "Ryse is the best looking game of this generation. And that's a fact. It's funny for a console that supposedly can not reach 1080

Dude ryse is a good looking game but NO WAY IS IT THE BEST LOOKING GAME THIS GEN SO FAR! i own and game on EVERY PLATFORM (check my avatar pic for proof) and i own ryse and in no way shape of form is it the best looking! the levels are complete corridor like arenas which funnel you into doing the same generic thing again and again! the character models for Marius looks good, and so do most of the other supporting casts of the game but the problem is most of the cut scenes are PRE RENDERED!!!!! and so this defeats the purpose! the game has the same 4 or 5 enemies character models which you fight again and again throughout the game.
And the roman army following you all are clones of each other mostly LOL

Also the levels are linear as hell! the game has flat textures all over the place, the camera is janky and the game play is mediocre at best.
The resolution is 900p LOL and the frame rate is barely hitting 30fps and most of the time is 24 to 17fps LOLOLOL seriously it is more of a tech demo! dont get me wrong i enjoyed it as a cinematic game but come off it!

Infamous second son is open world, native 1080p at 45fps for the most part! that is the best looking next gen game so far without a doubt! anyone who truly owns both consoles and both games will know this to be true! dont get it twisted infamous too has its problems like rubbish side missions and lack of content but on a technical level IT DESTROYS RYSE! and so does killzone shadow fall!

If you as a serious core gamer think that ryse is the best technically next gen game so far then you are delusional!
#2.1.7 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(5) | Report
ziggurcat  +   481d ago

"Ryse is the best looking game of this generation. And that's a fact."

no. that's an opinion.
gangsta_red  +   481d ago
Every year the Xbox always holds something back. Such an awesome excuse for when multiplat games don't live up to the expectations of Sony fanboys.

Automatic blame is put on the other console. Such a neat little foundation a lot of you have created.
xDHAV0K24x  +   481d ago
they're a disgusting bunch! smh
dazzrazz  +   481d ago
He clearly did not !
DragonKnight  +   481d ago | Well said
So wait, because an old game like Diablo 3, which isn't exactly a graphical powerhouse, can reach 1080p, that means the consoles are more on par? Wow. Well, I see that the standards bar has been considerably lowered.

I love reading through these articles for the inevitable reasons why the Xbox One can catch up because they always ignore the idea that the PS4 can and will improve as well. I suppose the only hope is that Xbox One will improve while Sony just rests on their laurels and does nothing.
kneon  +   481d ago | Intelligent
Maybe next someone will release pong at 4k on the xb1 so that they can claim it does 4k gaming.

People seem to not understand that any game can hit 1080p if you cut out enough of the effects, on screen elements and features.
#4.1 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(32) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DragonKnight  +   481d ago
Also artstyle. For example, you could take a game with a more cartoony artstyle and make it 1080p pretty easily because you're not trying for more realism that requires more resources. So the Xbox One could get Diablo at 1080p, ok. Why couldn't it get Ryse at 1080p then?

I mean, judging from this articles logic, the consoles are on par right? If any game getting to 1080p is the bar we judge things by, surely the Xbox One should have been able to get Ryse at 1080p right?
Benjammin25  +   481d ago
You've hit the nail on the head, kneon. If sonic the hedgehog 1 runs at 1080p on both PS4 and Xbox one, that doesn't mean they are both the same in the graphics department.
Grave   481d ago | Trolling | show
Grimhammer00   481d ago | Off topic | show
JeffGUNZ  +   481d ago | Well said
I still don't know why everyone is up in arms about the differences. Every level headed Xbox owner knows the PS4 has the tech. edge, so why does everyone have to continue to argue over it. This site has like 4 Xbox fanboys who continue to deny that fact, but all us normal Xbox owners know they are fanboys. Everyone is so worried about specs and console power, when really we should all be focusing on games and have meaningful and fun conversations. How do we start turning this site around to have more intelligent discussions?
LAWSON72  +   481d ago
You get agrees but they are probably the ones commenting about resolution in Xbone articles. Lol

It all sounds good on paper until you do a test run lol
2cents  +   481d ago
I'll toast to that!

So many reasons to be happy and positive about the future, there are a huge amount of games coming out by the end of the year on both sides. There should be celebrations all around...

I'm chomping at the bit to play Sunset OD, Halo MC Collection, (I got the LE edition! And now I'm broke) Assasins Creed, Horizon 2, not to mention some of the indies, also The Order, Driveclub, the Witcher, oh yeah... And a little game called DESTINY!!!

How the hell am I even going to find time to play all these gems. Not even counting the ones I cant remember.
So many reasons to be happy to be a gamer, strange that the only news that gets attention is stupid egotistical arrogant opinions and plenty of hate.

Jeff, I'll keep an eye out for your posts and try to support this notion of actual fun in our hobby.
Are you gonna get Diablo? I'm not sure myself.
JeffGUNZ  +   481d ago
I have been eying Diablo, but if Destiny consumes my life, I don't know what I will do. I know Assassins Creed, the Evil Within, and Horizon 2 will be extremely impossible to not buy !

I'll be on the corner next to you with a sign and my hat to collect some money after all the money I'll "invest" (the word I tell my wife) in these games! Good to see another GAMER out there and not an instigator!
#7.2.1 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report
2cents  +   481d ago

I'll make the sign...

"Need Money to Game"
danny818  +   481d ago
wait were the ps3 and the 360 capable of 1080p?
ThatOneGuyThere  +   481d ago
PS3 has a bunch of native 1080 games. Mostly PSN games and less demanding ones. Though, I know Gran Turismo pulled it off.
danny818  +   481d ago
kinda crazy how last gen systems were very capable systems. Honestly.
ThatOneGuyThere  +   481d ago
how dare you randomly disagree with facts, stranger!
CrowbaitBob  +   481d ago
Of course the 360 and PS3 are capable of 1080p. That's nothing more than resolution, and most HDTVs are 1080p so that's the console standard.

The real question is are they capable of attaining that resolution while also handling anti-aliasing, advanced lighting effects, high polygon counts, high resolution textures, etc., all while maintaining a solid framerate.

1080p is only one of many aspects of what makes a visually stunning game, and certainly not the most important.

If all visual effects have to be reduced in order to bump up the native resolution for no other reason than to pander to ignorant consumers then the end result is lower quality for the sake of sales.

That's why there are so many native 720p games on PS3. It's not that they couldn't output the same game at 1080p, they'd just have to make sacrifices in other areas that would negatively impact the overall visual quality of the game just so they could have a "1080p" bullet point on the back of the box.
danny818  +   481d ago
Great point. Funny how many gamers qualify a game by being 1080p goty or being superior to the opposite console
imt558  +   481d ago
Probably author of this article forget about Metro Redux.
voodoochild346  +   481d ago
I thought this conversation was dead. The reason people still talk about the power difference between ps4 and xbone is because xbox fanboys still believe there is no gap or that it's not significant. The sooner people just accept it as a whole, the sooner the conversation can shift to something else.
beerzombie  +   478d ago
Xbox fan boys don't write these articles for the most part. Most these are Sony fan boys blogs and bias media types making money off of Sony fan boys with click bait articles.( it dose go both ways)
Ms has been trying to put the pc in the living room for about 20 (so have many other companies)or so years and Xbox is one device that is doing it.
If all you want to do is game that's your choice do it (on the electronic device of your choice)but the more mature gamer likes to be entertained with multiple types of media.(music TV movies)
chikane  +   481d ago
yes there on Par

PS4: 181,841
XB1: 53,927

not what those numbers say
LAWSON72  +   481d ago
Oh you PS4 fanboys and numbers...
chikane  +   481d ago
i know LAWSON72 it hurts doesn't it.
Slevon  +   481d ago
and improper use of there, their, they're
#11.1.2 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(10) | Report
mmc-007  +   481d ago
funny how those numbers seemed to matter during the 360's gen but oh well..
MysticStrummer  +   481d ago
Hard to argue with simple math. Hats off to XB fans for trying though.

A for effort!
funkybudda  +   481d ago
Oh you Xbox One fanboys and your "better software" arguments...

But wait, where are the awesome F2P titles to match up with Sony's offerings:
quenomamen  +   481d ago
I know right, damn numbers, math. I mean its not like they matter in real life.

Do you look at the numbers in your bank account or just assume they're still good ? What time do you leave work ? How old are you ? How much was lunch ?
How much was the last video game you bought ? Can you send me 1000 1 dollar bills ?
HappyWithOneBubble  +   481d ago
You Xbox fans was bragging about numbers last gen and now sides have switched you have nothing to brag about. That salt is strong.
Major_Glitch  +   481d ago
Oh you xbox fanboys and your clouds...because we all know the numbers don't favor the xbone in any meaningful way.
ziggurcat  +   481d ago

yeah... what's up with PS4 "fanboys" using actual facts to back up an argument instead of baseless conjecture, and passing opinion off as fact?
GodGinrai  +   481d ago
@Chikane.... your numbers mean little....especially when you consider that I have a bigger weener than you. The girls dont care about your silly numbers. They like weeners!
GodGinrai  +   481d ago
lol at the disagrees...sorry...forgot where I was. I meant no offence..your numbers are important on these you


Funny how you still remember and hold on to memories like that. I remember my first kiss, my first first album I bought with my own money...but you guys....your like walking records of the "console war" actually remember the arguments you have on forums....Im just saying...lighten aint that serious.. ;)
#11.2.1 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report
MRMagoo123  +   481d ago
Hmmmmm......very mature......With......The....w eeny talk.....and....what's.... ..up.....With.....All....your.. ....full....stops....In...your. ...comments.

The ps4 is more powerful and selling far better there are good reasons for that and that's all there is to it. The faster people (xbone fanboys) stop denying it and get over it the better.
GodGinrai  +   481d ago
@mrMagoo.. I do it...simply because I can. *looks at your two bubbles* funny to hear you use a word like mature..your bubble count suggests you have probably had a few childish tit for tats on here. Just saying. Pick your spots, baby.
cruzngta  +   481d ago
The biggest gap is the one between the ears of this writer... the hardware advantage for PS4 is obvious and no amount of MS PR or secret sauce cooking in an underground MS top secret lab is going to change that. Yes the new sdks and 10% gpu unlock all help and so will dx12 but it will not make the Bone a supercharged Gallardo thats going to run down and run over the PS4. Keep drinking enough of the MS kool aid and everything will be better on da Bone :0)
hiawa23  +   481d ago
4k, most aren't buying displays. How is 3D going for the masses? Not..
MorePowerOfGreen  +   481d ago
It's funny how PS4 fanboys think they know the capability of the XB1 based on launch window games when the whole industry knows the XB1 had rushed slapped together dev tools with its hardware not even being fully/used on the same level as PS4, up until now.

Not fanboyism just facts.



XB1 using one CPU core for all the work and the GPU use at 90% up until June is "speculation"? XB1 not having key features and devs admitting MSFT was behind is not speculation.

If you were saying PS fans are speculating ignore this

Fanboys are missing the point, XB1 is designed for remote processing. XB1's capabilities are designed to scale over time with Azure. It's a next gen direction no one is getting or just bashing. Once MSFT finishes what they're working on the webz are going to explode.

What Hiphop Gamers was talking about the other day I bet is related to what the Dayz devs was talking about

""There were definitely some things they said that I'm not allowed to talk about that I was like, 'Wow! That's interesting. Why don't you tell people that?' But I guess they want to make sure everything all goes together and that.""
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LAWSON72  +   481d ago
Nope just speculation.
Master-H   481d ago | Trolling | show
TheWatercooler   481d ago | Trolling | show
ziggurcat  +   481d ago

"It's funny how PS4 fanboys think they know the capability of the XB1 based on launch window games when the whole industry knows the XB1 had rushed slapped together dev tools"

we know the capability of the xbone based on the actual hardware specs that have been known for several months now. you keep moving that particular goalpost, yet you've not provided a single ounce of proof to support that claim.

and that dayz dev quote - you're reading way too much into that. it's in no way alluding to super secret power that's yet to be revealed. it's also 6 months old, so it's no longer relevant.

"XB1 using one CPU core for all the work and the GPU use at 90% up until June is "speculation"?"

prove that it's currently only using 1 CPU core. because that's just another in a very long line of BS, goalpost-moving excuses to try to defend the disparity between the two consoles.

"XB1 not having key features and devs admitting MSFT was behind is not speculation."

again - no proof, so yes... it's speculation.
lobocob  +   481d ago
More propaganda
Spotie  +   481d ago
So here's the thing: even when the numbers are equal, the graphical features are not. Because the PS4 is more powerful, it will always be capable of more.

The End.
gangsta_red  +   481d ago
Here's another thing, the slight graphical feature is the ONLY advantage the PS4 has.

So all this chest beating about the PS4 being oh so more powerful is ridiculous and stupid.
MRMagoo123  +   481d ago
Yet it must matter more than you think considering even after all of Microsoft changes to keep competitive they are still being out sold by ps4 more than 2 to 1 world wide and the gap is getting bigger every week and will continue to do so until the xbone starts selling more than the ps4 , which doesn't look likely.

You may love the xbone as many others do too but there are far more ppl that want the ps4 and for good reasons, power being one of them.
Major_Glitch  +   481d ago
Care to tell us what advantages the xbone has over the PS4? Hold on a sec. *grabs popcorn* Go on. This should be embarrassing...I meant entertaining.
LamerTamer  +   481d ago

It will go like this: eSRAM, teh cloudz, DX12, secret sauce, ADHD UI/OS.

I think that is mostly bull as you can't upgrade hardware with software. Sure the tools will get better on the Bone, but they will get better on PS4 too.

You can hit 1080p on any game, you just need to downgrade other stuff. MS probably put out a bulletin to devs to try to hit 1080p because Bone was getting bashed for not doing it. Now the question is what other features like texture quality, lighting, shadows, AO etc will be dumbed down on the Bone to get to 1080.
maniacmayhem  +   481d ago
And yet no one countered Red's statement of any other advantage the PS4 had over the Xbox One.

The PS4 was flying off the shelves long before the resolution war even hit the press. It had nothing to do with power and had everything to do with an earlier release at a hundred dollar cheaper price tag.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   481d ago
" it possible that fanboys of the future aren't going to have anything to yell and scream about anymore?" LOL you wish.
Hanuman  +   481d ago
Damned, I clicked..
Destiny1080  +   481d ago
there's no denying xbox fanboys have managed to catch a live hand grenade and throw it back, unfortunately if you look behind you your castle has already been destroyed
GodGinrai  +   481d ago are doing really well in teh console warz. Your winning! yay! look at there castle! You made it happen!
Big-finger  +   481d ago
While Uncharted 4 is not out yet, I have no doubt that it will blow everything xbone has out of the water. Nothing on xbone will come close to UC4.
xx4xx  +   481d ago
Judging from the number of pro-Sony comments on this article (and others), it doesnt appear that the XBOX fanboys are the one keeping this conversation alive.
Trekster_Gamer  +   481d ago
Just standard sop here. Always a sony fanboy who can only hate on Xbox One..
Revengeance  +   481d ago
Only an idiot would think the consoles are on par. Just because one game is 1080p their specs are almost the same?

For those that think these consoles are on par, go look at the specs for each console, do some basic math and then come back and tell me how those numbers are "on par." The difference is staggering.

There's a reason why multiplats have and WILL look better on PS4. There's simply much more power on there than XB1. This is an undeniable fact. Please feel free to spin this truth.
windwardmist  +   481d ago
This is a stupid piece.. everyone knows they design for the lowest hardware first so it will be equal on all platforms. The sad fact is X1 has had a hard time keeping up even then. If they designed games for ps4 in mind X1 would run at like 20 fps on everything.
Spid3r6  +   481d ago
Xbox one is a different monster of it own. It able to keep up in parity while being able to task at the same time is something the PS4 does not do. Why??
2v1  +   481d ago
The Truth.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   481d ago
I will say this to every Sony Fanboy who is uneducated on Hardware bragging about there GDDR5 Bandwidth. Your GPU only has a peak clockspeed of 800mhz, GDDR5 has a 5,500mhz (176gb/sec) so please understand that your GPU OR CPU cannot even perform that kind of speed. Hell, Even the Xbox One supports 68gb/s and it can't even support that! Your GPU would have to be clocked higher than 2ghz for it to utilize all the bandwidth... the more you know. The GPU is still more powerful obviously, not saying it's not, but RAM is not your upper hand.
Biggest  +   481d ago
So now they're even picking which upper hand matters. Try this one: The PS4 has all of the upper hands. It has the better hardware, the better first party studios and the most gamer/developer support. Diablo III was easy to run at 1080p. We knew this last year. XB1 finally made it to the extremely unimpressive 1080p finish line for Diablo III. Welcome to the club, but dinner was over in 2013.
MysticStrummer  +   481d ago
Yeah it's a struggle to get XB1 to the same point. That says something whether XB fans want to admit it or not. Parity is a dev decision, not an indication of hardware power.
x_RadicalAura_x  +   481d ago
Diablo 3 isn't exactly the most demanding game. Let's see if The Witcher 3 on Xbox One makes it to 1080p... The PS4 version sure will.
#27 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
gangsta_red  +   481d ago
Even if a game is 900p on Xbox and 1080p on PS4 how will this effect actual gameplay, design and performance?

It won't, the games will still play exactly the say, have the same features, have the same options. The only difference is one will look slightly better than the other.

Again, this resolution debate is nothing more than a huge pissing contest without any merit. Now that Xbox has just as many games and upcoming exclusive games a lot of Sony fanboys are reaching to the bottom of their bag to throw out any argument on why their system is better.

And once devs figure out how to achieve 1080p on Xbox I am sure the only thing left Sony fans will brag about is Naughty Dog.
quenomamen  +   481d ago
Effect performance ? Well if a game is 900p on one console and 1080p on another then that would mean its underperforming, therefore affecting performance.

The very fact that its running under its designed resolution ( meaning its was not designed to run at 790 or 900p) means that it is underperforming.

If you have a sportscar that is designed to do a top speed of 250 mph and then its tested it only reaches 230mph, then it is underperforming. Now if said car reached 270mph then it would be overperfirming. You cant have something UNderperforming what it was designed to do then ask how that affects its performance.

In short games either underperform, perform as they at designed to do or overperform, depending on what theyre running on. On a good PC most games games overperform on PS4 they mostly just perform or sometimes underperform as well, on the X1 they underperform more and sometimes just perform as designed.
x_RadicalAura_x  +   481d ago
Have fun trying to defend your console that's losing everything... DR3 on PC... PvZ Garden Warfare on PS4... Ryse on PC... Titanfall on PC already. What does that leave you with? lol There's not a SINGLE multiplat game that runs better on Xbox One than it does on PS4, yet there are countless games that run notably better on PS4 than they do Xbox One.

You're just getting desperate trying to rationalize your decision to buy an inferior product. You know things are looking bleak for the Xbox One when their latest commercial tries to relate the Xbox One with Rocky, both being the underdog... "It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." Lmfao Trying to act like they're some kind of victim or something. They dug themselves into this hole, they have no one to blame except for themselves.
#28.2 (Edited 481d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jimbobbeers  +   481d ago
Bless so many fanboys. I'm laughing.
patrik23  +   481d ago
Metro Redux is 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One http://www.computerandvideo...

The Witcher 3 Running 900p, 30fps On Xbox One, 1080p At 30fps On PS4

Project CARS Near 1080p/60FPS on PS4, Resolution on Xbox One Still Unconfirmed

PES 2015 Locked At 1080p, 60fps For PS4; Xbox One Version To Be Determined
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