Titanfall Hits 2 Million Sold on Xbox One, 3 Million Combined

"Titanfall, the first major release in 2014 for the Xbox One has been a success for both Microsoft and Electronic Arts. The game had the biggest launch for any Xbox One title selling 902,010 units in its first week on sale and more than doubling Xbox One sales that week to 153,665.

Titanfall has now become the first Xbox One title to sell two million units. It took the game 19 weeks to hit this achievement. The game since release has been one of the bestselling Xbox One titles on a weekly basis."

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Ballsack1510d ago


But if true thats amazing

DVS-Zev1510d ago

It must be nice to make up your own numbers and then post news stories about it.VG has the no content pure click based add revenue game on lock.

Brilliant actually.

reaperofsouls1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

well we all know how accurate vg is considering killzone shadowfall was officialy anonced to have sold over 2.1m uinit back in the first quarter yet vg still insists its only 1.8m

Can 3 million unit combined be considered to be a success for a game that was suppossed to be the COD killer ?

Not saying 3 Million units is bad or anything!

Grap1510d ago

3 million for a new ip is actually spectacular achievement also it's only on 3 platforms, don't let your fanboyism blind you.

starchild1510d ago

A new IP on a new console with a low installed base selling 2 million units is definitely a big success.

Eonjay1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Yeah yeah we know it not legit... but lets play along for a few minutes.

I wonder how many of those shipped with Xbox One. In other words, I want to know how many units of Xbox One were sold on the back of this bundle.

Even if its half, that would be pretty impressive.

DeadlyOreo1510d ago

Yes. Regardless of me only owning a PS4, these are good numbers if true.

Congrats to EA & Microsoft.

Grap1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

So I guess the 10 guys who disagree with me aren't impressed with 3 milion!. Please enlight me how it's not, at least one of you.

dantesparda1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Im sorry but i dont find it that impressive, especially for a game being given away for free with the purchase of the system and with all the marketing hype this game got. I have never seen a game with more hype behind it then this game got and I have seen a sh*t ton of games with ALOT of hype in my days. KZSF was announced offically (this isnt even official, its VGChartz) to have sold over 2.1 million by March 2 of 2014, with around the same install base in less time (3 1/2 months vs 5). So while not bad its not really impressive to me. Halo, Gears and COD on the 360 when they first came out, now those were impressive numbers. Im not saying its terrible but just not terribly impressive to me, its decent. Also, this is VGChartz saying this people, come on. Now have fun disagreeing away. Peace!

ABizzel11509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Let me try to clear up all this mess you guys are spreading back and forth.

TitanFall = Success
TitanFall was not a failure as a game. Selling 3 million copies of a game is never a bad thing (unless budget becomes a problem), and selling 2 million on one platform would put it in the top 100 best selling games for any of the last gen consoles even with their 80+ million install base.

TitanFall for XBO = Success
2 million sold on an install base of 5 million is a great accomplishment. It helped that the game was bundled with the console, but those bundles were selling not only because of the price, but because TitanFall was the game to get them to move over to an XBO.

TitanFall for 360 = Okay
Those numbers are quite disappointing, and shows me that the 360 is being phased out in the mind of gamers who are waiting to buy a next-gen console or possibly PC. North America is the final stronghold the 360 has left (and the UK). It still broke the top 250 best selling 360 games, and has a chance of breaking the top 200.

TitanFall for PC = ?????
These numbers mean nothing, because most PC game sells are digital, which aren't tracked by VG.

TitanFall for Respawn = Success
For Respawn TitanFall was a success. 3 million physical copies sold across 3 platforms is something most developers wish they could see, and even more impressive is that the game skipped the PS brand and still hit those numbers.

TitanFall for MS = Okay
This is where things finally get bad. MS had hoped TitanFall would be the boost the XBO needed to check the PS4, and while the game did give them a sales boost, and went on to sell well it most certainly was not the end-all to their current situation sales wise. They have another IP under their belt which they can market as an XBO first game (like they're doing with COD), but TitanFall 2 is probably going multiplat, and won't be seeing much MS money outside of paying for DLC first.

TitanFall for EA = Okay / Failure (at least in comparison to their goals)
This is the worse news for the gam. 3 million in sales is a success, but EA wanted TitanFall to be the next Call of Duty (in sales and success at least) and it wasn't. And that's mainly because they marketed the game heavily as an XBO game (the console with the smallest install base), they kept the 360 version silent for the entire media campaign, the PC version wasn't graphically impressive (eliminating the audience that just wants to max out games), the PC version was tied to origins (just a headache having to get games from multiple services), and the left out the PlayStation brand which was 80+ million PS3 users, and currently around 9 million PS4 users.

Overall this was just bad business for EA (unless MS paid for any loss of sales for not being on PS aka around $180+ million), and TitanFall 2 will more than likely be multiplat.

Long story short, TitanFall was a success unless you're EA or MS who expected it to do more for their brand (EA wanted their own COD, but it didn't happen sales wise, and MS wanted a game changer for the XBO but that didn't happen either).

johndoe112111509d ago

What I want to know is how many of that 3 million that they are counting as sales were given away free with xbox ones.

alb18991509d ago

2 millions for a console that just sold 5 millions is A LOT!
Halo sold 11 millions when the xbox 360 sold 50 you see?

donthate1509d ago

I wonder how many more millions of copies of Titanfall was sold digitally on all platforms?

Many of my friends and me included went digital only this generation for the awesomness of instant switching on Xbox One.

So 2 million on Xbox One on physical disc only is a humongous number! That means Titanfall would easily hit 50% penetration rate on Xbox One.

That is huge success!

legionsoup1509d ago

Just imagine what the sales numbers would be if it were on PS4. Yikes!

Cueil1509d ago

@CapraDemon 2.1 and 1.8 is pretty close to the 10 percent plus minus they try to hit

Kidmyst1509d ago

Does the 3 Million include actual sales or what was also given away as free? MSFT was giving the free codes away so do we know how many that was? I bought it but haven't played it in several months, wonder how many on average a day play.

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Dark_Overlord1510d ago

Agreed, I'll wait for official numbers (we all know how inaccurate vgchartz is)

but for a new IP, that is def good :)

I genuinely thought it would sell more on the 360 due to install base

xer01509d ago

Wasn't the game given away for free on Xbox Ones, a few months after launch?

I wonder how it would have done without the various retailer promotions.

3-4-51510d ago

VGchartz isn't usually off by that much. It's mostly accurate for a large majority of games.

trunkswd1510d ago

Yes. They are not made up. VGChartz gets sales data from some retailers and extrapolates that.

Death1510d ago

The sample rate VGC gets is too small to track sales. There are 13 people at VGC that not only run the website, but also track sales globally. NPD tracks North American sales and employs hundreds to do it. They also pay retailers for the information that VGC claims to get free. NPD also sells this data to other companies including Microsoft and Sony. VGC posts their numbers for free.

There is no way around it, VGC makes up their numbers.

JMyers1510d ago

VG Chartz always adjust their numbers to match the offical announced ones. They are off by quite a bit, and quite regularly. For instance, they had the X1 at 5 million sold about 3 times now, only to lower it under that mark.

They had the X1 North America sales higher than the PS4 when TitanFall launched, then again with the price drop. Infact they had this way off for about 4 months.

If they are wrong about their console numbers, with massive adjustments... We can logically assume that their games number are also just as incorrect.

MaxKingoftheWild1509d ago

The only thing we get constant updates on is the hardware... Just look at how far off they were on 3ds sales last quarter and German sales... Now think how bad they are with software with absolutely no official numbers.

MSpence5161509d ago

I would think that if they(VGC) truly made up their numbers that they would be way off(and I mean way the f**k off, like <30%). They obviously have to be based off some statistics that come from some retailers, not all. Of course, the higher the numbers the more margin for error, but I digress.

As a One owner(getting a PS4 when TLOU bundle is released), I would like to see more but these numbers are great for the current install base.

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sonarus1510d ago

vg chartz data probably have weak confidence intervals. However, it doesnt change the fact that Titanfall has been a success. I am surprised it only moved 1 million on Xbox 360 though. It seems most of the hardcore crowd have migrated to the new consoles already

hello121510d ago

Nope i have lot of friends on 360 and hardly nobody bought that game. Don't know why i can't explain it to be honest. Kind of odd alright when the 360 has around 40 million users.

TekoIie1509d ago

Maybe a fair amount of the 1 million came from PC?

user74029311510d ago

amazing? no. the hype is had was out of this world! it was grand theft auto big! i bet ea expected it to atleast hit 4-5 million easy.

gamerfan09091510d ago

No next gen exclusive has sold any where near 5 million yet. Mario Kart is the closest.

DLConspiracy1510d ago

You are not accounting for all the fanboys who consistently/still put the game down because it wasn't on PS4.

MaxKingoftheWild1509d ago

Gamerfan0909, it isn't exclusive. It's available on three platforms. Your comment is the equivalent of me saying no sports game reached x amount yet while talking about mlb the show and ignoring ps3/vita sales. Also, just because no game hasn't done it yet doesn't mean it wasn't expected to do more.

Gamer19821510d ago

Xbox one sales were impressive considering a new console but they gotta be dissapointed with those 360 sales considering how well shooters sell on 360. No doubt thanks to MS pushing it back so late plus making out like it looks crap on 360 to push the xbox one version. So for MS it worked for 1 week in terms of sales but it did HORRIBLE in long term sales for both consoles combined and completely bombed for 360.. If we didnt have xbox one sales there we would have been calling this game a failure.

reaperofsouls1510d ago

@ grap
well knack sold over 1 milion on only one platform giving a similar sale to platform ratio, so i guess that it was as equally successfuland that is without the monumental hype that titanfall recieved

JeffGUNZ1509d ago

What? The install base for PS4 is higher then X1 and Titanfall still sold a million over Knack. Stop, just stop the agenda.

69er1509d ago

knack was a family game that came out at launch and one would expect sony to be happy at 1m sales
titanfall was the most hyped game in history and a First person dude bro shooter so in reality 2 m sales is underwelming

Spotie1509d ago

@Jeff: He was using past tense, genius. It's been quite some time since I last heard anything about Knack's numbers, meaning it could well be beyond 2 million.

His point, which I don't know how you missed, is that Titanfall had a massive marketing campaign behind it and just hit 2 million, while Knack had almost no hype at all.

Given that and the heavy bundling- granted, both were subject to this- 2 million over 19 weeks isn't that impressive.

Wasn't it supposed to give a huge push to XB1 sales?

69er1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

The point is of ofcourse is how did the game sells relative to projected sales estimates. If for example M$ and €A were only anticipating 3m sales then yes you can consider it a success but they were anticipating much more then 3m isn't. I suspect its the latter myself.

rainslacker1509d ago


I don't suspect it would have been the latter. Projecting a game to sell over 2 million on a console with less than a 5 million install base, even with it being a close to launch title, would be pretty silly. Only actual launch titles can get that kind of percentage.

It also means that it failed miserably on the 360, since it didn't even break 1 million with a 50-80 million install base.

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ramiuk11509d ago

loads given away as a bundle which was available in UK for £355 for a long time.
but i suppose its not to bad if accurate considering xbone hasnt even sold 5 million consoles yet.

i still believe that there kicking themselves for going exclusive to xbox though(in terms of consoles).

either way good luck for future Respawn

ITPython1509d ago

2 million sold on a 5 million install base, and less than 1 million sold on the 80 million install base of the 360? Even if we factor out the ~15 million next gen sales between the PS4 and the XB1, that still leaves at least 65 million people playing on the 360 (but not all next gen sales came from 360 players, so realistically that number is higher).

TF was hyped to the far reaches of our planet and back, plus it's a FPS which was the strongest genera on the 360, there is no way in hell it sold less than a million.

A million between the XB1/PC, and 2 million for the 360 sounds MUCH more plausible.

Export1509d ago

Went it xbox one then the mass says Vgchantz isnt accurate but if its 9 million ps4 units sold from the same site ... its 100% facts ... fanboys are pretty stupid . VGchartz is and will always be unreliable site for sales ...

MaxKingoftheWild1509d ago

When official numbers support Vgc (read as "when vgc adjusts to fit official numbers") then, yes, it is 100% fact. And as of right now shipments are supporting ps4 making strides in sales. However, there are hardly ever official numbers for Software. So... Yeah... Vgc will be unreliable when talking about that ALWAYS (unless it's a rare occasion we got a shipment report like mk8, WD, or GTAV)

showtimefolks1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

congrats respawn/EA and MS

but let's be honest here this game was suppose to do 10 plus million with the amount of hype. Also EA i would love to know how much money ya'' lost or gotten from MS because this game could have done 3-5 plus million on ps3/ps4 easily

TF2 won't sell on hype alone, Respawn will have to deliver a complete package

Flamingweazel1509d ago

Amazing?? After all the hype, Killzone sold more on ps4......GAme had manufactured hype from MS.

Eddie201011509d ago

I wouldn't call it a success, considering it's been selling at a discount ever since a month after release, sometimes at bargain bin prices.

FanboyKilla1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

lol you sony boys dont even stealth your trolls. lmfao it upsets you so bad the success of titanfall, you come in here screaming and waving your hands. lol its still selling, and it will continue.

to answer yesterdays article, ''where is titanfall?'' lol on xone and windows pc, xbox go to titanfall.

dont hate the player, play the game.

wow i got a disagree within 10secs. L LOL

kenshiro1001509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

We'll see how long those sales last.

It should have done more.

Funny how new Sony IPs get criticized to death for not selling like Halo and yet here you are calling this a success.

It boggles the mind.

Eddie201011508d ago

Fanboykilla don't shoot yourself, it will get better.

ground_beef1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

As a ps fan, these r good numbers. Well done opposing camp.

Tapewurm1509d ago

True or not... game with a lot of potential wasted on an inferior console. Respawn truly bet on the wrong horse..... well, they bet on a mule....the other is a stallion lol 8)

assdan1509d ago

Amazing? remember this being advertised as the COD killer? Remember people's conservative predictions were 6-10 million units? I think you might have selective memory. I remember people talking about this game as if it were God's gift to man. 3 million units across 2 consoles isn't bad, but it's certainly not good.

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nicksetzer11510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Not horrible, especially compared to all the people on here who say it "flopped." However, those numbers surely did not make MS any of it's money back.

Gamer7771510d ago

The game's budget could have not been that high. Plus the sales might be fair bit higher if you factor the digital sales (which are higher profit).

DigitalRaptor1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

No I'm quite sure people were not saying that it flopped, but you are right. With the colossal amount of money they pumped into development and marketing, securing exclusivity etc, there's no way they came close to getting their money back on it.

I think people were teasing more that Titanfall was being hailed as a masterpiece that changed everything and the way we play shooters and it (obviously) turned out not to be.

gangsta_red1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

I never saw anything of this game being hailed as a masterpiece or changing anything. What I did see was people hailing how extremely fun this game was and that was about it.

It's pretty obvious the sony fanboys made this game out to be something it wasn't. By stating that "others" said it was going to be a game changer or saying MS pumped unbelievable amounts of money to secure the rights.

My favorite was when a lot of people on here said that it wouldn't sell that much on Xbox One because of the low numbers...turns out it was the highest sold than the PC or 360 platform. Just goes to show just how wrong the supposed analysts on N4G can be.

A game like this with the amount sold I'm sure made back it's profit in production and then some.

Why o why1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Well Mr red. . .there were a few that claimed titanfall would be the game changer especially in regards to npd. . All you have to do is look back at comments within the numerous articles.

I think Microsoft were looking for the gears affect more than any cod killer title. Gears was the first game that screamed 'next gen' to me personally. . It's like it's timing was perfect. . Titanfall was hyped to high heaven but that's not really peculiar or unique to any faction. What sets this apart from other hyped games was the length Microsoft allegedly went to, to secure it as an exclusive and the marketing budget spent thereafter. They even delayed the 360 launch to catalyse the x1's units.

My problem with this article is that it's based off the notorious vgc. C'mon man. . . Neither EA or Microsoft have released this data. . Better off to wait.

hkgamer1509d ago

with those numbers, i think they would have got money back. however, it is a longer indirect investment where its harder to calculate the indirect money it generates. indirect money such as consoles sold due to games library, live subscriptions, word of mouth promotion etc..

from the looks of the game, it seems that it isnt a game changer in a sense its doing things new, but it does look like it is bringing fast paced shooters back. sort of has a quake3, ut feel to it. if this game had a single player then it would have been amazing.

rainslacker1509d ago

I have to disagree gangsta. TF was praise to high heaven after last years E3. The media was saying how much fun it was, how good it was, and how it was blowing everything else away at the show. It was hyped to high heaven. And to be fair, I will accept that it was a good game.

Later, it became a MS exclusive, and all of a sudden it became a game almost every Xbox fan boy started throwing in Sony fans faces as the game that would turn everything around. The game that would bring MS back to surpass Sony. How it was going to be the next big FPS, and even blow COD out of the water....etc, etc, etc.

3 million units sold across three systems I wouldn't personally consider a flop. Whether it surpassed expectations of EA and respawn I can't say. But I can say that MS can't be too happy that it wasn't the game changer that many claimed it would be.

gangsta_red1509d ago

I specifically remember everyone loving this game, even Sony fanboys. I also remember when the game was officially announced as a Xbox exclusive all of a sudden the sony fanboys threw out that the game was overhyped, a CoD with Mechs and anything else to try and downplay the game.

I'm sure if you looked back all you would see are MS fanboys defending the game against an endless assault of sony fanboys bitter that the game was exclusive.

Nobody save maybe a few would claim all those things Rainslacker. Again it was the sony fanboys putting too much on it, I remember them saying Destiny would be 10x better and now even that has become quiet now that the beta is over.

MS never claimed Titanfall would be a game changer. I am sure they are just as happy that they have a successful NEW IP for their console(s).

Why o why1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

C'mon mr red. Fans always turn their noses up at exclusives they dont have. Go look in ANY tlou article. Whilst you highlight the fans who wrongly or rightly downplayed titanfall you forget to mention those who didn't or those that wanted it on their preferred platform. Xbox fans didn't rate any of insomniacs games but they love them some sunset overdrive..... going overboard with their bungie hate over destiny......c'mon now. NOBODY IS INNOCENT.

Personally I'm glad ms took the risk the new ip. Im hoping they continue.

gangsta_red1508d ago

@ Why o Why

Then why are you telling me this and not Digital who is doing exactly what you are complaining to me about? I never said anything about anyone being innocent. This is about Digital generalizing all of Titanfall from probably a few posters on here, when it was never hailed as what he is claiming it to be.

And why would I mention TLOU when this is about Titanfall? Do I seriously have to write an essay and get views from every single perspective? Should I also bring up Mario or Zelda when making a point?

How about you forgetting to mention how Sony fans hated Bungie but now treat Destiny as some kind of Sony owned exclusive. How Sony fans loved Insomniac but now hate them for making an exclusive game for Xbox.

We can sit here all night and go back and forth and tell each other what we "forgot" to mention (actually I can't). That wasn't the original point and definitely not the answer I was giving to Digital.

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hkgamer1509d ago

not horrible? if those data is correct then i call it a success.

im thinking that ms did make their money back directly, however if it didn't i am guessing on the longer term it will indirectly. as many say, it is not one game that sells a console, its many and titanfall is the one to have in your library in a sense.

i am guessing titanfall 2 wouldnt be out until at least 2 years judging from the aize of the studio. the team may also put a single player mode in since they tend to sell more and you can sell it at full retail without people complaining they are not getting enough content.

christocolus1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Wow. That's quite impressive...Congrats to Respawn, Ea and MS.

iamnsuperman1510d ago

Xbox One numbers are good but a million from PC and the 360 is shocking bad. EA must be a little big pissed since this was meant to be the next biggest thing

christocolus1510d ago

I was thinking about that too. I guess more gamers decided to go with the xbox one version. Some of my friends haven't moved to xbx one yet but when they do they will be getting the game... I think its same for many xbx 360 gamers out there who are yet to move over as well..many of them will eventually buy the game on xbx one when they eventually cross over.

The game is still sitting at the top of most xbx one game charts.

Seafort1510d ago

Actually vgchartz don't get hardly any of the sales figures for PC as most are digital downloads which aren't recorded.

So their numbers are not accurate no matter how you see it.

Corpser1510d ago

PC numbers from vgchartz is not accurate at all when they don't count digital sales. Who buys pc games retail anymore?

DLConspiracy1510d ago

The online player base is bigger on Xbox one. Its a good thing Respawn went the route of Xbox one and 360 because PC was originally their first and only choice.

Audiggity1510d ago

PC numbers WOULD HAVE been much larger if EA got off their high horse, left Origin in the dust, and launched their PC games on Steam.

Origin, Uplay, Games for Windows, etc... just need to stop. You can sell games digitally! (Amazon, Gamestop, Newegg, etc.) But stop making people install platforms just to buy or play specific games...

I'd guess that they would have sold 10x more PC copies, minimum if it was on Steam.

Seafort1509d ago

@DLConspiracy The online player base on Xbone is bigger than what? The PC?

Don't be silly. It's much bigger on PC. Approximately 75million+ active accounts just on steam. Has the Xbone even surpassed 4 million sales yet?

Lets see what EA say about Titanfall overall sales as I bet it surpasses 3 million when they include PC digital sales.