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Submitted by jackanderson1985 839d ago | article

The Secret Developers: what next-gen hardware balance means for gaming

Have you ever wondered what developers really think about the latest gaming news and controversies? In this new series of Digital Foundry articles, it's game creators themselves who take centre-stage, offering a fresh, unique perspective on the issues of the day, free to write what they want about the subjects that they are passionate about, with a rock-solid assurance from us that their anonymity will be protected. In short, freshly served, informed opinion direct from the people creating the software we care about, with zero involvement from marketing or PR. (Eurogamer, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

LeonhartX  +   839d ago
As I expected, developers would handle the difference in GPU performance between ps4 and xboxone using the easiest possible way (same framerate, relatively same graphical quality and assets, but adjusting resolution) it is the easiest straightforward less expensive way to handle the performance difference.
P0werVR  +   838d ago
Great read and insight into the potential of next-gen, especially for the Xbox One.
nukeitall  +   838d ago
This article is so full of win of why numbers don't tell the entire story.

Keyword always has and always will be about balance between every moving part!

Highly recommended read, preferably with an open mind! =D
lifeisgamesok  +   839d ago
"Neither one of them are way ahead of the other, and that they both deliver the same type of experience to the end user with minimal compromise"
christocolus  +   839d ago
as much as you try...its unfortunate that many fans will never believe i guess all thats left is to allow the games speak for themselves after launch..
lifeisgamesok  +   839d ago
Yeah people ignore logic and don't want to admit that the machine they think is "weaker" is just as capable
Kayant  +   839d ago
Not too long along iirc were you not a believer in mistermediax and his magical non-existent NDA's that made the XB1 more powerful than the PS4.... It's funny how now the power difference between the two doesn't matter as more things are rumoured & leaked.

At the end of the day the statement is correct as both consoles will provide the same base gameplay experience.
lifeisgamesok  +   839d ago
I still believe Xbox One will have the better looking games with Tiled Resources

The only reason I quote developers on power is for the fanboys that are stuck in La La Land thinking there's a 50% difference
P0werVR  +   838d ago

You sir are spot on with that!

I believe Xbox One is designed beautifully overall. Well balanced high performance. Seems like we're talking cars here.
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yewles1  +   839d ago
"balance": 17 times in this article...
majiebeast  +   839d ago
Thats not very balanced.
Kayant  +   839d ago
Dat secret sauce....
jay2  +   839d ago
Wow, We'll be waiting a long time to see something from this dev, only got the hardware in Feb.
B-radical  +   839d ago
So this devloper's claim is that both have there pro's and con's against each other...yet we been hearing from other developers they are similar
DEEBO  +   839d ago
I guess when mark speaks on sony behalf we are not suppose to listen?
this just feels like some geek with rich parents trying to impress some cool kids in school.
so he just spends their money to buy things to get the cool kids to like him and girls to notice him.
everyday he goes home wondering why nobody really likes him and why his girl just left him for one of the cool kids even though he just brought her this very nice pair diamond earring's

what he fails to understand is money doesn't make people like you and his girl left him because one the cool kids put a big one in her while she was wearing the
earring's that he brought

MS is the geek with the money and small penis(weaker hardware)
sony is the cool kid with the big one(better hardware) sticking to MS's
girl (call of duty)

720p means she's not climaxing
1080p means she's is having multiple's
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AirHype  +   839d ago
Though this is a long article, I believe every N4G user should read this, PS4 or X1 buyer. It brings many many points that the readers on this sight need to get straight forward.

As this "dev" pointed out,both consoles will have a bottle-neck regardless who has the better hardware. Bottle-necking is a VERY real thing, especially when trying to build a $500 budget PC. You can't spend $300 on GPU then leave CPU in the dust, the rig just won't work. Then again, you also can't run a lot of games 1080P and 60 FPS on a $100 GPU either.

Sacrifices will be made whether it's a multiplat or not. I read a very interesting article a couple months back when the consoles were just getting a lot of media attention and it explained some points about what X1 and PS4 would better than the other. X1 with faster and more processes on the CPU because of DDR3, allowing the X1 to have 100's of enemies on the map at once. While the PS4 compliments the GPU better with GDDR5 and could have a larger, more appealing open world.

It all goes into account. Both systems will be successful and both will, in the end, find ways to make beautiful games at 1080P with 60FPS. Give'm time.
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Chaostar  +   839d ago
This reads like Leadbetter reinforcing his own previously laughed out assumptions. Mostly spin and hearsay camouflaged in technical jargon and out of context quotes.

What the hell happened to Eurogamer, if they don't sack Leadbetter they won't have a reputation left.
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Chrischi1988  +   839d ago
Jaguar cores... I said it before, but nobody wanted to believe it, just because it is sony... jaguar cores really arent that good. Being able to bypass cache to gddr5 isnt as good as people think, I mean, cache is like so many times faster, so so many times, gddr5 isnt a memory god. Wii U uses Edram and a lot of cache per core, to compensate, xbox1 uses esram, so in other words, they are not really worse, if it comes to memory latency and usage.

The truth comes out, article by article, proving, that the PS4, is the most powerful, but not as much, as people made it out to be, it is no magic maschine, it only uses jaguar cores from AMD, everyone in the PC world knows, that AMDs Octacores are not the superior gaming CPUs, more for videoediting and office works, CAD maybe, but not gaming.

Not even talking about the rumored 16-21 stages pipeline the CPU has... Wii U for example only has 4 stages, so it really doesnt need any out of order executions and out of order executions only help part of it, since it only helps little with bubbles, since some can cause the whole pipeline to drain and so you lose all instructions which are in the pipeline and the CPU has to start again from stage 1. Filling little bubbles is neat, but not the real solutions to the real drain, that can happen a lot of times. On 4 stages, it doesnt matter. Normal bubbles are the biggest problem there, but not the pipeline drain, because if it drains, it has to redo code for 4 stages and not for 16-21. That is a huge difference and Out of Order Executions only helps, with this huge pipelinestages, but doesnt make it any better, than having less stages, because there out of order executions would bring you like nothing really improving.
Kayant  +   839d ago
No one is talking about the CPUs because like you said they are "Jaguar cores" Laptops CUPs. AMD's processors need to be multiple threaded for them to perform well just look at Farcry3, BF3 & some Crysis 3 benchmarks and you will see how well the 8350 keeps up with an i7/i5 in those games because their engines are multi-threaded.

The difference everyone is talking about is the 40-50% more powerful GPU in the PS4 add to that it's gaming focused choice of ram. That's the difference. The CPUs don't matter that much because they're both weak and very similar GPUs/Ram however is a difference story. And every article like this one from DF has tried to downplay that advantage.
Chrischi1988  +   839d ago
That is because the slowest part is going to define the actual power. It is true, that CPUs do not matter that much anymore, since GPU is what makes the games look good, still you need a balanced system, so the CPU is not slowing down the GPU. Having nice graphics is nice, but if the CPU cannot keep up with the physics, then you will still have trouble, making a game work. Raw power, especially in consoles, isnt always the best way to go. The best system is, where all parts are working under full power together, where no part, actually slows down the other one.

8350 keeps up in games, which are made for more cores, but almost no games, are made for more than 4 cores nowadays and I bet it wont change for another 4 years at least, not saying, there wont e octacores from Intel, but these, as I said, are no CPUs meant for gaming.

And with keeping up, it only manages to just keep up, that is the point, it keeps up with CPUs, with lower clockspeed and half the cores inside and we talk about Desktop CPUs, but here we got a Mobile Octacore from AMD.

AMDs Laptop CPUs are not exactly what somebody would call, powerful and efficient. Not even talking about the pipelinestages here. GPU might be nice, but why should it be any different here, then lets say Wii U, where people hated it because of the weak CPU, GPU aint that powerful, too, but people only bashed because of the CPU, but actually IBMs PowerPC architecture and its 3 cores, are actually not that bad, especially if you put the 4 pipelinestages into account and the twice as much cache per core.
AirHype  +   839d ago
Did you not just read the article? He said pretty much flat out that the 8GB of next-gen ram and GPU processor will be bottlenecked. The CPU does matter... A LOT.
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obelix01  +   839d ago
To hear some people talk about the difference between Ps4 & X1 is like hearing them compare the ps4 vs Atari 2600. Its a HUGE difference light years apart from one another. Please this is ridiculous. I'm tired of hearing people bitch about resolution, frame rates & other technical stuff most people don't know anything about.
Chrischi1988  +   839d ago
But you obviously do^^
Smootherkuzz  +   839d ago
Not so powerful cpu + more powerful GPU on both systems which brings the question how can xbox 1 do more tasking like snapping an stuff and still be stable ? Need to know Does this mean ms kung fu is good.
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WhyHate  +   837d ago
It seems when you have an article thats based in reality and fact from a dev. with hand on exp. with the current systems and both of the next gen. systems it chases most of the hyperbolic commentators away.

Great read!

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