The Cry of the Planet: Evaluating the Need for a Final Fantasy VII Remake

In the wake of FFVII's release on Steam, we beg the question whether a full-blown remake of Square's beloved masterpiece is really such a good idea.

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Godmars2901772d ago

How about evaluating the need for an RPG which sets the standard for RPG on next gen systems? Leave something which set the standard before, which happened two-three console cycles ago, where it belongs?

Which means building upon something like Skyrim, Fallout 3 and even the Mass Effect series when considering where the genre should be going on the XB1 and PS4.

that's really much of the issues with JRPGs. They never really sought to mature past FF7 or PS1 type games.

thehitman1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I believe a lot of games fall into that category where they just dont age well as that type of game/genre. I am very interested in how ff15 still ends up seems like they put KH style gameplay in it where its very dynamic and fluent. I never played ff7 since I didnt own a ps1 I was a n64 gamer at the time, but ff10 was amazing and I even thought 10-2 was good contrary to what a lot of people think about it. FF13 I thought was boring story was lame started off slow in terms of training wheels for like the first 3hrs of the game at least and I slept through most of the cutscenes to where I was just uninterested in finishing it. If they go back to interesting story telling with characters you can actually care about with dynamic gameplay I think thats the right direction moving forward.

I think even some co-op splitscreen play would help FF franchise considering there is always multiple characters you play with but you control all. Think splitscreen co-op is a lost art these days.

I say the only reason for a remake would be to get the people who havent played it back then to play it now in this era. If your looking to just replay the game w/ better textures/gfx then you most likely will be dissapointed with whatever they do as a remake and SE should stay away from it.

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Kos-Mos1771d ago

Building on mediocrity is not a smart move.

NioRide1771d ago

They tried that, with a lot of different games.

The problem is, people like you refused to play them.

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_QQ_1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Closest thing to a remake we will get is FF7 With Mods(PC Exclusive).

kalkano1772d ago

"In the avenue of modernization, it seems unlikely Square, and possibly even critics, would be complacent with the antiquated battle system that was used sixteen years ago."

There is NOTHING antiquated about the battle system! MAN, I hate it when people say that! Changing the battle system (more than minor tweaks), would guarantee that I wouldn't buy it.

CLOUD19831771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

My thoughts exactly, the retard who wrote the article even say that he could accept a modern action battle system.. & that guy suppose to be FFVII fan what an idiot seriously, turn-based is what JRPG fans want to see once again in Final Fantasy franchise & JRPGs in general, did he not read what happen when old FF fans learn that Versus is going to be the next main FF? a game that was anticipated from every1 start to amass negative reactions because of the battle system.

JRPG fans love turn-based combat it's the only combat system that allow u to control all your party members in battle & give individual commands to each one of them, also turn-based battle system is the only system that require to put your brain to work, to think & plan a strategy, anything else like the one on FFXII is garbage & unacceptable for me, that's the only battle system I want to see brainless button mashing alla DMC they can keep it for KH, FF is not KH nor is DMC & Bayonetta.

AzureskyZ1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

It wont happen because it would make them alot of money-- Squareenix has been focused on losing money so it wouldnt make much sense for them to pursue this. There next big investment will probably be final fantasy 13 -4 lightnings back again or final fantasy 16 online, followed by its rebirth after its failure.

iamtehpwn1771d ago

I'd rather a new Final Fantasy that was as good as Final Fantasy VII and developed in mind with why Final Fantasy VII was a great game and great FF.

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