Final Fantasy VII, VIII Definitely Coming to Steam - Logos Added to DB Page

There have been hints before, but now it's fair to say that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII are almost certainly coming to Steam. The SteamDB page was updated yesterday to include a set of logos for both games. This is on top of each game receiving multiple updates over the last few months, and Final Fantasy VIII receiving achievements.

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Ravenor2052d ago

This is great news, but the real question is will they actually work properly. If memory serves me right, they were both 3Dfx games and had weird image quality issues if you just ran them in OpenGL.

Anyways, good news everyone.

TopDudeMan2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

I tried to emulate both of these games straight off my PS1 CDs, and apparently the copy protection on the PAL discs prevents that, so I might pick them up for PC to play again whenever I go through a dry spell.

I also wouldn't be too surprised if they did IX, as well.

XishikiX2052d ago

It would less likely. FF8 and FF7 were previously ported to PC (FF7 was ported again at a year ago with 360 controller, win7 compatibility) by eidos back in the day.

FF9 was never ported to PC. Granted, it's still possible they decide to port that to PC. Since they've been porting everything everywhere lately.

Chrono2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

This is not the same version that was released for Windows 9x. FF7 was re-released for modern Windows PC on Square Enix's website. This is probably based on the new version.

jagstar442052d ago

i think the music and sounds were different in the pc version :(

matgrowcott2052d ago

That's unfortunately true. The most obvious difference was that the choir in One Winged Angel was swapped out for a midi version.

With that said, that was one of the first things modded, so it's fairly easy to do. I'm not sure if Square swapped it up for the re-release of FF7, but if they didn't it shouldn't be hard to do it yourself.

Chrono2052d ago

Can be swapped easily.

stragomccloud2052d ago

Where can I find that mod? I tried doing a preliminary Google search, but haven't come up with anything.

Irishguy952052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Imo it sounded alot worse than the console version.

Listen from 10 mins onwards....this major difference in music is present throughout the game. I noticed it immediately as soon as I started to play the Pc version, that something was off and the music was worse. I found out why later.

When it was most noticeable to me was during Clouds theme on the world map. Besides one winged angel know the voices were taken out. And the Battle music too...

gamegenieny2052d ago

The real question is, would there be a chance for the mod community to work on these games like skyrim and fallout. THAT could be something to look forward to if so....

TopDudeMan2052d ago

I'd love to see like a massive graphical overhaul. I dunno if it'll happen, but it'd be nice.

matgrowcott2052d ago

There are already some fantastic mods out there that manage to make the graphics and parts of the gameplay much, much better.

I think there are even programs that allow you to write new campaigns and change speech, although I don't know that anyone ever did anything substantial with them.

Chrono2052d ago

For the 3D objects, there are already many mods. But the games rely too much on pre-rendered 2D backgrounds.

XishikiX2052d ago

There are 2D background mods for FF7. The issue is the project is pretty big. So the backgrounds never got past a certain part through midgar the first time.

It is possible to mod the 2D backgrounds with higher resolution ones. However, it's not and likely will not be done.

TopDudeMan2052d ago

See, I love the 2D backgrounds in the games. They are awesome. It's the character models that are a bit dated.

Agent_hitman2052d ago

Good news for FF8 fans out there, but I hope that SE will include texture pack for this at least.

gamernova2052d ago

Oh snap!!! Been waiting for this for a while :D

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